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rte radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111

RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.


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Hi to all from Christchurch New Zealand , enjoying the music , come and visit some time ,bye.
AAAH home from the pub finally , ah I was to tired to type yesterday ffs , only about 2 weeks left before I leave Ireland for Australia never to return and when I get there I will try different jobs like fireman ,policeman ,politics ,businessman , taxi driver, cook, milk man,bread man,newsepaper boy, ah I hope to get a job ffs, I hope the pubs are great and I meet people too , I hope it works out , I hope I hope.
Marian Finucane ,The Brexit event will be very bad for Ireland because most of the Irish trade was with "Big Daddy" the brits ,...I wish Ireland would grow balls and trade with more countries, Ireland is not england we are a separate country, Ireland needs to sever any and all ties with the brits for example , radio,tv,sport,news papers,and all trade and we need to drive on the right side of the road , the brits have been a curse on Ireland since the beginning of time and its time to break away from the british terrorists …….ps don't be fooled the brits WILL break any and all deals with Ireland.
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere
HEY , all knackers are gobshites ...feck em ...all they do is complain about the brand new homes they were given to them in Thurles co Tipp and the knackers find this beneath their standards so the homes remain vacant …...meanwhile in larger cities across Ireland there are my fellow countrymen and woman and children who are homeless !!!! ….the county council in Tipp should find the homeless and give them the keys to these houses …….because the knackers don't want them.....its just another knacker SCAM they are trying to pull …...by the way any and ALL animals that the knackers have should be sized because the knackers are ignorant and are cruel to animals which are malnourished and beaten ,kicked and mistreated .
The travelling people are no more or less criminal than anyone else. If you were brought up in their circumstances how would you behave?
Nice song choice Jennifer its one of my favorites .
Can you please play " Power to all our friends" by Cliff Richard , thank you very much .
I'm glad that the brits chose to leave the E.U. I hope they never return , and if there is violence in the north it is just loyalists throwing a fit because their houses lost value and the pound is about as valuable as a Mexican Paso and the loss of jobs will be great....long dole lines and so on …….nobody will invest in a violent area because its bad for business ….roll on Brexit .
Yo yo yo.....waaaaz up Ireland from USA.....waaaaaaz up...…...lotto here is …...1 BILLION DOLLARS TONIGHT !...…..after we wins we is cumming to Ireland yo yo yo waaaaz up waz up...….waaaaaaaz up daug ….waz da jizzle ma nizzle ….waz up waz up, YO PEACE OUT ….yaaaaaa I billion dollar white boy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oh my dear you look gorgeous this evening - - may I charm you with a waltz …….thank you the pleasure is all mine …….
Heineken 0% WTF, .....GETUPTHEYARD !!!!!
I was listening to some of the Ray Darcy interwiew with Eamon Dunphy and was very interested as i played football with Eamon outside Sabins in Cecilia St.and would like to make contact with Eamon. My e/mail is denispcarr@gmail.com.Thank you.
Well its Friday now so I will head out on the town and go bar hoppin ah 20 pints today will do the trick lads then its burgers and chips and a feckin taxi home …..im going around telling everyone im going to Australia never to return to dear ol Ireland and then they buys me free drinks …….im going to do the same ting in Australia and they might buy me pints ffs ….maybe I could get a job selling used cars....well im off now...for the craic...……………..
nov 11th is for jackeen traitors and loyalists that's what Vladimir Putin said ....and england started ww1 and ww2 and every war on the planet in one way or another and the queen is a man with bowed legs.
the word suboptimal has been used. it has wide application
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere .
Hallo to all the white people and no one else .
P S I love you is my favorite film,bye.
Please play " Flight of the Earls " by Paddy Reilly, ..TANKS .
Ah its off to the pub shortly for the 15 creamy pints of the good stuff aaaaaah that's the life …..a game a pool....darts …..doing a few bets first ffs …...chips later......me mind is in Australia cause im moving in 2 weeks …..I cant wait to chase the girls all over the beaches of oz ...I wonder will I get a job cause I have no skills and I don't have a leaving cert ffs...….ah im good at pinting though and roaring and screaming at a GAA match...……..
Maura!! what an ape, she's lying Joe, don't believe her!!!
