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rte radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111

RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.


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I'm very scared about Brexit because there may be a shortage of chocolate and sweets and lemonade and Coke and orange and ice-cream and crunch bars and candy floss and bubble gum and Tayto and lion bars and mars bars ….and I will have nothing to eat and I will become homeless and the rain will find me all the time and there will be holes in my shoes and I will be drenched sitting on the foot path begging for a few euro ….and then the sheer poverty and slow starvation will lead to my demise and I will be found in a ditch in Galway dead from starvation and all because of Brexit ffs.
My wife is prettier than a stack of pancakes on a cold morning ;-)
I had flowers and chocolates delivered to my office today to make everyone jealous of me and I also got a big card from myself , everyone wants to know who the special person is …..but I just tell them that he is rich and he has a boat and sport cars and he lives in a mansion !
Hi to all from Mayo , The Sam Maguire is ours , bye.
Ah its 26 Celsius in luvly Sydney OZ....hows it going feens ?......im pinting away as usual ffs....work at the marina is great but fiberglass is a bitch ffs....trimmed out two cabins….the nurse from west Cork and meself are going steady her name is Ashley….enjoying the rugby and hurling on the weekends ...Brexit sounds like being on the decks of the Titanic ffs ….ur always welcome here in oz ….well im off now ...cheers mate, Gary
Varadker is ok because he is gay, and gave us de abortion too
Allianz Football League - Tipperary 3 - 09 ...Donegal 0 - 13 …..WOOAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA
Leo Varadkar is in the kitchen at the minute making the dinner for Theresa may , yes they will be having the bacon and cabbage with boiled spuds , they will enjoy a pint of unpasteurized milk straight from the farm with the dinner then tis a bit of apple tart and cream and the cups a Barrys tea for desert , then Theresa will have a dozen glasses of sherry and Leo will be slamming shots of Jamison as they discuss the Brexit fiasco ….with no result.
Nobody has ever set foot on the moon ! …..it was all made up during the cold war with the USSR …..the USA made a video in the Arizona desert at nighttime to give the effect and to take photos …...otherwise if people did land on the moon in 1969 like they say then why isn't there a station there ? ….I will give you a clue ….nobody has EVER been to the moon …..it is a complete hoax .
I really hope that the evil brits just go away and leave us alone .
All brexitiers are going to a special hell , Donald Tusk , aaahahahahalol.
lots of right-wing rubbish being spewed out here - Trump is a conservative stooge, playing the poor whites to push through welfare state rollback and tax cuts for the rich! And let's stick to the music: the point of this Comments site, surely.
everyone thinks Im a dirty driver because I slam on the brakes for no reason and im always speeding and throwing things out the window and screaming and cursing out the window and I don't use my indicator and I tailgate and I love to use the horn and I cut other cars off and im scuttered all the time while I drive and the radio is always full blast with rap music on and I don't stop at traffic lights or stop signs and I never yield and seatbelts are for dirty filthy shaggers and I have no insurance or license and no tax , and if they try to stop me I will drive even faster and I love driving at nighttime with my lights turned off , hon north dub.
there is a difference theory with the inbreeding in the royal family and boris Johnson and climate change with complex touching attitudes when it comes to taking a bath and eating cabbage cake .
hmmm i have a different theory --- modern music is reproduced by a chip and gradually we get bored with the tonal signature of the chip we listen to all the time chips have a bad voice compared to vinyl which is analogue
Joe Duffy Show - The card sent to Jean Claude Juncker from Haile stating "That for the first time Ireland is stronger than the u.k." and everyone in the u.k. is upset and angry , ...some of the guests stated that Ireland shouldn't bite the hand that feeds ….just like the british pigs did during the famine ? they starved my family !!!!! …..furthermore the british did not save Europe in WW2 ,,,,USA saved Europe ! ...the british are NOT friends of Ireland and they are all going straight to hell , the dubs that called in are all standing up for the brits ….if they like it that much why don't these dubs go to england …..wake up , the brits always look at the Irish as beneath them ....Ireland is stronger because we are part of the EU and the brits are small and weak and they don't like it .
