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RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.


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aretha franklin is dead and im glad she had a bad voice and I think she went to Hell , when she sang for the pope she was purposely singing like a big fat sow ……
The John Creedon Show - Skybridge to a launch site from an alien planet infested with dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
Dear 'Side Show Bob'.....with regards to you're mention of the American flag being called stars and bars that is incorrect …..the Confederate flag is called the stars and bars and the American flag is called the stars and stripes …...just like the U.S. military magazine ...have a nice day .
Drivetime - Interview with ex-CIA director, John Brennan's having his security clearance canceled by the Commander and Chief.......That's retired General John Kelly fixing the White House plumbing.....Someone tell John Brennan that he is no match for a Bostonian Marine.......Barack Obama's loose cannon just had his wings clipped.......Where was Brennan when 'retired' Mi6 officer, David Steel was hawking around the fake dossier funded by the Clinton's and lapped up by the Washington 'Amazon' Post.....To destroy the Trump family......That fake Mi6 dossier that let George Bush and Tony Blair of the leash.......500.000 dead men, women and children.....A Kingsmill massacre every day in Iraq......Marine after Marine coffin draped in the stars and bars.....Rogue Mi6 and CIA agents giving out moral, etiquette lessons how are ya......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
Morning Ireland - On the Simon Community study which found that more than ninety percent of rental properties are unaffordable to those on rent supplement or housing assistance payment..........Interview with Niamh Randall, "Just 8%, that's 41 properties within the payment limits" .......Advocating for the government to implement an NCT type inspections on rentals.......Also and interview with Matt Clink on President Trump calling the media, "enemies of the people"........Someone tell the skilled political campaigner who helps his clients achieve results.......That he failed to noticed along with the White House Press Core that Sarah Huckabbe Sanders was being protected now by the Secret Service along with her family......Only Sarah brought it to every ones attention during another media attack.......The first White House Press Secretary to require protection in history, for just doing her job......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
The Ronan Collins - Another safe way station in the deepest, darkest cosmos......After a supernova of dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos......Abolishing the license on hold for now.......
Morning Ireland - Business on RBS' paying it's first dividend in ten years.....After a $4.9billion settlement with the US Dept of Justice over it's sale of residential, mortgage backed securities just before the financial crisis.......But no mention of the 'Class Action' being taken by shareholders against Goldman Sacks.......Manhattan Judge Paul Crotty allowing the shareholders go ahead as a group in their $13billion action.......Goldman to be being held liable for it's part in the big swindle.......The 'collateralized dept obligation' horror show how are ya......'Class Actions' on Irish soil!....Just victims kept siloed and terrified ...........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
The leaving cert results are out today best wishes to the 57,000 students and good luck to them in the next chapter of their lives ……...
The ship 'Aquarius' has been in the Mediterranean rescuing people from Africa and forcing them on Europe instead of bringing them back to Africa because nobody knows who they are and there were 141 on board and all male of military age and Somalia muslim's just like the one by Westminster yesterday who hit people on bicycles because he was black and muslim and he hated white people ,...by the way the 141 illegal migrants had no ID on them so nobody can find out who they are and they had no visas …...the ship Aquarius needs to be torpedoed to stop this international human trafficking and the sooner the better .
Morning Ireland - Interview with Arthur Beesley on the ECB putting pressure on Irish lenders to clean up their balance sheets by ridding the books of NPL's after huge taxpayer funded bailouts.......€300million wight down of telecoms and media giant Dennis O'Brien dept, quick smart!.....But mortgage holders saddled with moral hazard.....Could have pressed the reset button for all, but went with austerity and the wealth transfer......And now must follow it through quick smart, because the its 'no way Jose' to evicting Italian women and children......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Arena - Interview with William Wall on his new read 'Grace's Day' about a family living off the land.....On a remote island off the south-west coast of Ireland........The father who dreams the dream, talks the talk, but does not walk the walk....Living mostly ashore with the rest of society as an observer and travel writer.........A metaphor for, 'save the whale man'.....Who blinded by ideology, belligerently ignored shocked and suicidal men as they emerged from 'Jobs Bridge'......Someone tell William Hall to be careful now or he could be labeled a "Populist"......William Hall gets it's........Those who have the majesty of nature in their hearts, but never again at the ballet box.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
So Dublin wants to evict the homeless from their temporary room's while the pope visits and the dubs plan is to move them out of Dublin and abandon them on the side of the road with all their belongings 150 kilometers from Dublin with no way back but walking with their small children and I'm sure they wont have any food and will have to slog along the road until they get back to Dublin and all the while sleeping in fields with no protection from the weather …...I wonder what Jesus would think about the heartless dubs after this disgraceful behavior at the highest level shame on Dublin !