Maura is a mog
Happy Birthday Paddy Reilly , today should be a national holiday/day-off …….how's things in the sunshine state lol ;D....( Florida )
Late Date - An airlift from a heaving zombie apocalypse of dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
hows it going bhoy ?...Australia is beckoning me …….oh Gary oh Gary pleeease come sooooooon …….ah sure it will be grand……..slan leat amadans ….and im not a troll ….that's GuiseppF... the durty whore and he gos shopping with his mother in the ladies section of the shop so he can wear something pretty for his boyfriend ….typical dub.
The Late Debate,--------Pavees/knackers/travelers in Thurles looking for FREE land for the horses to graze on and they BEAT all the time …….and they were all given FREE houses and they still complain , …...what a load of bastards they are …..there is nothing special about a knacker they are all the same …..they are NOT some special race of people …..however they are criminal scum and most have rabies …….pale ,foxy, bucktooth, big eared knackers .
Clearly recent posts are from an imposter posing / posting as Side Show Bob - who has abandoned the forum, no surprise. Requiescat In Pace. The imposter is one of these annoying trolls (gary, glabby, whatever they call themselves) Very tiresome stuff...
Drivetime - Interview with Professor Philip Nolan of Maynooth University........Advocating for a partnership deal with a Chinese university and duel accreditation for students.........Some ask the Capital development and international initiatives officer......What was the average number of forced terminations of baby girls a Chinese woman had to endure before she need psychiatric......On orders of the Chinese states most evil 'one child policy' and holocaust....... Tuam babies flung in a septic tank how are ya.......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now..........
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere .
Its hump day everyone …..LOL ….LOLer ...aaaaahahahahahaaaa
Commiserations to you Gary maybe a new team is needed .
Ah I was roaring crying after Ireland lost to wales ffs ..1 - 0 ah ffs ….oh im very very sad .
Ah its off to the pub shortly , im havin the few cans first and then the chipper for me dinner of salty chips n vinegar and 2 battered sausages and peas and I will cheer on Ireland tonight while they beat the ballax off the welsh shaggers , kick off at 7.45 and the final score will be Ireland 4 ….wales shagg all.....ah im enjoying meself before I head off for Australia after I lost me job for being late and then crashing me car and everything else ffs ….ah just about two weeks left ...tis summer there now so im bringing two pairs a short pants ….I think the ladys will love me in Australia and buy me pints and everything else and they will say sure hes great craic ffs...enjoy the game .
Michael Higgins has decided not to take part in the presidential debate with Claire Byrne live tonight because he is a LOSER and he doesn't care he said he has been answering questions since 1969 which makes him OUT OF TOUCH and DELUSIONAL , feck him he's FIRED ! …….he doesn't show up for work he's fired and he feels he is to important to show up for all the people who pay his wages ……..its a slap in the face to all the hard working people of Ireland .
"Black 47" the pitcher that I have seen about a british soldier who went AWOL during famine times , it was not about the famine really but I do hope some day there will be a flick about the famine in Ireland and it needs to be graphic with starving people and the cannibals in Mayo/Galway/Sligo/Kerry/Limerick who had to eat human flesh and guts and re-eating shite and the 3.5 million who starved and died from disease another 3 million fled the country leaving about 3 million behind ,.....and at the turn of 1900 the population of Ireland was 1.5 million …….many say famine but I refer to it as genocide which the English have never apologized for , by the way the Irish farmer and the catholic church , the police and the landlords were all guilty too.
And the world stood by and watched massive starvation and Genocide of the Yeman people , men woman and little children have been starved , shot ,beaten ,raped , and the world done NOTHING ! SHAME !
How are ya ...im fine ...Ireland lost again ffs um im going to watch the wales game too in the pub and even Bale bailed out ffs ….ah lashing a pints is the answer....Clare Byrne 9pm tonight presidential debate ,...Higgins out !.....plenty a cans today....englands is full of feckers .
"Joe Breathnach" ……..Yes RTE is propaganda radio and I think they are lefties and very liberal however I am conservative right and a patriot I believe the opposite to there thoughts for example I believe in 2 year conscription for all born Irish from 18 to 30 and I believe that housing Irish families should NOT be an issue , I furthermore condone any and all monies going to the scummy africans or any other low life scum on the planet ,...……..AND I SAY OUT LOUD …...FELLOW CITIZENS OF IRELAND ...ITS OUR TIME NOW AND WE HAVE WAITED 1000 YEARS FOR THIS...IRELAND FIRST.....I WANT THE TIGER TO ROAR AGAIN !!!!!!
