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Christmas FM

Christmas FM


Christmas FM (aka Xmas FM) is an all volunteer radio station broadcasting from Dublin, Ireland, on F.M. around Ireland and online. Every year we raise funds for a charity partner. Christmas FM is Ireland’s all Christmas music and holiday music station.

This year for 2018 Christmas FM is broadcasting to Dublin, Kildare, Cork, Galway, Limerick, the North East, North Midlands, North Wicklow and the South East. We are also online worldwide.

Christmas FM live stream date 2018: November 28 - December 27.


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Any Yee know Gucci Mahar?
Rachel and Sinead you're request has been denied ! ……...AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA :-)
Happy Christmas, can you please All I want for Christmas by Mariah? Working hard, and need a little pick me up
Hi can you please play i want a hippopotamus for Christmas espically for the biggest Christmas baby ever Mary. she just loves Christmas.
AHHHH! my stomach in bits after that turkey
Is there anyone out there going to have a white Christmas ? and where oh where are you , bye.
merry Christmas dad
Peace and joy to all this blessed season .
Oh I love Christmas and I love to go shopping for myself and no one else and I love it when everyone buys me expensive presents and I give them nothing back it just makes me so happy and I love to eat all around me and leave nothing for anyone else , I like the music a lot , bye.
I want to say a merry Christmas to everyone in the world except africa and england .
Can you say hello to Rob and Mandy who are on their way to pick up a Christmas tree
I would like to wish the Mellow gals a very happy Christmas. they are in Basel Switzerland visiting the Lynches and spending lots of Swiss francs at the Christmas markets. LOVE NIAMH LYNCH
Can you please wish a happy Christmas to Olly, Oisín and Niadh O Shea. They are decorating the house trying to be really good for Eddie the Elf. Love Mom and Dad
Hi can you say hi to adam lawlor who's on his way to see Santa in galway with mum and dad thanks Christmas FM
Merry Christmas to all the white Irish people at home and abroad I hope it is the best Christmas ever.
What’s the number on the radio
Hi . We love Christmas Fm , first thinks in the morning when we going to school turn on the radio . I like to say hi for my family: Marton , Anna, Marci and Sári. Merry Christmas to all Ireland .
Please play Bruce Springstean Santa Clause is coming to town
And can you give a shout out to carlanston national school and Mrs Curran and Mrs Kennedy
Can you put on 12 days of Christmas
Hello I am having a great Christmas time our you
Listening all the way in sunny island Barbados... wanna say hello to Lorna, beverly and Joanna..
wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Boston, Massachusetts USA
Please play ' Beautiful star of Bethlehem' by the Oakridge boys , Thanks.....you will like this one :D......Merry Christmas to one and all.
Oh I love Christmas time and I love shopping for myself and I like when everyone buys me presents and I love eating all around me and leaving nothing for anyone else , I better get a lot of presents this year or I will have a tantrum and I will scream !
hi happily lisning to Christmas FM :D
Christmas is here, Allways look forward to Christmas FM Merry Christmas to Everyone in Ireland and Around the World
We wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new
Christmas is for Christians and it is about the birth of Jesus Christ , and St Nick was a white Friar who used his skills in carpentry to make little toys for the little children of the local village ,a kind man I must say , …..please play 'My Grown up Christmas Gift' by Amy Grant …...Thank you very much .
Let's hope this year we have good Christmas carols as is Christian celebration, Not the rubbish wr had fir the kadt Two years. If people are not 3Christians and object they should be celebrating Christmas.
I would like to wish all the white Irish people in Ireland a very merry Christmas 2018 and a fantastic new year, and best wishes to all the Irish abroad this year bless you all , Lisa .
hi my name is oisin from Belfast I want driving home for Christmas by chris rea
Hi to all , AH AH AAH CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO pardon me , …..ps um I love the tunes bye.
I love that song chirstmas shoes
Hi to all the dedicated staff of Bons Cork most esp. to the beautiful and handsome boy and girls of team Recovery! enjoy this unexpected break at home stay safe and well. xxx