The 'State Of The Union" has just finished and President Trump did a wonderful job , he spoke about national security and a new space program and the economy all good things but I didn't realize how much the democrats hate Jews and they want to abort 9 month old pregnant kids , the liberal democrats are really the scum of the earth .
With the nurse strike going on and you cant go to the hospital there is only one option left ...the pub …..the pub with the bit of craic and plenty pints of the porter , Guinness , Murphy's , Beamish , will cure ya , sure ya cant beat the few pints gwan will ya and have the few pints .
Joe Duffy Show - I loves a fry-up ah 2 eggs 2 rashers 2 sausages 2 scoops a beans 2 fried tomato 2 fried spuds 2 pieces a toast 2 black pudding 2 white pudding 2 cups a tea ,......and then after all that its pints after pints after pints after pints ahaaaa that's the life boi .
Ray D'Arcy Show …..Pressing Gr Alt dose not work to get a FADA even holding them down ,....I have wasted my time , I'm not happy .
9.15 pm central time USA, Super Bowl score ...Patriots 13....L.A.Rams 3 , a very low scoring game and I have seen a lot better …..have a great week everyone .
Its Super Bowl LIII (53) in Atlanta Ga, tickets are 2,600 - 4,600 each , Hotel room 500 to 5000 per night ...hot dog 2.00 , nachos 3.00 , plastic cup of beer 5.00 ….very big stadium with retractable roof just like the one in Cork LOL.....New England Patriots vs Los Angles Rams , coverage is at 6.30 pm EST , We are having plenty of beer and corn chips with salsa con queso dip and tacos ,....I'm picking the Patriots to win like the Boston Irish .
It's "Ceili House" 9pm-10pm , oh I love a good reel …..I love to dance in the kitchen too its great fun ,...kick off ur shoes and join me :D
Hi feens hows tings …..ah hotter than hell here in oz ffs...im fulltime at the marina fixing up boats and some engine work its a great job ,....the is a good few Irish here like meself and I met a nice girl from west Cork she is a nurse ...im waiting for the rugby game between Ireland vs england ffs …..ah I hope things work out for Ireland after Brexit ffs.....anyway im enjoying me few bottles of ice cold larger ..ah I loves me pints boi hahaha weather it is porter,larger but I wont touch whiskey or spirits because I change for the worst ffs....hurley/football today and tomorrow and I listen to it and some of it I can find on youtube …..anyway the very best to the Irelands rugby team over the shagging english ffs …..Slan Gary.
That's seventy years since China sat down to trade talks....It took President Trump to bring China's 'State Run Capitalism to the trade table.....LOL LOLer Emerging Markets gutted and the roll back on Globalization.......Davos man, Cayman Ireland man and E.U. Consortium man are raging red like a well slapped arse.......The slow down in the Chinese economy and the swing back to small businesses, employees fair pay and conditions......Just like the U.S under President Trump....Working people first, financial constructs and share holders second.....No more anti-globalization protesters kicking in Mcdonalds windows LOL LOLer.......The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) got binned by President Trump that would have locked millions into woeful pay and conditions.....And America along with the U.K out of the $20trillion WTO tent........Paris is burning and U.S is booming......So long fair well adieu adieu E.U! adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
LOL LOLer....... Here that rumbling sound under the ground like a cement mixer is Oliver Cromwell turning in his grave........Remember the commoners having their lands, farms, business interest and daughters snatched away by Royalist's and their local henchmen......The butchers, bakers and candle stick makers.....The farmers and stone masons all trained up into the 'New Model Army under commander Cromwell.......The Royalist towns throughout Ireland, England, laid wast by the commoner's army.......Never again the common law of the common people as enshrined in the Magna Carta dismissed by Royalist elites......LOL Two thirds of the House of Commons who are card caring E.U. protectionist are under pressure now.....Who taught the Magna Carta, being nibbled away by the E.U. slug was a necessary evil.......To further their vested interests...... LOL LOLer........So long fair well adieu adieu E.U adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Hi to all from the upper Midwest USA ….my current report is minus 29 Celsius at the moment with a wind-chill of minus 60 Celsius …..more snow today , my pipes froze and toilet did not work but I fixed it ….I hope the engine block in my truck wont crack ….this weather is killing plenty of folks but on Friday its going to warm up to minus 15 Celsius and on Monday we are hoping of getting past the freezing mark Thank God , everyone has cabin fever and we all want to get out and about , my previsions lasted just fine , all the rivers and lakes are frozen over I should move to Florida hahaha.