RTE is a propaganda Right Wing Station. Controlled by our Nazi Fascist Blue Shirt Government who pay unqualified presenters to spout their propaganda Crap. Radio na Gaeltachta is the worse of them. Same gang presenting today as the day it opened 50 years ago. Oh Sorry, they have brought in their children now as well.
I'm listening to the Republic of Ireland vs Denmark at Aviva stadium and its 0-0 at half time , Ireland are defending deep and they are the same useless bunch of English players …….YES MOST OF THE IRISH TEAM ARE ENGLISH SCUM !...……...and yes its always englands fault !
The score is Iowa Hawkeyes 21---and Indiana Hoosiers 10 with 6 mins until half time ,-----and Gary I don't like that tone !!!!
11 am CST its the University of Iowa Hawkeyes vs the University of Indiana Bloomington Hoosiers and that's where Michael D Higgins went to collage , the Hawkeyes are 4-1 and the Hoosiers are 4-2 , the game will be played at Kinnick stadium Iowa City IA, the weather will be a nice crisp fall sunny day , its American football .
Im getting ready to paint the town red lol ….then im off to the pub for me creamy pints boy and a game a pool and darts and chatting up yerwan with the blonde hair ...ah till be a blast and plenty of roaring and screaming and I will sing the karaoke song ' with or without you' by U2 and im going to tell everyone im going to Australia for good ffs ...and maybe they will all buy me pints …...
Higgins = 70%......Gallagher =14%......Freeman = 6%......Higgins is 77 years of age and its time for him to retire and relinquish his death grip around neck of the presidency of dear old Ireland …...so fair well to thee and may me never see yee again …….Gallagher will do the job nicely and as far as Joan Freeman go's ….she is a woman and she should be in the kitchen making the dinner ( Beef stew and soda bread) …..I hereby rest my case ….Berty Og Mor.
Ah im home now from the pub ffs I was banging on the door of your-man in the flat next door to me cause hes a shagger-fecker-anus -hole ...ah then I ran away very fast in case he box's the head off me ffs ….now im going to have the few cans and finish off me chips and battered sausages …. I will sleep till 2pm ...ah that's the life im tellin ya.
Splendid show old boy but I must say my dear chap the planet shall survive my dear , now run along carrot head.
i like buying stuff too - oops, was that the planet burning
Hi everyone Its almost Friday yeepi, shopping on Saturday for stuff, I always need more stuff.bye.
got me plane ticket today and ozzy money for me trip down under mate ...Im going to call everyone mate from now on , im flying on the 5th of November ah it will be grand when I get there and im going out the first night and get scuttered and I will be roaring and screaming at everyone to buy me pints ffs …..if your man at the airport ask me questions I will say im here for me shagging holidays ffs ya ballax ....ah I will be singing ' the craic was mighty in the isl a man' by Paddy Reilly at the top of me lungs on the blasted airplane ...its time to head of to the pub now for me creamy pints ...cheers mates
I live in Tallahassee Florida USA and the weather was savage altogether and "you know who" was out looting after hurricane Michael went through earlier today yep them sons a bitches, yes 1 hour after the hurricane "you know who" was out on his bicycle busting into stores and houses , well its 11.25 EST and time to hit the rack boys , ps I like you're station boy.
I moved back to Galway from Australia last year and I have decided to move back the trick to living in Australia is to stay away from Irish people because they are bad news and troublemakers and they give Ireland a bad name .good luck lad.
Great fun last night and im moving to Sydney in a month ah till be grand , I hope the dole money is good cause I don't want to work very much , I will only have 300 euro on me when I get there and I want to go to the beach there and I hope they have a chipper there and cheap pints ah its time for meself to go to the pub for me creamy pints ….15 pints please lol ....I hope the craic is good in Sydney and I get a shagging driving license ffs …...ah off to the pub...……...
Hey im back, last week I was in jail ... crashed car got in fight ... lost driving license ...car is wrecked ...still unployed ffs...and now the shagging cigarettes are going up .50 pence/cents ...I say .50p meself aaaaah FFS !...now its off to the pub to get scuttered and I have to take a taxi ffs...me rent is going up too the feckers… im tinking about moving to Australia and start anew ah there all rich there and I can go to the beach all the time....I wonder how much the dole is there ...well me last can is done and off for the pints now...……...…..
