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RTE Radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking.

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.

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Congrats to the Cork Ladies football team who beat dublin in the All Ireland today the score was Cork 2-20 ........dublin 1-5 aww what a shame .
Well done to Mayo after beating the dubs today in the 'All Ireland football final '
Congratulations to MAYO who just beat the dubs 2 - 19 to the dubs 7 points aww aww , Hurrah Hurrah ! for MAYO.....Lets sing ......Oh take me home to Mayo across the Irish sea home to dear old Mayo where my mom waits for me la la la laa taa taa taa oh dee dee daa do dooo home to dear old Mayo is where me heart longs to go .
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The traitor and homosexual varadkar has sided with the british over the Irish as expected so has loyalist simon coveny in regarding the Brexit deal with Europe .
Simon Coveny still believes there can be a trade deal between the UK and the EU , Coveny is the Irish minister of foreign affairs and he loves england and he is on their side , Mr Coveny plays both sides of the field .
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A key lesson from the pandemic rates is to ramp up public health measures, including foreign travel restrictions. This should not, however, be clothed in the dubious rhetoric of 'closing borders'!
Covid 19 update , Ireland went from 7.5% positivity rate at the beginning of the shutdown to only 2.5% now its fantastic ....however where i live in the midwest USA we were at 24.2% last week the positivity rate is 31.82% as of this morning thats why Ireland needs to shut its borders and let nobody in until this covid is under control otherwise the lockdown will be for nothing , I have underlying conditions and if i get covid i will be dead in 3 weeks , bye.
The Angeles , pray.
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