With regards to the beaches with litter on them all that needs to happen is 'chain gangs' of low level prisoners to clean the beaches and pick up the rubbish and guarded by mounted Garda on horseback armed with pump shotguns and it may take a few months but the country would be spotless …...also anyone caught littering gets a 3000.00 euro fine .
LOL LOLer Another Central Back with no credibility. Investors having fierce PTSD and the wacky races to safe haven assets!! One of the most liquid markets and strategically placed economies, so long as ya ignore the mass imprisonment of Judges, Military Officers, Lawyers, Police Officers, Media and anyone with a whiff of decent. And the straw that broke the camels back. LOL. Dictator Erdogan's refusal to release America Pastor, Andrew Brunson. The Turkish dictator's belligerence toward the US Commander and Chief. The old school Republican Episcopalian Capitalist's Tarriff's and his new school tweets. All those European financial institutions exposed to Turkey. LOL LOLer. Remember Angela Merkel with in an ass's roar of letting Turkey join the EU. Well at least the free travel visa's to start with. So long fair well adieu adieu EU! Cuckoo!!
Morning Ireland - Interview with advocate for these "Detained in Dubai".....On the Swedish mother who was held in Dubai for three days over a glass of wine.......Morning Ireland was informed that, Swedish dentist Ellie Holman and her four year old daughter Bibi were held for three days in a cell......Someone ask Morning Ireland will the pop stars, rock stars and pundits of the "Me To" movement be on their hind legs over Ellie Holman and her daughter Bibi's terrifying ordeal.......Or are they worried that hubby will not allow them buy the guna for Arab sponsored flat race meetings......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
Late Date - A rooftop airlift from a heaving zombie apocalypse of dissonance reduction from pundits and politicos....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
This week - Carole Coleman interview with Dr. Eddie Malloy on the Slantiecare implementation report......Claiming that Nurses will go on strike in opposition to reform......Pointing out that the UK has employed theatre assistants for the last twenty years.......But overlooked that the NHS has prohibited cash registers in doctor surgeries from its inception........Southern Irish patients presenting late and acute to emergency departments because of GP fees.....Someone tell the strategic consultant to stop picking on the under staffed and under payed nurses that keep the HSE goonie show on the road.......Also that the he would be better heading down to Tuam where his friends the nuns, neglected and subsequently dumped babies in a septic tank....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Hello my fellow Irishmen and woman I hope this note greets you well, today with Dublin vs Galway in football where Dublin won I'm not surprised because the population in Dublin is 1,904,806 and Galway has 79,934 which divided = 23.82 to 1 in favor of Dublin ……..just saying the Dubs have a much bigger pool of people to chose from , Slan abhaile .
Seconds Captains Sunday - Interview with television and radio presenter on his sporting life......Playing American football in Hertfordshire under the stewardship of a tobacco chewing coach.....Who instilled fortitude and persistence in his team.....How ever he did express his opinion that those who voted for Brexit were anti European......Calling Brexit an "anti European vote"......Someone edify Mr O'Leary that the British withdrawal from the European Union is a manifestation of a nations sovereign and Democratic will of a diverse people............Also stereotyping his grandfather as an intolerant uneducated Irish exile at best and racist Irish bigot at worst because he would not tolerate athletics or Rugger on the telly.....Someone tell Sean Dermot Fintan O'Leary to take it easy on the narrative.......The BBC is not listening, your in the southern state now....Do steady on Sir......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now......