Have a wonderful week everyone,bye .
LoL hi LOLer how are you?
Las Vegas USA Conor McGregor vs Khabib from Russia UFC---McGregor lost the fight and he got the head beat off him , I was thrilled to see Khabib beat and pound McGregor's head in aaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaa .
Correction RTE ..Hundreds arrested in Washington DC today and thurs/Fri too , they were democrats throwing a fit over the Kavanaugh vote ……...RTE news said they were "detained " ….nope you're wrong they were arrested and marched off to jail where those lowlifes belong , President Trump wins again .
Well the Honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and the position is for life , I hope he will have the power to keep woman and black people in their place and repeal some of the rights that the minorities have , it is a great victory for white American Republican men and the liberal left democrats are throwing a fit at the moment and hundreds of the woman,blacks,homos and crazy nut-jobs have been arrested and will spend time in jail where they belong , HURRAH for President Trump and all the Republicans victory is ours this day forever more .
I can spell. I drink. I smoke. I am not yet canonised. Sport does not matter to me but who am I to say? I don't believe in flying saucers. I don't believe the world is coming to an end, not yet anyway. I don't chew gum. I like coffee. But enough of likes and dislikes. I am not a member of the supreme court. I am a citizen. But so what?
White mens women I take
Ok I had a bad day because I got fired because I didn't go to work yesterday and I was late for work today and then I was called to the office at 11am and fired ffs ….im going to the pub , bye I wont be back .
joe duffy--------- black people in Ireland are very racist they come to Ireland with hate and NOTHING else !------ and now the jews are complaining too ---- and heres what I think ----if you don't like living in Ireland please leave and thanks for the visit goodbye ----- by the way there was no racism in Ireland until negros/muslims and foreigners showed up with all their hate .
BAAAA i'm nome Hefb hey weart im hone and I m goein to bed aaaah byy see tamerrou inbyuyok ok.werk tomerro………………….
News at 5pm ------ The story about Rebecca Carter from Co Wexford is great and she is a fighter and a very driven young woman who almost got cheated by the leaving cert test scorers who cant tott up the papers right and I'm so glad she is going to UCD next week and UCD almost blocked her out for another year shagging lousers until a Judge had his say ----- Rebecca will make a fantastic vet ----- best story of the year by far .
couldn't go to work today because I has the hangover ffs aah shag em …..im going out to the pub shortly for the cure ….another 12 pints then i'll be grand
bill cosby has just been sentenced to prison 3 to 10 years for raping white woman , no bail for that negro straight to prison for that dirty filthy stinking watermelon eatin banana suckin negro boy, may he rot in prison for the rest of his dastardly life !
Ah its off to the pub now ffs ….12 pints and the one whisky ...chips and chicken curry later ….. and i'll scream out the window of me car at people out walking on me way home...…..GET OUT OF IT YA KNACKERS!!!
J P McManus was very generous for donating 3.2 million to all counties for the GAA teams and where he keeps his money or invests it is nobody's business , at least he invests his money in Ireland …..unlike others .
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere .
Ukraine Middle distance runner ….Olga Lykahova…..Have a look ….trust me .
LiveLine with Joe Duffy,...…….he earns much more money than you!
Hey ! I'm back …..25th-30th sept 2018 = Ryder cup at 'La Golf National" Paris France and there is no Irish players because they are feck-all good but there is 6 out of the 12 are from the UK including the jackass Mcillroy , I'd say the yanks will win because most of the euro team are brits and as we all know everyone in england is a loser and a feckface just like there daddy and there grand daddy before him .
im looking forward to a bit a hurley soon ah theres shag-all for sport these days and I want to say a big hello to Bridget down the road ah shes grand altogether I told her about this sight _ good bye now.
Sean Twomey ….its 13 million aid to the UN relief for Palestine and NOTHING FOR THE HOMELESS IN IRELAND ….Simon Coveneys deal...Palestine is NOT an Irish problem or the West Bank Gaza Strip or anywhere else …..how about getting OUR 6 counties BACK !
Today there were marches all over Ireland to solve the homeless crisis in villages towns and cities and then the irish government decided to support a foreign country by betraying Ireland and giving Palestine millions of Euros WTF ! …...and that little fucking midget Higgins wants to be reelected ? and leo wants to keep his job ?...good luck....ps I always talk to traitors firmly !
