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RTE Radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111
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RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking.

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.

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Ah its going to be about 34 Celsius all week . I will go to the lake later with me kayak and i will go for a swim, bye
Have a great weekend boy, bye
Period products are going to be in all bathrooms in secondary schools in Kilkenny because one of the girls said we all get our period's, i must check to see if i got my period yet
The refugees in Clare have no jobs and there is no bus scrivce there and its 5 miles/ or 8 k to the nearest town and there is high unimployment, all the refugees are men, they should be in liberial dublin and the people of Clare need to charter a bus and pack up the refugees and send them to live outside leo's house or martins house just like Florida's governer Ron DeSantis did or Texas Governor Greg Abbot shipping the Mexicans to New York and Washington DC and Chicago.
A 15 year old boy in Naven got a beating by a gang of youths on Monday and last night a 17 year old dublin boy got his beating too, I hope i dont get a beating and kicked in my ballax i would scream and tell the gang who are atacking me that i need to go home for my dinner
Ah you look very sick today so put your pj's back on and crawl back into bed and call your cats or dog and they will jump on your bed to keep you company as you drift off to sleep
I enjoy baking and pottering around the house.
My plans for Monday are as followed,....Go to Dublin airport and hide under a lorry awaiting my new bride , oh she will love me and cook and clean for me and do laundry she will like to sing and dance for me and she will have long blond hair and large breasts and blue eyes i will take her out around Galway to show her off and i will take her to my local pub for pints we will have a great time.
If i saw a russian soldier i would run home as fast as i could and i would slam the front door and then i would run up the stairs to my bedroom and hide under my bed in case the russians get me and give me a well deserved beating.bye
I have noticed everyone has been jumping on their bed at night time so i tried it last night and i fell off my bed and i hurt me knee, i wont do it again, bye
the Liveline promo for todays show is nothing short of disgraceful . all weekend we have been bombarded with poor James's sister talking about how she would like James the homeless hero to be remembered. Yet the show today will be about russian reaction to m martins praise of another death but using James sister's lament for him to promote show. Disgusting course like n collins correct as far as letter of the law .. sad shame on liveline team.
The Irish Eurovision song entry is terrible, they are all Dub's and they were out of tune on the late late show i think they need vocial coaches or a head transplant.
Please play " You Didn't" by Brett Young,....I like it have a great weekend, bye
Who say's you can't have French bread pizza for breakfast or spegettiee with meet balls, eat up and a peice of cod and chips is good, so I will be having mashed potatos, BBQ ribs and peas,carrots, corn.
Molly please stop jumping on your bed before ye go to sleep, thank you.
In Cartoon Sudan Africa 150 Irish nationals are leaving all the violence, the main trouble makers are 'Donald Duck', Mini Mouse', 'Yogie Bear',and they are fighting 'Scoobydoo', 'Bugs Bunny' and 'Road Runner', bye
There are a lot of businesses fleeing Chicago, there is so many shootings day and night no part of the city is safe, I have warned you, look it up if you dont believe me738
I'm going to the bus stop this morning, i plan on peddeling my bike really fast past the old woman there so she can't catch me and will make a really mean face , then when i get home i plan on going to dublin airport and lurking behing a car or lorry and i will lay in wait for my blue eyed beauty and i will take her home and then i will take her to the pub to show her off and then i will bring her to my local chipper for chips,curry,mushypeas,and fried chicken, then back to the house and i will have 15 cans of heineken, it will be a great day
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I got two side jobs today, one in Miami Florida and one in Fort Worth Texas good side work , bye
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