Playback with Marian Richardson - Today with Miriam O'Callaghan Fri 11 Aug....Interview with Fr. Peter McVerry on the irony of Governments plans to move homeless people out of the city for the Popes pending visit and meeting Brother Kevin down at the Capuchin Centre.....On Margret Cash and her six children sleeping on plastic seats in Tallaght Garda station....."I am shocked but not surprised"....... "That fact is this is a frequent event these days"......"The photos going viral on social media caused the outrage, but this situation has been going on for months now"....."Many people are expressing their prejudice (Fundamental Attribution Error) and their is no evidence Margret refused suitable accommodation"..."11 years on the house list"......Miriam had been informed by Anthony Flynn that 48 families spent the night in Garda stations last month and 47 families the month before".....And so much more from Fr. Peter McVerry!!........Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now........
I will tell you what racism is ….it the Irish government standing by letting homeless Irish woman and children sleep in Garda stations the Irish people are not racists like rte and the government want people to believe it is blacks and muslims coming to Ireland and throwing a fit looking for free money who are the racists they are a disgrace to where they came from and all the migrants are looking for is a handout …….who are the homeless in Ireland ? white Irish people and all the foreigners have flats and dole money and food ! and you will never see any of them at a hurling match because they don't want to simulate into the country they just want to live among themselves and that being the case they should of stayed in their own country I know some have simulated and I think that is great and they are very welcome in Ireland …..by the way only white people can be racists and that's what the government want you to believe don't buy the propaganda !
Looking forward to listening to RTE's coverage of Pope Francis' forthcoming visit to Dublin & Knock.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Drivetime - Aug 9'...Interview with Karen De Young of the Washington Post on new sanctions for Russia over the chemical attack on British soil.....On the 1991 law that requires the U.S. to impose sanctions on any State after it's use of chemical weapons.......Some one remind the Post's, scribe that President Trumps administration acted swiftly enough when it made Russia's multi billion missile protection dome over Syria obsolete......The tomahawk strikes over Presidents Assad's use of chem weapons......Some one also inform Karen the senior nation security correspondent that it's all about President Trumps $8billion "Space Force".........The millions of Star Trek fans are ready to vote in the next U.S. election for Captain America's (Chris Evans) big strong shield and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) poured into her jiggens with the laser six guns strapped to her chassis......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Yes there is a lot of homeless in Dublin and everyday I see them and I don't think they should be inside while the pope visits they should be outside like they always are so the shame should be on Dublin and rightly so …..Dublin is a
On an app to quit smoking and the plastic poulition inthe oceans......Some open tell Derek Money when he heads down to the IFC over staff dropping thousands of cigarette butts.....Ask them about the Australian company Amcor Ltd acquiring it's American competitor Bemis Co for $5.26billion.........Thats $57.75 a share and Amcor's biggest acquisition ever in soft plastic packaging and adds $4.1billion to Amco revenue and a lot of wet fish hand shakes.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
Morning Ireland - Interview with Micheal Carey the founder of East Coast Bakehouse and former Chairman of Bord Bia......"The UK is Ireland's # 1 for food and drink exports at 33% last year......Sounding like he agrees with Agri-Minister Micheal Creed and Bord Bia Chief Tara McCarty......"In light of Breit, we must, intensify our efforts to further diversify into as many international markets as we can"........And as current growth markets out side the EU will account for 40% of food and drinks sales by 2025.......Could some one ask Micheal if Bord Bia or the DFA has drawn up reports on an Irish withdrawal from the EU to mitigate against an Irish land border.....Also the option of running dual currencies to mitigate against euro/Stg parity and the crushing of Irish firms competitiveness......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now......
@ PS i love u, Gary, and The Patriot - see my suggestion from July 4: "hmmm, may I suggest that messages posted here reference Radio 1 programmes (as SideshowBob did). Generic comments belong elsewhere, imho"
85 people shot in Chicago over the weekend all the shootings were black on black crimes and the youngest victim was eleven years old so the stats are 74 shot and wounded and 11 dead and Dublin's north inner city has nothing on good ol Chicago gang bangers , it is all over drugs and money in gang land usa …...want to visit ? LOL.