The Irish government is giving 8 million Euro in 2018 to Palestine ….WTF !...how about the Irish homeless ?why not help them ?WTF !...so I charge the Irish government with "TREASON " against it's own native sons and daughters …..IRELAND FIRST !...charity begins at home …..the government are TRATORS of Ireland ! simple as that because Trators are against their own country and this is a classic example of that …..Irish homelessness need 100% full attention NOW ! and 8 million would help !
shush will ya …. I have a hangover leave me alone …..um im never drinking again ….o me poor head ….its off back to bed for me ffs ….shush and be quite ffs...bye.
Top of the morning to listeners everywhere .Have a nice weekend.
Be careful Gary who you pick up tonight after all Irish woman are the ugliest on this planet and all the make-up dose not help them - - try a girl from Europe like Spain or Poland …. most of the Irish woman belong in the circus …..of course I would not say that to their face LOL.
Finished work for the week so its off to the pub for plenty a pints ,smokes , food , chatting up loose woman,singing karaoke ,dancing ,playing pool, roaring and yelling and playing darts , I'll have a great time and i'll be there till close then off to the chipper and back to your ones place ffs , aah that's the life .
8pm john creedon is on now with lousey picks a music ffs ...get out of ya louser !!!!!!
Its time to repatriate all foreigners in Ireland back to their homeland in Africa ………...up to four generations of them starting from 1970 to 2018 all foreigners need to pack up and vacate Ireland …..simulation and diversity does not work …..I would like to thank them for the visit and wish them well on all the adventures Africa has to offer and please never return to Ireland , BYE BYE BYE LOL BYE LOL BYE LOL AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
F Y I …I'm in America and the Associated Press has just said a storm has hit the British Isles and the police in Galway county said a woman died when her caravan fell off a cliff the British press also reported trees are down and 20,000 without power and the storm was dubbed Ali …………….the people at the Associated Press are completely stupid if they think Ireland is part of England ….so from now on Toronto is the capital of the United States .
Morning Ireland . . . . . Project Edward is today to prevent deaths on the roads - - if people just slow down and wear their seat belts and put down the phone - - that will help save lives .
Ok...GuiseppeF..Truce bye .
yes GuiseppeF I do agree with you that President Trump is a great president and Ireland needs someone like him to lead the country forward .
Sean O'Rourke -Show,...…...Interviewing people for a job I think the interviewer should be allowed to ask anything because they want to know who they are dealing with….so only hire a person who believes that Donald Trump is the greatest president in the history of the United States and when he comes to Ireland everyone will have the day off so they can go and see him …..Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah for President Trump ….oh I wish Mr Trump could rule over Ireland for ever and ever and ever .
yeah back from the pub - made eejit of meself as usual with stoopid chat up lines... don't blame the boys for not givin me the glad eye ffs. now have to make up with live-in boyfriend ( main squeeze ) 5d5v
Absolute nonsense ! this is why races should not cross breed , just look at the result ! very childish indeed !
Um duh my name in Italian is guinea pig and my bloodline is African/monkey ….umm im NOT Caucasian im a different species mostly monkey that's why I have a big nose/ass/lips/pot belly....my favorite song is "The Italian Christmas Donkey" umm ...I wish I was white but im not so I will remain a pear shaped monkey like my mother duh umm remember what I posted sept 11 like duh
Thanks to the eu leaders , the Kalergi plan is progressing well, shame Orban is putting a spanner in the works. Many may not know abt the Kalgergi plan. I suggest all Irish people google it , before its too late
A win for Kenya Marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge I hope he move to Ireland like me he won in 2:01:40 in Berlin Germany Sunday 9/16/2018 I have been 2nd,3rd,8th, and 11th in Marathon Good Buy.
The dubs won fair and square but just like the mens football team I find the dubs very predictable ….they are trained to get mostly GOALS ! … am I the only person in Ireland to notice this ? and I'm not even a coach ..hahahahaha….31 counties with STUPID coaches LOL LOL .
Its nice to here the band play 'The Bold Finnian Men" before the All Ireland ladies football final followed by the national anthem well its 4pm and there off ...HON THE REBELETTES !
