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The 90s Network

The 90s Network

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Adult hits, Dance, Old Pop, 90s
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The 90s Network - A Decade in Rewind

The 90s Network is an online all 90s radio station based in Dublin, Ireland. We were on FM in Dublin in 2008 and 2009 and have been broadcasting online since then. We have proved very popular with our Irish based listeners  and we hope our international listeners will enjoy us also! 

The 90s Network play a mix of pop, dance, rock and r&b from the 90s. The playlist is peppered with movie clips and news clips of the 90s too.


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love from Delhi, India.
The 90s Dance music is the best on the web. Brings me home to Dublin in the 90s in on a Friday night. More Dance Music during the weeknights Philo! Pulse Fm Days coming flooding back!
Thanks Lou! Fly Friday taking me through to a fly weekend!
Thanks for the request Lou! Loving Fly Friday! Are you on every day? Is that your show on Dublin City FM on Sundays too? Great voice!
Great to hear Jennifer Larke on radio!!! I sent you message on insta Jennifer. Cud you please play even next week Sophie Hawkins Damn wish I was your lover. For my sisters, remember my hen in 96. Thank you
Def Leppard,Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins in one hr YES!! Keep them coming, any chance of some Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam next week please Jen?
Ran into this station a couple of minutes ago off Facebook. Reminds me of my misspent youth
Jen Clarke - that's music
Love the presenters at the weekend on here, was tuned in yesterday in the car and I heard a voice I recognised! Good to hear you on here Lou!
Tuned in for Fly Friday with Louisa Moss. She's amazing!
Jen Lark tunes!!! Radiohead Tourist next week please
Hello, I would like to hear the single "Death Machine" by the Brazilian band Viscerall. You can?
Listening again after a long time...90s network never fails to disappoint me....playing all my 90s fav ...have grown up listening to these lovely numbers...feels like picking up from where I left...much love from Delhi..India...!!!
Larkelife is insane! Some playlist. Awesome!
Jen Larke - Great addition to the 90’s network!
DJ Nikki is Amazing . I love it
i love this radio station i lisen to it everyday tune in app on my tv i found it by accident last year
I used to listen to Nuthin' but 90's with Tracey lee on today Fm in the mid to late noughties. I haven't found a radio show anywhere as good as it. Was wondering is this radio station anywhere near as good as Nuthin' but 90's. Someone needs to go into the today Fm. Archives and publish Nuthin' but 90's because the show was that good
Guys what a great radio station. Listening every Saturday from home in Boston. The dance music brings me back to my youth in Dublin. Different times and great memories. This is on my favourites list guys! the best 90s radio station no question!
Lads the app has stopped working again. I’ve reinstalled it three times. I miss having you in the car with me!
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