Yes it is true the uk will give back Gibraltar to Spain and they will relinquish control of northern Ireland and the Falklands gos to Argentina and Scotland can go for independence again and the world will rejoice the scummy brits will deserve whats coming .
Barclays is moving 160 billion to Ireland which = 1/5 of their net worth , that's great news and the European bank will help with Irelands finances after Brexit .
I cant believe its almost Friday and January is done , whats next ? valentines day lol
actor jussie Smollett said he was attacked in Chicago by two white men who broke his rib ….meanwhile there is 100s of hours of extensive cctv coverage which proves he was by himself and made the whole thing up to get back at white people ….ok I know Chicago very well and there was 4,500 black people shot there by black people in 2018 ,they hate themselves its that simple and they hate white people , I hope they charge him with a hate crime for blaming white people for his shortcomings ….RTE reported on it so I hope they will tell the real story of an angry gay negro who hated white people.
Nurses and Mid-Wife's are the best , I hope they get the pay that they rightly deserve ,they have saved hundreds of thousands of lives .
The government has said that the pay for the nurses is 'unaffordable' what they really mean is ' Go To Hell Bitches' anyway the government needs to send money to the negros in Africa and that is the REAL FACT !.....wake up people the government of Ireland has NEVER gave a shite about its citizens ...what other country has their young people leaving all the time…..
Ray D' Arcy - 35 years since Luke Kelly died , great singer .
Good morning to everyone , I'm having a raspberry scone and a lovely cup of Barry's tea before I venture out for my day at my retail shop , have a great day everyone,bye….smile its good for you :)
Great News , The chat-room will be back on the 1st of March 2019 , we are very excited to have a chat with all of you , just remember please be civil , Thank You , lol.
I, am irish born and bread. I have three daughter , all three born in Dublin. My oldest is living in London and now is applying for her Irish passport, she was refused because her banks signature was not accepted. But she was told to pay an Indian shop owner 20 pounds for his signature. She told him where to go!
I'm very scared about Brexit and about the Famine that's going to happen and I cant sleep at night and the English army will come over and beat us all up and I will cry a lot and we wont have any jobs and I will be back on the dole and walking the streets , I'm going to be sad and maybe I might emigrate to Canada .
By the way its called a "Polar Vortex"
Hi from the upper mid-west USA , cabin fever is getting worse I finally got out to go to the store ,temps are brutal the daytime temp is about minus 25 Celsius and the nighttime temp is - 35 Celsius tomorrows wind-chill will be - 55 Celsius and it keeps snowing , I'm staying in until the weekend , I think it will warm up to - 10 , a few people got locked outside while shoveling snow and froze solid , a 13 yr old boy froze to death after leaving the house after an argument with his parents there was a blizzard at the time frostbite sets in at 10 minutes …..come on spring time .
The Ray D'Arcy Show - If the cervical is part of the spine by you're neck I don't understand why woman have cervical smear tests …..is it because woman's necks are weak ? , I looked it up and i'm still puzzled what they are talking about ….what is wrong with woman's necks ? ..years ago womans necks were just fine .
Its Holocaust Memorial day where 6 million allegedly were killed …..however over 20 million Russians died and a total of 60 million died in that war …..I think 20 million Trumps 6 million …...the jews are looking for notice again …...Oh look at ME my uncle Josh Goldstine and MY auntie Ruth Rosenburger-Goldstine died in the Holocaust Oh look at ME ….pay attention to ME.....ME ME ME ME ME .
