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Hot FM Dublin

Hot FM Dublin

Phone:(01) 903 9207

A real love story. HOT FM the station that came from no where and raced past all the others leaving them so far behind that Hot FM made instant history, changing the music and radio world in Dublin. The people of Dublin loved it and 15 years later are still crying out for its return. There have been so many failed attempts for others to copy, and try to even pretend to be HOT FM but the good news is that THE REAL HOT FM is back and back with a mixture of the best of our original DJs and some new great talent to take us into the future.

Theres never been anything like it and HOT FM DUBLIN continues into the future creating history as rocks forward into the future.

“Its so great to be back”


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alright frankie
Beep beep
Cud drive a lorry between songs the gaps are so big
How can we complain just remember
Ooooh frankie boy you cheecky boy!!!! Do u piss on them like r kelly too? :-)
You're too old Lorraine.
Gooo on franky boy!!!! The best dj in the world Id lick yer micky if I wasnt into the other stuff ;-P
Dead air most of the time. Awful DJ's when there is one on. The English bloke is about 60 trying to sell CD's like it's 1999. Shite station. Hear FK is fond of the kids too.
Same 20 songs over and over. Boring.
Yeah Dill is bang on the money
Savage station, f*** all the prev comments!
Not worth a damn dead air half the time
Torture for ears. English auld lad never shuts up. Other DJs should never speak. No we don't want to buy your bleedin CDs what year do you think this is?
animal station. listening for years and its amazing its back.
91.0 i love hot fm
Great radio station. best in Ireland
Poppy's are all the rage in Dublin ….wear one.....show you're loyalty to her majesty Queen Elisabeth the second and the British army, ta ta....and dance dance dance.
I cry and cry I very very very sorry I no do again I be good ok …..I lie I no sorry … I never sorry ha ha ha ha I no sorry ha ha I win big prize ...ok I be good I no do again I very sorry .bu bu bye
Savage station lads
Brilliant radio station. so happy its back.
hi lorraine can u play qxf freedom and hot fm rules the air ways bang out them great tunes out we love lorraine doyle and all the hot fm crew the one and only true station out there
Spanky spanky time...……………………………………;-D
Just another night of tracks from the 90s
Well you shut up reckink every tune t
Bumbles save lives!!!
Is this the same dance station that was on the radio up in Dublin about twenty year ago ???????
What a blast from the past, Give Zombie nation a spin,
Lobbed it into someones hole at carl cox while out me nut and tbis station came on great tunes but me micky smelled like poo
At Carl Cox just gone remember the sfx never forget yeake yeake packed out
Sounds like g1 tonight folks
Great Show Frank and Lorraine xxxx
Heya Lorraine Doyle savages show and savage gig on Saturday night
Hi Lorraine I was in there Saturday night great night
I love hot fm
Brilliant radio station and missed it so much. love all.
Hope you are all enjoying my show right now
Excellent great to have you back ,can’t keep the best station down , sad losers trying to sabotage the good work you do , they will only motivate you to keep coming back stronger and hard each time
We're Back!
Any update on when the stream will be back
Where is stream ? Ha?
Hi All, we are working on our online stream at the moment and will have it back on as soon as we can.
Needs stream
Stream is dead.
Too bad you can't get it outside of Dublin, I can get it as far as ashbourne!
Thank god your back just what I been missing in my life love hot fm bring it all back the good days in dale.
I do love that radio HOT FM its the best...

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