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Today XM

Today XM

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Classic alternative
Phone:(01) 804 9000
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Nirvana changed everything. Before them, The Smiths changed everything. Before THEM, The Sex Pistols changed everything. In short, Alternative Music has a history of changing everything.

On Today XM, you’ll hear all of these iconic bands and those that followed in their wake. From Pixies to Pulp to Prodigy, you just need to make sure you’ve got enough volume, and then turn it up HIGH.


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Why is stuck on a 30 second loop for over three weeks now?
cool radio! Hello from Russia
Please take the Christmas song off the playlist
Top a the morning cunts, from Australia. Nice music
TXFM or bust
I agree with the others! TxFM is sorely missed!
Its not TXFM but at least its a step in the right direction and is very much appreciated! Now we just need to get it FM'd
Bring back TXFM, radio has never been the same.