Kerry beat the bacon cabbage n spuds out of Tyrone today in Killarney the score was 0-11 to 0-7 .
Sunday Football......Monaghan beat the lying dubs today with a 2-13 to 1-13 victory ,....the dubs tried to cheat throughout the game but they were not a match for a superior Monaghan team.
Luke Kelly singing 'Ranglan Road' ….Brilliant .
Well done to the Kilkenny Camogie team for beating the living daylights out of the durty dubs today , Kilkenny 1-15.....dub 0-06
Kerry 2 -18 vs Antrim 1-12 _____Tipp 2-22 vs Clare 0-21 ____ Dublin 0-15 vs Carlow 1-19 ,
Its Hurley weekend, there are some cracking games on ….the sliotar needs to be slapped not thrown ….most of the best hurling will come from the Munster teams....
"The weekend on one" Its 6.00AM with Lillian Smith from the Cork studios , this is a very nice show with great music the first song is 'The Sweetest Smile' , bye :)
Well throughout history the english have been scumbags to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, and the rest of the world ….Europe has Irelands back through the Brexit ordeal and onwards , if the brits mess with us then they mess with all of Europe and its time to put the brits on their heels and put-up or shut-up is all there is ,..Europe can surround their island with ships and starve the lot of em if needed LOL....a lot .
The Irish Army are going to the border and the garda too if there is a no deal Brexit ,.....build that wall build that wall etc..... it will be a European border not an Irish one ….Trump approves a hard border....all Irish men and woman will be called to arms to defend the republic from the english scum …I will stand with my fellow country men and woman in defense of our nation...there will be thousands of volunteers from the south and all over the world ….I hope the brits bring enough coffins with them just incase …….lol
Ray D' Arcy Show - Finbarr Furey is an Irish national treasure , the music from the 'Fureys' is fantastic , the best .
Oh tis funny Friday on the Joe Duffy show,...aaaahahahahahaha…..lol ,lol AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA LOL LOL LOLer AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA very good alright
Shame, shame shame on RTÉ for barring listeners in the six counties from entering phone in competitions. Yet again the six counties and the nationlist community, never mind the few unionist listeners, have been left behind again. So much for a national broadcaster catering to all the country. Next to nothing coverage of the second largest city in Ireland on news and everyday matters, the map of Ireland with the border imprint on the weather reports, particularly insulting to nationalists, as if the weather recognizes artificial boundaries. Not to mention the criminal neglect in the recent anniversary of the centenary of the first Dail and how the six counties and the nationalist community were left to the mercy of one of the worst oppressive regimes in géo politics in modern history. Another knife in the back of the forgotten, betrayed and neglected citizens who were left behind. Very disillusioned with the betrayal of Irish citizens.
Joe Duffy show - The woman going to Dublin to find her drug addict 15 year old son is a sad story ….drugs are bad news stay away from that poison …..drugs came to Ireland with the migrants and refugees and africans and the people who allowed the foreigners in are responsible .
Please play 'Men Behind The Wire' by the Wolf Tones….'Armored cars and tanks and guns came away to take our sons for every men must stand behind the men behind the wire'
Please play "Sean south from Garryowen" and "The broad black Brimmer" …..Thanks very much Bhoy .
4got shoutout to Mainevanent and Brine and Leem too - keep dem mitey postes flowin NOT
ah well done lads - spewin out de oul shite an drivin sideshowbob off - massiv stuf from gayrie and pissiluvu NOT
My cabin fever is getting worse , it snowed again yesterday and more snow for the next 10 days , its minus 18 Celsius at the moment and it will be minus 30 tonight with windchill of - 45 C......there is a 4 foot drift at my front door I have enough previsions to last five more days after that I will have to venture out , nothing can melt here its to cold and the roads are completely covered with snow and ice , I wish I was in Sydney like Gary at least its warm there .