Sunday with Keelin Shanley - Interview with Family Law Solicitor and advocate for abused and tortured children in the Irish state........Her growing up during the Northern Troubles....."At a very young age you were very cautious in what you said and did"......"The impetus for critical thinking"....The conflicting News narratives...."You never excepted what was on the news"......On the first report she received by social workers of an abused and neglected baby......."There will always be abuse of children by those with power over children, but how we deal with abuse should be more robust"........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.....
Question ,.....why on 2fm did the dj say now its time for the national anthems of the Netherlands and Ireland at the woman's world cup hockey event today when Ireland played 'Irelands call' ? I did not know it changed and I looked it up and it is still Amhran na bhfiann so are people ashamed of it I wonder ? I know the rugby players or ashamed of the national anthem and the Irish flag is dragged on the ground all the time I think this kind of disrespect is uncalled for ! and to finish the 2fm dj is complete dope !
Country Wide - Interview with Tom McGurk on his advocating for a new political party to represent citizens living outside the capital's pale......As a counter foil to the states systematic cull of rural towns, villages and homesteads.......The depopulation through lack of housing builds and investment in employment......Elected representative's put to back of the the pecking order by their executive masters....So called independents siloed or cobbled together and feed scraps from the executive table like emaciated hounds......Tom McGurk advocating to negate the "Hicks Effect" (the more choices your given the slower your reaction time) by having a new one stop shop political party with the sole mandate of rural development..........Think traffic lights to quicken ya up boy.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Arena - Interview with messo-soprano Tara Earraught and Baritone Gavan Ring......"There are people in operatic circles now with huge vision"......Using the mantra "build it and they will come".......Opera nation wide........On "Sunday Miscellany"celebrating fifty years.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
LOL Billionaire mega donor Charles Koch of Koch Brothers gunning for President Trump. Koch who has built one of the most influential conservative groups and funds a globalization promoting media, politicians and anything that's not nailed down. Kock stated that Trump was unfair to people in other nations were manufacturing is subsidized by their governments LOL LOLer. The billions spent on a pro globalization media and President Trump supports simply organizing rally's and filling stadiums via FaceBook LOL LOLer. President Trump ordering parity of pay for Mexican car manufacturer's employees along with U.S car makers employees as an essential component in the NAFTA trade deal. No more telling Americans that fair trade is all about choco latte coffee's and Hollywood hemp sandals LOL LOLer. Theresa May taking President Macron by the hand an pointing at the U.S genie out of the Lamp and Brexit. What will i do, will i do EU EU,what will i do. Cuckoo!!
Today with Miriam O'Callaghan - Interview with David McRedmond CEO of An Post on the closure of 161 rural post offices out of 1100....The last shop standing in most rural towns.....Minister Denis Naughten taking away the license fee collection from post offices......The denuding of rural areas of Garda stations, post offices and of course the broadband farce....After the cherry picking of service areas and potential providers withdrawing.......Musical theatre from "Wicked" at the Bord Gais Theatre in an effort to weeken the ramparts of resolve.........Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now.........
Ray D'Arcy Show - Interview with John Creedon and his new tv show "A road less traveled"......On his truly eclectic music broadcast from Cork....On playing hurling in the streets while wearing their soccer jerseys at the risk of a thump from a Christian Brother..........The capitulation to massive public pressure by the GAA and it's allowing their Cork grounds to be used for a charity fund raiser for deceased soccer star 36 year old Liam Miller and his family......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now......
