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Hot FM Dublin

Hot FM Dublin

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(087) 703-3682
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A real love story. HOT FM the station that came from no where and raced past all the others leaving them so far behind that Hot FM made instant history, changing the music and radio world in Dublin. The people of Dublin loved it and 15 years later are still crying out for its return. There have been so many failed attempts for others to copy, and try to even pretend to be HOT FM but the good news is that THE REAL HOT FM is back and back with a mixture of the best of our original DJs and some new great talent to take us into the future.

Theres never been anything like it and HOT FM DUBLIN continues into the future creating history as rocks forward into the future.

“Its so great to be back”


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I can't get it in my car anymore, what's the story with that?
Is the radio station gone for good, can no longer get it in my carshy7n
Yup outta dat savage tunes keep her lit
The best radio station from Ireland, excellent quality and excellent bass fidelity, thanks guys for the top mix
Getting my groove in Simon
Yup ya ! Moody ..
Anybody know the name of the song Jodie music saved me vs bitter sweet symphony remix
Anyone no the name of that song And now I’m dancing
Liking the nee Moody sounds
Just love this station great music all day
Great station best dublin
Happy with this sation hicupps but gets the leg bouncing great people haven decent music again an not so many adds perfect
Loving all the different kind of music
I use 2 listen to dis playing need 4 speed underground use to tape some d shows great memories
Frequency?? How is it that I can't get
Good to have you back on the radio Mr Joe mangan great music
Great to have the Moody man and the Dk back
Great to have the vinyl Djs back
This station is great in the day time better than other's all talking this is great ,music
Dj is smashing it with these vinyl tunes. Old old skool. Savage
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