Ah hows it going feens ? still hot in Sydney ffs ...I don't like me new job but there is another full-time job at the marina which im going for ....ah im enjoying me pints now and I will be making spuds and beef stew for the dinner ….I wish I had Brennan's sliced pan ffs and a bit of kerrygold butter ffs....i'd love a few bags of Tayto and I would love the Irish weather …...never thought i'd say that lol.....well im signing off i'll chat on the weekend ….bye, Gary...….im coming home soon.
Please play "The town I loved so well"-Dubliners....and "The foggy dew"…..and "Come out ye black and tans" -by The wolf Tones …and the "Rifles of the IRA".....Thank you .
LOL Captain 'Boycott' Trump ignores Davos.......Where the Globalization mongering elites meet on that Swiss mountain top fortress guarded by thousands of military and police.......The salt and shampoo set who believe borders and taxation are an inconvenience to their vast wealth and power accumulation......That's Davos man, Cayman Ireland man, Joshua tree man, Media mogul man, Central banker man, E.U Protectionist man who will see the 'Trump Wall from space LOL LOLer.......Remember the 'Globalization mongering 'Irish Central Banker, Philip Lane with the former national school teacher, Taoiseach Enda Kenny....Crowing 26% growth to the World Economic Forum.......While America was at 2% growth LOL LOLer.......Growth not seen since the 'Great Depression on President Barack Obama the former UBS lawyers watch....Cayman Irelander's crowing "Keep the growth going"LOL LOLer.....So long fair well adieu adieu E.U. adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Here is a movie/film I recommend it is called "Grave of the fireflies" it is well worth watching , everyone should watch it over 16 .
Row Britannia, Britannia row away, row away on the 29th of May.......From the E.U gooney show LOL LOLer........A Parliamentary Democracy with two thirds of MP's heavily invest, 'E.U Protectionist's.........The 'City of London won't have 17.5 million 'Yellow vests who voted out....Row through London after the 29th of May legal obligation is ignored....... LOL LOLer.......The 'City will have warned MP and E.U protectionist's to head for the safe harbour of that $20 Trillion WTO along with the big daddies..... U.S and China......LOL LOLer.....LOL LOLer......The latest kit flown by the E,U is that your are only allowed "Half a rasher (Bacon) a day LOL LOLer....The ration book burnt into the British psyche.......After German U-boat's torpedoed their food ships......So long fair well adieu adieu E.U, adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
I have minus 22 Celsius , its to cold , getting cabin fever .
morning Ireland - 100 years of Dail Eireann so its time to celebrate with the pints a porter for the breakfast.....Derry bombing will be normal if the Irish government give into the english again ....Camogie off to a cracker of a start .....New Irish Patriots vs LA Rams in the super bowl Feb 2nd....the Leaving cert is everything in Ireland ....only white people in Ireland are racists and all the foreigners are not racists .....all white men are responsible for all the failings of woman and foreigners ...teach your young male children its ok to explore being a homosexual .....simon coveny is a loyalist ....most dubs are loyalists with english names .... the bottom line with Brexit = Ireland loses ....Ireland cherishes other cultures and not its own ....its just another Monday in a very confused country .....time to go back to the drawing board and start over with a better plan .
Hows it going from Sydney Australia mate ? , ah its 26C today and the rest of the week will be in the low 30s ffs ….ah in Ireland during the summer twas only in the low twenties if we were lucky and raining ffs....looking forward to me new job at the hardware shop ah it will be grand....I was out last night at the pub having a great time , I was singing karaoke and roaring me head off and dancing and chatting up all the girls and having plenty of pints ...ah that's the life ….plenty of hurling on next week and the camogie is on today I love watching/listening to both of them …...im not a big football fan though ….I had rasher sandwich's today with a few scoops a beans but now im having me few cans its grand......theres a fine irish crowd here so its nice to talk from others from different counties ,.....ah you should come here for a holiday sometime but its a bit pricey …..well im off now I will drop a line next week....slan,Gary.