Well done to Sanita Puspure who won Gold in single skulls rowing in Bulgaria today great stuff by the Cork oarswoman and of course the O'Donovan Bros from Cork with there Gold yesterday - - - Gary-Spike-O' Sullivan from Cork was KO'd in Las Vegas last night in the first round by a thunderous left hook by his Canadian counterpart - - - and up next is the All Ireland ladies football final Cork vs Dublin - - - it seems to me at the moment that most of the sports people on a higher level are from Cork - - - where are all the other counties ? I do think Ireland is finally getting good at sport and that's great ….except for the national soccer team they don't count because they are mostly english .
thanks be to fck thats over, terrible song
A friend of mine and his wife came to Ireland recently and travelled extensively they had a wonderful time and thought the people of Ireland to be very kind nice and polite he lives in Kansas USA.
now the Italians have to make pizzas for the O'Donovan bros because Italy lost to Ireland today in rowing.....anyway the only good place for an Italian is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning ………………..HEY GUINEA GO FETCH BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL
Well done to Paul and Gary O' Donovan who won Gold at the world championships in the men's double lightweight skulls in Bulgaria today , they are a credit to Skibbereen Cork and Ireland - fantastic stuff lads and it proves that all the hard work is paying off .
Um duh my name in Italian is guinea pig and my bloodline is African/monkey ….umm im NOT Caucasian im a different species mostly monkey that's why I have a big nose/ass/lips/pot belly....my favorite song is "The Italian Christmas Donkey" umm ...I wish I was white but im not so I will remain a pear shaped monkey like my mother duh umm remember what I posted sept 11 like duh
yeah back from the pub - made eejit of meself as usual with stoopid chat up lines...don't blame the boys for not givin me the glad eye ffs. now have to make up with the live-in boyfriend (main squeeze)5d5v
All Ireland ladies football final is on Sunday Cork vs Dublin tickets for adult 25.00 euro , start at 16.00 , don't forget the corned beef sandwiches and a flask of tea and Tanora and Tayto.
Its out to the pub this afternoon I go ….pint after pint after pint after pint etc I will have a great time roaring and yelling and eatin all kinds of grub and chain smoking …..smoking and drinking is great fun and I will play pool and darts and chat up the girls and I will be dancing too and I'll sing in the karaoke 'with or without you' by U2 ...I wonder if i'll get in a fight ffs...i'll be out all night I hope theres no road blocks ffs enjoy the weekend ya sheep shaggin muckers .FART AAH.
DUH UMM...and as anyone bothering to read these postings will have noticed ,I am impersonating the poster-Gary-who retired from these postings precisely because of trolls /'funny guy's' (ain't it Hilaire ) like me - just look at the grammar/writing style /CONTENT,if you need to check ,FCS!....umm DUH DUUUHHHH !!!!
...and as anybody bothering to read these postings will have noticed, I am impersonating the poster - GuiseppeF - who retired from these postings precisely because of trolls / 'funny guys' (ain't it hilaire) like me - just look at the grammar/writing style/ CONTENT, if you need to check, FCS!
oops, have just read (difficult for me, as you will have noticed) some more around about the facts about the Russian spys - so pls ignore my earlier ignorant post
James Taylor , "Carolina in my mind" , ...In my mind I'm going to Carolina cant you just see the sun shine cant you just feel the moon shine ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind guess I'm going to Carolina in my mind …………………………..James wrote this tune when in Spain and homesick .
umm duh- - - I umm forget what I wanted to post duh - - - umm duh cause im a fatty duh
Up the dubs u sheep shaggers!!!
The news at one …….The English are blaming two innocent Russian tourists for poisoning people in England ….typical brits always blaming the wrong people and british intelligence is unfounded which proves ALL brits are STUPID FOOLS !...……..remember when british intelligence found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ???.....They lied again....so there is the proof that ALL brits lie....no weapons were ever found ! …..and the queen is a man.
(some posters just don't get it - it seems myself included - doh!)
I told you no such thing Gary my dear if this continues I shall be forced to thrash thee.....have I made myself clear my dear ? tisk tisk.
Thanks Gary2 , I think some one is trolling me that's what GuiseppeF told me ……..It serves me right for being a greedy gobble gannet …...
