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Christmas FM

Country: Ireland, Dublin
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Christmas FM - Ireland’s Christmas Station.

ChristmasFM Ireland is a quasi national FM radio station serving Ireland for 30 days each Christmas period. We operate a unique temporary radio service funded by commercial sponsorship and activities and have a strong focus on fundraising for charity. To date we have raised over 1,250,000 for Irish charities.

Christmas FM broadcasts on the FM band in Ireland only from November 28th to December 27th each year.


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Thanks for giving such a variety of wonderful and cheerful Christmas songs! You're helping 'up' the cheer at the end of such a difficult year! So glad I found your station! Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you all the best!
Thank you for keeping our spirits bright in this period.
Thanks a lot for providing such beautiful inspiring Christmas music. Your beautiful Christmas music spread happiness, calm and cheer us up. I am from Singapore and have been listening to your station for past few years. Keep up the Great work!!
Merry Christmas to anyone reading this. You are a wonderful person. :)
Merry Christmas from Dublin to my Wonderful Husband Fred and Beautiful Daughter Victoria and Son Micheal in Aruba. My Mum back in Nigeria with Dominic, Vuri, Loti, Are, and Oru. And a Merry Christmas to Simon, Tina Lexi Mason, Jude, Janet, and Abigail in London. Emma, Andrea, Amy and Micheal in Canada. Lots of Love.
Seasons Greetings to the Universe. Celebrate this Season as best you could. A very Happy Christmas to all with LOVE. Thank you so much to the Team at Christmas FM for making every Christmas Merry and Memorable. Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas.
My favorite christmas radio station! discovered it 5 years ago and I'll never stop listening to it. It combines two of my favorite things = Christmas and Ireland, which I hope I'll get to visit one day! Sending love, Christmas is just around the corner, spread happiness!! Seasonal greetings from CROATIA <3
hello to everyone ....especially the folks at Christmas Fm..well the time here is 21.36, and just thought of turning on the radio to listen to the fabulous feeling of Christmas that is presented by the team on Christmas Fm.but hey... no Christmas songs today, as i am struggling with technology..anyways i will keep trying as it seems there is npo connectivity with my blue tooth.Nevertheless...i know that you guys at Christmas Fm are on the waves, so just hoping to catch on to something and bring that lovely feeling back again.all the same ,you guys deserve a big shout for the FABULOUS WORK on Christmas Fm. THANK YOU GUYS.will definitely get connected soon, just got to grab a warm cup of coffee, and clear the cob webs to fix this snag, lots of love from Goa- India.
hello there again .please shout out a big hello to the fabulous team at Christmas Fm. you made me feel like it's Christmas..TTTTTTTTTThaNNNNNNNNk you .
Hi everyone... this is the second year that i have been listening to the radio, Christmas Fm..and what a feeling of Christmas my blue tooth speakers are out in the garden with carols covering my entire estate.thank you Christmas Fm.for this fabulous feeling of Christmas. hey just picked up a cold from Rudy,guess the different temperatures crossing different time zones has given him a cold and the poor reindeer just sneezed in my face. so no presents only a cold to worry this Christmas. A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD WHAT A SEASON, THANKS FOR THE MUSIC. Greetings from Goa -India
We are listen from Austria Innsbruck. Merry Xmas :-)
MERRYYYYY CHRISTMASSSSS to my change team @Checkatrade. The station is getting us through the last working day before Christmas xxx
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all my friends in Ireland from Essen Germany. To Suzane and Johnny from Kildare, Lisa and Frank from Ashbourne, Helen,Igor and the kids from Drogheda. Seamus Lisa and the kids from Tyrrelstow. Lina from Dublin. To the girls from Wax in The City Dublin. I miss you all and love you lots. Have a great time.
Merry Christmas to my daughter Maialen and her partner Gav and his family. We won't be together the Christmas day but we will meet the 27th in Ireland. I cannot wait to hug and Kiss them!!! She loves your programm and hopefully she is listening to you right now. See you son Ireland!!! <3
Happy Christmas to all our family and friends back home from Sunny Brisbane
Merry Christmas from Hollywood California USA to all the white Irish people ,may this season bring you hope and happiness .
Would love to hear you play my song "It's Christmas" on YouTube. Wish you all a very Merry & Blessed Christmas from Canada!
Listening in from The Netherlands Suggestion: Perry Como: Christmas dream (Movie; Odessa File)
All the way from Kuching city in sunny Borneo Island. Very merry Christmas to all listening in.
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