LOL Chinese stocks slumb!! LOL. U.S $200 billion tariff's on Chinese imports from 10% now ratcheted up to 25%. All the threats that American consumers won't be able to take the pain.The gold hoarders will weaponize the Yuan. LOL LOLer. President Trumps Tariff's are pushing the global Taiwanese gadget makers from the worlds second largest economy (State run first largest economy). Or could it be their disgust at China ordering U.S carriers to replace Taiwan for Taipei on their booking sites.The old grudge that Taiwan is a Chinese province LOL. Yes that goldie stuff that monitors the irresponsibility of globalization mongering Central Bankers LOL. Emerging market economies may have to impose capital controls on foot of more QE. Interest rate hikes on all that cheap money and the massive outflows.LOL LOLer. China's Harry Potter and the Euro goonie show. So long fair well adieu adieu EU!! Cuckoo.
Morning Ireland - Interview with Stephen Teap, who's wife died not knowing she received incorrect cervical smear tests....."The women of Ireland did sigh a contract with the U.S labs"....On the adversarial system that 221 families who's spouses, mothers, daughters all signed a contract with the HSE and not outsourced labs.....On Stephen Teap still trying to get all his dead wife's medicals files in the age of a click mouse and big data cloud services......Having to access files from varied entities through FOI's........On Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's announcement in June that no terminal ill women would have to go to court......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Today with Miriam O'Callaghan - On PTSB selling 10,000 mortgages to Vulture Funds......Former Taoiseach Endy Kenny ringing the dinner bell for Private Equity "26% growth come on down!!".....Allen "the shredding machine" Dukes packaging up the assets in NAMA.....Former finance minister Micheal Noonan railroading the legislation through the Dail.......And no one saw the signs......Some tell Miriam whats new pussy cat......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now......
News At One - 30th... On Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's admittance......"That he should have been clearer" in his promise two months ago. "That women affected in all cervical smear cases would not have to endure full court hearings.....On terminally ill Ruth Morrissey who is now enduring a court battle after her sham mediation came to nothing.......Her family being put through the hell of watching the frail and shaven headed Ruth surrounded by legal eagles in the cauldron of the High Court because the State has devolved authority and responsibility.....Would Fergal Bowers no ask the former medical professional why he did not consult with the A.G. before making false promises to terminally women and their families on the national broadcaster......Deceased women also and the men that live on with out their sole mate....Who listen to their childern's nightly prayers for their absent mums........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
John Creedon playing Television's Marquee Moon - outstanding.
Welcome back, Sideshow Bob!!
Morning Ireland - Business on the Kepak Group acquiring a UK based meat processing to boost its supply chain and hedge against euro/stg shifts.......Some one tell the pundits on the wkend Marian Finucane Show who believe the British are on their knees to the EU and face food shortages......That drunkard Juncker's may sober up to see that he has the British tiger by the paws.....Or simply heed the WTO former chiefs warning to the Irish Government to draw up an application for emergency aid from the EU following the UK withdrawal....In an effort to sober up a active man who is swinging from "Top of the Heap to Bottom of the Heap".....In the biggest negotiations for the future direction of Ireland since its inception.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
Country Wide - Interview with Oliver, John and Joanne who are using soil senors on their farms.....John from Donegal uses ninety six senors on his farm to monitor and collect data.....Building resilience into his pasture system by pulling carbon into the soil.......Moving his herd according to the data he receives, which also helps mitigate peaks and troughs in soil content........All so promoting intelligent land management and the movement of herd animals which goes back millions of years on planet earth......Also mitigating the multi billion sugar and wheat conglomerates narrative that herd animals cause global warming....Their collage crones who churn out the nutritionist narrative of low fat consumption......Who also become a self preservation society, promoting the food pyramid cult........Knowing full well if your injected with insulin daily for three short months you will become morbidly obese no matter your fat intake......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
Today with Miriam O'Callaghan - Interview White House staffer on President Obama's tenure.....Beck Dory-Stein traveled the world on air force one as a stenographer......Who received a seven figure advance for her new book...... From The Corner To The Oval Office......Could someone ask the Obama her opinion on Mashatile of the ANC party announcement that South Africa is open to talks with Russia on Nuclear...Just days after Obama's address to an ANC rally and hours after China's unelected President Xi Jinping addressed the South African brick economic forum and decrying the American roll-back on unilateralism in favour of bilateral global trade.....Also will Minister Shane Ross be running around with his hair on fire over nuclear wa wa.....Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now......