Hurricane Florence will make landfall as a cat 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130/150 mph it will hit North and South Carolina late thurs night (EST) eastern standard time ...they are expecting a storm surge of 13 to 18 feet of sea water to swamp the low lying coast ,100s of thousands have fled including my niece and the North Carolina Governor wants folks to head inland 100 miles although there are 'holdouts' but I think they will die.....this Hurricane is being called the 'Storm of a lifetime '. all naval ships in Norfolk have headed out to sea ………………
Goodman Gary that's the spirit Joe D gets €444 K for some shite
ok, have to fess up to posting under other names, and really everyone should disregard my rantings as I'm just a provocateur who likes to spoil things for other posters. AM NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY (SERIOUSLY).
I'm very disappointed President Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to Ireland , I think GuiseppeF will be upset over this news too --- Eammon Ryan labor leader said Trumps values are NOT Irish values but I agree with Trump woman are not equal to any man and the 'shithole' countries are really dumps with stupid fools there and Trump is right about Muslims ...they sound like good values to me … I hope he finds time to visit soon.
10.47 am New York the names of Juliana McCourt 4yrs old and her mother Ruth Clifford McCourt from Cork were read aloud at ground zero in Manhattan ---they were on the hijacked United Airways flight 175 that hit the south tower of the world trade center on 9/11/01 killing them both outright ...and to think they were going from Boston to California to go to Disney Land what a shame ---gone but not forgotten .
haha gary forgot to take his pills what a monkey------I like to listen to Howard jones, George Michael, Boy George, Elton john, Sam Smith, and I love the ballet everyone wearing tights and dancing and I love shopping with my mother and she told me of all my effeminate qualities .ta -ta
as some earlier poster predicted, this site has become infested by sad sacks, trolls, provocs....
"No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child" - Abraham Lincoln .
Joe Duffy-Show.... Wild attacking dogs and careless owners ….its not the dogs fault … just correct the owner so it will never happen again .LOL .
Today with Sean O Rourke show...………..Ireland needs to scrap the national soccer team after conceding 4 goals to Wales …..and hire Irishmen to play for Ireland …..most of the current team is English no wonder they are so easy to score against .
Congratulations to the Cork Senior and intermediate ladies Camogie teams on winning the "All Ireland" and the O'Duffy cup yesterday great times will be held on the ….Banks of my own lovely Lee .
yeah Tom Murphy, I agree the homos should stick to themselves , I mean they would be happier with their own type , I would not feel comfortable around people like that because I would need a haz-mat suit / gloves goggles,anti fungus spray,anti bacteria spray,and so on so I wouldn't get a disease from them , yes I want to stay away from the diseased sodomites , the best idea is to have them all live in a closed area so they can be free to practice sodomy and touch other and leave the normal people alone to live in peace , so they keep talking it up then I will talk them down .
I find it VERY offensive that leo varadkar was standing in the stands after the all Ireland camogie match with woman standing to the left and right of him today ….he is a HOMO !!!!!!!!!!!...…..and he should NOT be near any woman !!! ….he picked to be a HOMO !!!!!....and putting woman around him is WRONG !!!!! …...he should be surrounded by young dandy gay homo boys wearing gay colours !!!!!... and putting woman around him in a photo or video will NOT CHANGE LEO FROM BEING A 'SODOMITE' !!!!
I hope Cork wins today , I like this radio station it has interesting programs .
jesse...ya want a pint ?....Pat... ok...jesse..wat ye havin for fucks sake ?...Pat ah a pint a Heineken ya cunt ....jesse .. here ye go ya prick...Pat ...tanks ya ballax….jesse whos playin today feen?....pat hahahaha ya stupid cunt lol lol ya don't know ya wanker ...just wait to find out will ya....jesse I was only askin ffs ….Pat ...go way and fuck off ....jesse oh look its feckin camogie ….Pat ..HEY !! watch your mout feckface camogie is a great fuckin game ….and get me another pint and a bag a crips or i'll thump yer skull…...
You all smell of Farts, enjoy the weekend and a golden shower!
Hallo I like these radio statsations im listen from Prague I will visit one day good night to you maybe you visit Prague to.
Hi to everyone---I'm looking forward to Mr President Donald J Trump coming to Ireland I will bring my whole family to see one of the greatest men of the 21st century ,it will be the highlight of the year for me he is just such a class act - bye bye bye for now .
Burt Reynolds died 12 mins ago …….Time is 8.05 pm Irish time ...California 12.05 pm...……...RIP...….you heard it here first .
