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Today FM

Today FM

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Adult contemporary
Phone:1850 715100
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Today FM - This is Today FM

Today FM is Ireland's biggest national, commercial independent radio station and features the most talented broadcasters that can be found in the country.

Today FM is the home of personality-driven radio in Ireland. Our programming is fun, imaginative, unafraid and tuned in.

Almost a million people listen to Today FM every week. They turn to us for guts, currency and connectedness that they don't find anywhere else. No matter where in the country they are, Today FM speaks to them personally.

All your comments and feedback are welcome via telephone to (01) 804 9000, by email to [email protected]

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this station is Awesome i listen to it oftern and i live in New Zealand
Just wondering is the cash machine call prerecorded someone told me it was if that’s the case it’s wrong because people enter up to 3 pm I have entered many many time sometimes just few min before 3 would love to get answer thank you
Jessica Masiall is really annoying the way she talks, whats up with the skanger wanna be accent? really irritating i have to say so i do now. Us country folk really dont like it now so we dont now.
We Miss Mammies
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OneOne was a racehorse, OneTwo was one too, OneOne won one, OneTwo won one too.
No solar farms in Ireland - WHY ??? 00447761535331 I have planning permission for 4MW farm in Dunleer...
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Not a word on white collar crime from Leo Varadkar. Fitzpatrick may have been acquitted, but he is still guilty as far as I am concerned. Social welfare recipients to report each other. How much will that bring in? And working for those who get up in the morning! What a disappointment he has turned out to be. Talk about being powerless,