@ PS i love u - see my suggestion from July 4: "hmmm, may I suggest that messages posted here reference Radio 1 programmes (as SideshowBob did). Generic comments belong elsewhere, imho"
LOL. Out flows from emerging markets and Obama's former employer UBS (before he had a dream) only raging LOL. The whistle blower who in 2013 blew the lid on American's siphoning billions away from the IRS into their UBS Swiss accounts. No Federal indictments by the FBI on Obama's 2015 orders. Industrial investors are sickened by the outflows. LOL. President Trumps roll-back on globalization!! The Davos man, Cayman Ireland man, EU man, China man and Joshua Tree man who live behind the tallest walls, yet decry boarders. The Bushes, Clinton's and Obama's left behind 150 million Americans who could not raise $400.00 in the event of emergency. While spending near a trillion dollars (845,500,000,000.00euro) per year to protect globalization.The markets are down for the big movers and the US economy is booming. It's an employees market and there is nothing the globalization crew can do LOL LOLer Except attack Face Book!! LOL LOLer.What will i do, will i do, EU EU what will i do.Cuckoo!!
Another rockin' set of toons from Mr. Creedon!
Brian Carthy awful soooo for Dublin.....awful
What a puke dat commentator....so in favour of Dublin....awful and dat O Hara man woeful....give Tyrone some credit for goodness sake.....you had them written off all right
Great to hear John Creedon playing Cream - Baker, Bruce and Clapton - and Rory Gallagher too - fabuloso!
hmmm, may I suggest that messages posted here reference Radio 1 programmes (as SideshowBob did). Generic comments belong elsewhere, imho.
Haven't heard from Side Show Bob since May 30th, must have worn himself out with all of the comments below, hope he's okay!
Give us our referendum on keeping our water in public ownership, what's there to be afraid of Leo et al? Because the people will vote overwhelmingly for it that's why, we paying through the nose already for bank debt that isn't ours, socialising the debt onto the backs of the people, NO MORE , WE WANT OUR REFERENDUM ON OUR WATER
EU trade delegation met China's vice president Lui to promote globalization......Chinese monoliths build on a mountain of credit....Vicious state run capitalism stripping the US of intellectual property.....The European unifier Deutsche Bank flunks the US Fed's stress test.LOL LOLer....Remember President Emmanuel Macron the righr-wing neo-liberal and French imperialist giving China's # 1 a horse....The # 1 who addressed the globalization promoting Davos crew who believe borders and taxation are a huge inconvenience...The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal that would have destroyed pay and conditions for millions getting binned by President Trump.....The right-wing neo-liberals and their liberal media stooges will see the Trump Wall from space as a reminder of their sociopathic disconnect......EU and China's counter cyclical buffers and selective protectionism to manage Presidents Trumps tariffs LOL LOLer......So long fare well adieu adieu EU.Cuckoo!!..
Tadhg O Cruadhlaoich you re misinformed ; programmes are repeated. There are archives, podcasts, etc. The Ads are minimal. A small country operates the best Radio Station in the world, Check this out. Do you wish to pay for the service?
(although of course you might be 'Side Show Bob' for whom Radio 1 has curdled, thus signing in under another handle: this is given the mysterious absence of the former after an almost daily stream of postings reaching into the distant past)
re last post: you should have a read of Sideshow Bob's appreciative comments to temper your dissatisfaction!
RTE radio 1 is a cash-cow for all the overpaid presenters = SO many ads makes listening to it just annoying. An example is News at 8.00 am, (ads at end of news,ads, weather, ads, roads report, ads, what is says on the papers, ads) ......... How can content fit in? Secondly, to wake up at night and RTE Gold on rotation with a mediocre choice (when it is already on DAB) - why not repeat the daytime radio 1 programmes throughout the night. RTE radio 1 is a very poor deal in public service broadcasting A lazy and cavalier service - you must think we are fools. I very rarely listen to it now .... and I do love radio, ahead of all the other sources of entertainment
Mr. Creedon doing another cracking show - long may he run (to quote Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young)

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