I Like Pie!
yawn .
There are senators grilling Judge Brett Kavanaugh , Trumps pick for the U.S. Supreme court in Washing DC ...Its lots of fun to watch and the cops are dragging mostly liberal woman/men/homos/blacks out for disturbing the proceedings LOL... typical liberals LOL
Drive Time w/ Sarah …...The budget 2019 ...its what's not being talked about is where the problem lies WATER WATER WATER …..there was a mild drought and Ireland was not ready ….is not ready now and wont be ready unless something is done …..and how about fodder ? why do farmers have to import fodder ? ...Ireland better get its act together because next time could be a hell of a lot worse and the other countries will keep their own fodder then the Irish butter-cheese and beef industry will take a huge hit !.....
Ray D'Arcy Show.....The reason the plastic bins at the airport are full of germs is because a lot of the African migrants carry diseases and are not chequed when they arrive in Dublin …….then they get 'direct provision' and they put a financial burden on the country …..I think there should take a tally of how much they cost Ireland and they should be given a bill when they are taken off 'direct provision' …...because they are never going to leave Ireland ...they have it too good.....the Irish immigrants get NO HELP when they arrive back on their native soil which proves the government couldn't care less about Irish people and its the Irish who are the homeless and not the foreigners.
ALERT ALERT !!!!…..the below game is on the 9th of September ….and the Ladies Football All Ireland...Cork vs dub is on the 16th of September and there is no time set for that game yet …….
Sunday the 16th September Cork vs Kilkenny Senior Camogie Final in Croke Park at 16.15...….is sure to be a cracker of a game …..
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson ….ARE THE SAME PERSON !!!!!!
Joe Duffy Show.....below comment was about scams on a stolen phone and gaining access ...
If the garda call you and you think its a con/garda tell them you will hang up and call them on their main line if needed …...the bottom line is NEVER give any info over the phone on incoming calls because of all the scams …. so now I don't answer the phone if I don't know who it is …. I almost got scammed last month ...I was so lucky I did not fall for it but I almost did … be careful.
The chatroom was taken down because of stupid comments and nobody wanted to chat - maybe it will be put back in the future but I would have no intension of typing there - I would just turn the 'live chat' off , that's all people needed to do was turn it off but that was to difficult for them apparently ….. but I would like it at Christmas time to say hi to friends and family and sporting events ….Take it easy dudes .
Where has the chat room gone?
Leitrims comeback against a mercenery New York team in the championship 2018 was absolutely heroic.
Sad-IQ-Khan is the name of the London lord mayor and he hates America ,Ireland and all of Europe and everyone who is not a muslim….. and yesterday there were protests about him because he is a jackass …..and there was a blimp balloon of him flying LOL....LOL...a worthy cause indeed …..the desert is 1000km to the east ….I think he got lost and cant find his camel hahahaha LOL....
Lovely weather today .
tyrone vs dublin in the all Ireland football final tomorrow ….tyrone is in northern Ireland which means they are mostly english scum.....the dubs are mostly from a tainted english blood line ….so which team to cheer for ?????...….I know I will watch the All Ireland Hurling Final again with Limerick vs Galway ……..what a great game of Hurling
" p s I love you"......Its the ' RIO GRANDE"...…….thank you and have a nice day .
LOL The Kracken is coming to Cayman Ireland.......Taxpayers and corporates can contact the Internal Revenue Service for advice on the 'Repatriation tax' on them offshore profits they stashed LOL. Down to the IFSC for which assets are on the hook......And how to pay in installments LOL LOLer. The NAFTA 'fair trade' deal with Mexico and no under cutting auto workers on both side of the Rio Grand.......Or BAFTA' the Bi-lateral American Trade Agreement if President Trump kicks the WTO to the Kerb. All those Globalization mongering Cayman Ireland Economist with the zero sum narrative LOL. And will the beloved E.U consortium throw Cayman Ireland under the bus for railing the billions away from America while the homeless are sh!ting on the streets of San 'tech capital' Francisco!.......Will the right wing neo-liberal french imperialist and ex investment banker point the finger at Cayman Ireland...So long fair well adieu adieu EU adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Fair well Gary and good luck to you in you're future endeavors although there were many times you annoyed me I do forgive you because I am a compassionate person …...happy trails amigo adois….and please don't come back !...

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