New Zealand has issued deportation papers to so called Irish travelers for being troublemakers and throwing rubbish all over the beautiful beaches and trying to start fights and stealing from shops and restaurants …...first they are NOT Irish ….they are DUBLIN KNACKERS !!! that Leo Varadkar and Michael D Higgins think they are great and they have their own culture and recognition ,......the Mayor of Auckland New Zealand calls the travelers a bunch of Ass-holes and I agree with the mayor except I call them by their right name " Knacker"
Ryan Tubridy show - F.Y.I...….The website is 'Irish History Live .com ' it is very good if any of you are interested in Irelands history , fantastic altogether . I hope everyone has a nice weekend, bye
Hitachi has cancelled building a nuclear plant in UK with a loss of 9000 jobs and many more jobs are about to be lost …...waaa waaaa waaaa...AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA.
The Joe Duffy Show …...If we were not supposed to eat meat then why were we all born with canine teeth ?.....check-mate .
Greetings from the American Midwest , winter is in full blast here with 8" of snow tomorrow its minus 14 Celsius at the moment but it will be minus 25 Celsius on Sunday , I hope things work out for Ireland with the Brexit event , I like this station .
62 year old wheelchair bound Deborah Lynch from south Milwaukee Wisconsin USA was stabbed 116 times by a Nigeran migrant to America yesterday …..may she rest in peace …….RTE wont report this .
Hi how are ya im fine I have great news I got the job at the hardware shop ;-) ...ah im going to start on Monday and the pay is aright too …..well its 2.15 pm on Thursday here in Sydney and its 38 Celsius or so ….its feckin HOT !!!!!...….ffs ah im heading off to the pub soon and im just having me few cans first and then a few other Irish and meself will head off to the beach ….I don't swim out far because of the great white sharks ffs …..ah if you were here you would be roasted ha ha ha …..there is some fine looking ladies here and they love the beach volleyball and I love watching them play LOL LOL ,.....well im heading off …..ps I will throw back a few pints for Ireland ...slan leat Gary .
I really hope the brits leave the E.U. on march 29th and there is no extension to article 50 for a month or a year …..the brits need to go away and take their stupid inbred problems with them nobody likes the brits and nobody cares what happens to those scumbags and I hope Ireland will limit their trade with the british losers at 25% and the rest of our trade is with Europe and north America …...further more I hope the Irish government stops at being so reliant on the british government …….
LOL LOLer Here we go, here we go, here we go, it's WTO's for the Brits don't ya know....President Trump, "A leveraged deal is not a good one"....."Deals that take to long are never good ones"......"A managed controlled Brexit with the 'World Trade Organisation referee on the pitch........LOL LOLer Unless the E.U doesn't want to recognize the WTO panel......Tariff free banking, tariff beef and sport horses into Briton from America and Argentina......Remember Madam Lagarde of the IMF flying the Luftwaffe over London by requesting a 'British Banking Transaction Tax and PM David Cameron calling for the Brexit referendum LOL LOLer......The U.S addressing their $300 billion trade deficit with China under the WTO's tent......No precipce....No cliff edge.......No trade waa waa......The saber rattling that the American consumer won't take the pain LOL LOLer......Under every metric America is booming and Paris is burning.......So long fair well adieu adieu E.U, adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Ah ffs im out of work ….its 5.30 on Wednesday morning in Sydney ah im going job hunting later , ah shagg it ….I hope I can get the job stocking shelves at the hardware shop at nighttime 11pm-7am that will be grand altogether, im having me few cans now , Karen left me she said I was no good ffs ...I think I might come home this summer , well now im going to play Paddy Reilly's Fields of Athenry , slan leat,Gary.
