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Today FM 80s

Today FM 80s

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(01) 804 9000
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Who doesn’t turn up the volume when ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ kicks in?

Doesn’t the chorus of ‘Take On Me’ bring you right back to what was going on in 1985? There’s a reason why people love the music of the 80s – the decade is jam-packed with timeless classics which still stand up today.

On Today FM 80s you’ll hear Whitney followed by Whitesnake followed by Wham! But beware – you won’t want to turn it off.


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He got the action, he got the motion, yeah the boy can play.
Chewing gum for low intelligence people
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Hi, long time listener, first time writer. I listened to a song a few days ago. it sounded like the theme song to Emerdale and contained the lyrics 'do you wanna be a boy or do you wanna be a girl'- or something along that line. can someone help me before i got crazy ha lol. Regards, Ann
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Alex is a WANKER !
5(6) song rotated one by one