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Irish Pub Radio

Irish Pub Radio

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Irish Folk
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Irish Pub Radio is based in the heart of Ireland. Broadcasting Irish Music digitally via the internet , 24 hours a day to Irish Pubs all over the world. Irish Pub Radio has a huge extensive collection of these songs that we mix with other popular all time Irish favourites. We go to great efforts to play not just any Irish music....., but great Irish Music that you can play in your pub.

Irish Pub Radio listen live 24/7 online on LiveRadio internet radio platform.


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ta' se' go hiontach !; ceoil , rince' agus craic aris agus aris ... agus deoch ! , deoch , deoch ! :) . go raibh mile' maith agat mo chara , agus le' feile' Phadraig sona dhuit !
Great station wish l was there mybab come from Ireland Sullivan Michael. I will see it some day. Ph4 Mg
GRMA. Great station! For those who want the titles of the songs, go to the link (www) listed above. Simple tap of the enter key and you're on their site! All can be revealed
Just heard Sean Cannon singing the lament on game of pool in pubs. Would n't have had any clue from Pub Radio, who it was but know Sean from the 1970's and Fleadh Cheoils in Listowel. When the crack was mighty. Pity tonight's listener is denied the info.
Just noticed no comments since last Dec 2021?? All going well then or...?? Christy Moore on at moment so no complaints there as I recognise all of his.
Great music love Irish folk so passionate. I have a question about the painting why six point glasses and only five guys.
I agree with Pat Haller please would yous ever please name artist and music Inshallah!!
Love the music. I am from Newfoundland presently living in Mexico. It would be fantastic to see the artists and the name of the song. go raibh maith agat
Love the music!! Found you on St Patrick's Day, 2021 when I wanted to listen to Irish music at my work station. I'll be back often! =D Sending a big "Howdy" from Waco, Texas!!
One of the best online traditional Irish music stations. It would be nice to see the artists and the song. Keep up the great work and enjoy it from middle Tennessee, USA.
great music and no talking
very good music. i'll hear it so often i can. It's a very fine basic for my work in Berlin/Germany Thank you and go so on
Merry Christmas to everyone in Ireland .
brilliant music, as maggy m said would be good to have the singer and title appear. I am from Bristol but have spent the last 35 years, twice a year visiting Ireland, miss it at the moment with covid ! Keep up the great sounds.A+A+A+A+
Is there any way to see the names of the singer and the song, please? These used to display,but now it just reads "Irish Pub Radio".
Converted to all aspects of Irish Music by better half over then last 49 years. Keep Up The Good Work. Listening in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
There is nothing like it listening to it and I see people from all over the world, I work on Cape Cod Woodholes, and people hear and ask what are you listing too ? Erie music from Dublin.
Listening everyday in Glasgow. So glad I found this station, enjoying all the music.
A Donegal man who is retuned home by your ceol... Thank you
tnx guys missing home.
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