Ah I got fired ffs because the hotel manager where I worked caught me with one of me cans having a drink after me lunch ffs and told me that I was fired ! …...I still have me part time job at the marina but I need to find a full time job soon …..im running out of money because im going to the pub every day but things will work out , ah im looking forward to the new season of football/hurling , hows things at home? I would love a nice cloudy rainy day ffs...ah the good old days …..I will type on the weekend , Gary.
its Leanns birthday today
Drivetime - Its time to fill up you're pantry with two months of food like non perishables and canned veggies , also batteries, coal, water, candles, plenty of beer and wine and petrol for the car , dried milk and cash......just incase the Brexit gos very wrong and the ships coming to Ireland are held in british ports …..and 4 big bags a spuds ,you will use all the above anyway but its better to have it than not , and don't forget to get more cat and dog food ,time to stock up is now good luck
The Brexit vote tomorrow will be three choices 'no deal' or 'deal' or 'stay in the EU'....I think the brits will stay in the EU and that being said they need to take the hundreds of thousands of africans who demand to live in the U.K. and receive benefits and that's the reason there was a vote to leave to begin with …...the goverments of Europe want the africans to move in so Europe and her countries can kiss their cultures goodbye ,....I used to live in Europe and it has changed for the worse ….such a shame …..but if you noticed all the leaders of the European are going to be voted out ……...AH-HA …..Leo.
'This Week '......The migrants are the problem in Ireland and they brought racist hate from Africa and now to Leitrim , negros are a problem wherever they go , …….why don't the government officials or the do-gooders live next door to the negros ????…….Answer - because their property value would plummet .
A womans place is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning .
Leo had the opportunity in that moment to be a great world leader who championed equal rights for woman and he blue it , Leo needs to apologize to the woman of Ireland .
It is very interesting that Leo Varadkar when he was in Ethiopia this week allowed the woman in his delegation to be treated like second class citizens and Leo did not stand up to the Negro bigots ...instead he sided with them ,......that proves that Leo hates woman and would not defend their honor and considers woman not to have equal rights hat they are "less"…….If it was me I would tell the Negros to "kiss my Irish ass "and leave their Ethiopian dump !......I call for Leo's immediate resignation !...…...In Ireland and abroad we respect all woman !
Joe Duffy Show,.....the man getting robbed in Portugal twice in a week at gun point ….very strange....If it was me I would cry a lot and beg them to 'please don't kill me' and then I would tell the gunman that I need to go home to my mother please and then I would cry again and then they would beat me up and then I would cry uncontrollable and beg them to leave me alone and I would be shaking like a leaf while they kept beating me .
Morning Ireland - Interview with Fawaz Gerges of the London School of Economics on President Trumps decision to withdraw U.S troops from Syria......On the U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser, John R Bolton touring the Middle East, reassuring American allies in the region.....On John Bolton calling for Turkey to protect Kurd's who have been helping to fight Isis.....Someone ask the good professor who decry's the U.S administration for speaking with multiple voices what he thinks of the Democrats blocking new sanctions on Syria..... Assad's air force who gassed men, women and children thinking they were protected by Russian.....Until Tomahawk Missiles strikes rendered their multi billion ruble protection doom useless.....Also tell the good Prof, it's all about Tomahawks and Tariffs.....Voters have had enough of troops being castrated by road side bombs that cost the price of a pizza.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Drivetime - Interview with Phil Ni Sheaghdha, General Secretary INMO ...."We've had a long number of months leading into the decision"...."The most recent meeting was scheduled for the 19th and cancelled the evening before by government"......."So our executive had a lot of time to consider the mandate"......."Members have said they believe this unfortunate service that they are trying to provide and the nature of the health service now is just so bad without real incentives to keep to keep nurses and midwives working within it"......"It will not improve and they can not continence continuing"......The mandate we got was 95% for industrial strike action and that will commence on the 30' January with a 24hrs work stoppage and withdrawal of labour"....."Escalating in the following two weeks"....Someone tell Philip Boucher Hays...In 1999 it was a 'work to rule' and not a full blooded 'walk out'.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.....