great work as always christmas fm, i think the snow is here for a few days, any chance ye can stay on air til it goes?
Happy Marchmas everyone and to Nick and our dogs hunter and Cleo and we are all going mushing now in dublin 3
Happy days Xmas fm back on for one day
Zdrowych i Wesołych Świąt. Słuchamy Waszego radia i jest wspaniała atmosfera świąteczna :-) Merry Christmas for all :-)
HI Thank you ChristmasFM for doing a fab job again this year, it is so great to be able to listen from Cairns, Australia. Could you say Hi to Sean and Greta , Rob Gil Abbie Anna and Lucy Maunsell in Tullamore and my newest nephew Rua, who will be having his first Christmas....Love Dee Jack and Ella in Cairns
To my fab team in Credit Control in Morgan McKinley Cork - thanking them for their great work & wishing them a wonderful & happy festive season!
Would like to wish my beautiful granddaughters Sophie Olivia and Rosie a wonderful happy Christmas from Nana and grandad smith love you all to bits
A merry Christmas to all my cousins in Ireland. Patty, Doggy, Liam and the rest of the Power Family. Love your family in Canada.
Hi I was wondering could you say hello to my wonderful boyfriend Eamon at about 2.30pm today. Could you play Christmas Lights by Coldplay if possible? Thanks
Hello, can you please play Christmas Morning by Brian Kennedy co written by Brendan Murphy from the Four Of Us? It's a great song and it's Irish too (yay!)
please play when a child is born
Last Christmas
Please say hi to Emily Griffin & Sean Bohan on the road home to cork for Christmas travelled all the way from Sydney
Please say hi to Clodagh,Caoimhe and Ross. On the way home from Roscommon to Newbridge. From Dad.xxx
Found your station last year and was happy to find again this year! Merry Christmas from the great white north, Peterborough, Ont, Canada
Every Year Enjoy your Music in Our Office in Lowell Massachusetts
We love Xmas FM. Can you play The Citizen - Midnight Mass
Christams, wish it was everyday of the year.
merry christmas to my favourite colleague john boland
Hello to all in speltbakers bakery in co Kilkenny. Sending Xmas wishes from their coworker, currently flying between Dubai and Sydney. See ye all in the new year.
Thank you very much for this wonderful station , job well done and happy Christmas to you all ,God Bless .
Happy x mas from all the Troops in Mali, a bit of x mas atmosphere in the baking sun :)
Flannerys Santiago? Bit of a trek.
First the barge then walk to flannerys then zaytoon
Flannerys - 610 High Rd, Wembley?
flannerys - camden street?
Flannereys tonight ?
Can you play a Christmas version of Candy Shop to celebrate Jitin's new post?
best of lucj jitin
I just want to congratulate Jitin we cant wait for you
love the xmas atmosphere your music is creating in our store, thank you so much.
really like the songs listen every day
Merry Christmas to everyone ,I wish you all joy , peace and happiness this holy season God bless you all :-)
We have festive atmosphere in our office in Slovakia thanks to your radio.
Love your Christmas station and your accents! Listening from Illinois, USA.
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Can’t wait for Christmas
Listening online in Dublin. Happy 10 year anniversary! Shared this link with my boyfriend and we both listened to the countdown as you came on air. It's officially Christmas now. Best wishes.
listening from Cape Coral Florida From Tallaght Dublin 24 this is such a sad time missing family
old skool xmas 80s 90s 00s 70s 60s 50s 40s 30s 20s 2000s 2017s 2018s 2019s xmas pop 2019s 2020s 00s 70s 80s 90s 00s 90s 70s
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Hi, Merry Christmas Eve, love all you wonderful folks!! Holiday Greetings from San Antonio, Texas!! Wanna send out a shout out to all my friends from abroad... many hugs sent your way!! Can you please play " Do they know it's Christmas" adore that song...
For me the best Christmas Song : the Pogues Fairytale of NewYork :)
Could you play the pogues fairytale of New York for aislinn Greene? We live in the Netherlands and she's listening to Christmas fm constantly
please send a huge happy 10th birthday to our fabulous son Joshua he is very building his masterpiece star wars lego he loves xmass fm, send our love to all our friends and family back home in Dublin lots of love the mairead jayson joshua and violet in vanvouver canada we love you xmass fm xxx
Merry Xmas Farrah leneghan and Santa knows you've been a really good girl. Loving Xmas fm, play some Michael buble have a holly jolly Xmas, love from mum Sabrina
Merry Christmas to Katie Burke and the Burke family from your best friend ciara

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