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Ceol FM Pipes

Ceol FM Pipes

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Folk, Irish Folk, Irish Music
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Ceol FM Pipes - The dedicated Uilleann pipes stream - Ceol FM Irish traditional and folk music.

Irish Traditional and Folk featuring Uilleann pipes.


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Time flies and still Carmel, the whole of Italy and humble self, await the enlightenment we are denied by Ceol FM Pipes. Maybe harsh here... but there are not that many people capable of turning out quality Uilleann Pipe music do them the respect due. Inshallah!
Jaysus lads would yous ever tell us you wont disclose who is playing what? Obviously the opening iterrogative, would infer I may not be of the woke generation suck it up and decide response.
I've only recently discovered you... thank you so much for this mighty music. How to find out what has been played please?
please put title of songs
Please tell us who is playing ....Inshallah
great music longing for a session in the local pub
Fabulous------- "go uilleann pipes" Boston Mass
Mighty stuff. Go hiontach.
Quality stuff to soothe the nerves during the current uncertainty.
Good music for a quiet St. Patrick's Day.
Powerful stuff!
This is the first time I have listened to your station
Thank you CEOL FM for preserving Irish music I love all you're stations and I appreciate it .