Drivetime - On the 213 MP who signed a letter advocating for a pause in the advent of a no-deal Bresit come March 29th.......Interview with MP Dame Caroline Spelman..."The letter simple wants to rule out a no-deal Brexit"......."Today is why we are manifesting to PM Theresa May, across parliament that we don't want to leave the E.U"....... Dame Caroline also finds it unacceptable that protesters outside the House of Commons were chanting, "your a Nazi", at here her colleague, MP Anna Soubry......Who also wants a no-deal Brexit taken away......That's the U.K option to Decouple, deleverage and devalue through WTO's removed......That's the 17.5million souls that voted to leave the E.U. come 'deal or no deal chopped down......Someone tell the good Dame that the great philosopher, Aristotle believed that the problem with democracy was the plebs right to vote........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.....
Morning Ireland - Interview with CEO Danny McCoy of the Business and Employers Group, IBEC.......Expect Irish economic growth of 4%, so long as the U.K leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement on march 29th......In the event of a no deal Brexit, McCoy predicts significant worse conditions, squeezed between a shrinking U.K market and a dramatically weaker sterling.........Someone ask Danny McCoy why does the Rep of Ireland not become the 'Free Trade Zone and get the best of the what the U.K and the E.U has to offer......Which was never going to be acceptable to Northern Ireland.......Someone tell CEO McCoy that when the British, Decouple, deleverage and devalue (WTO's) it's Tariff free trade on offer within the British Isles........Tariff free Banking (London), Tariff free or low corporate tax (Dublin)........Or do wee need the crayons......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now........
Morning Ireland - 3th Jan - Bryan O'Donovan from Washington on the failure of the bill allowing Irish immigrants access to the surplus Australian E3 visas.......Someone tell the Washington correspondent that the Bill was signed sealed and delivered by President Trump into the hands of the Democrats for passing.......The bill (deal) allowed Americans to retire to Ireland and work twenty hours per week......Invest their savings in local towns and villages.....$400,000 -$4million a godsend to rural areas outside corporate Leopardstown and the Kildare tech beltway.....In return the Irish have access to the surplus E3 visas......Democrats have the overwhelming numbers to do so and would not......Also ask Bryan has he ever heard of a 'Lie by omission........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Playback with Marian Richardson - Today with Sean O'Rourke - Interview with Beth Wallace advocating for recognition for her baby brother who is buried in an unmarked pauper's grave in Deansgrange........Beth....."I don't think any child's grave should be invisible, especially the children born in 'mother and baby homes"....."In his very short life the records conflict"........"The adoption agency said that he was a few months old when he died"...."The cemetery records said he was a few weeks old"....."His death cert says he was five weeks old when he died"......"I know only three attended his funeral, because he was born in silencey, secrecy and shame"......Some one tell Beth......As a 72' baby myself......Have your brothers remains DNA tested......And have your support network with you at all times....Sounds like a double tap burial......God bless you and be forever staunch......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now........
Country Wide - On Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Micheal Gove's address to the 73th annual 'Oxford Farmers Conference.........On the wind down of cap supports to farmers and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's commitment to the £3.2billion 'Common Agricultural Bill for five years.......And the two pundits with their doomsday narrative if there is a no deal Brexit........Some one tell those two, that WTO.s means tariff free trade within the British Isles........Yes that's 'Tariff Free Trade when the British enter 'World Trade Organisation rules...... Win win win for the beef farmers and consumers with in the British Isles, including the Rep of Ireland.........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Morning Ireland - On Taoiseach Leo Varadkar meeting with out going German leader Angela Merkel in Bavarian as part of the Chancellor's long goodbye.........And Taoiseach Varadkar's introduction to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer the new incoming leader who Merkel backed during here leadership campaign for the 'Christian Democratic Party.........Some one ask Taoiseach Varadkar what is his position on Annergret the 'CDU's new leader........Who ran on an anti-gay marriage ticket during her leadership campaign...........European solidarity between the 'European Peoples Party, how are ya......So long as your not looking for a same-sex wedding cake........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Happy New year Gary
Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou among woman and blessed is the fruit of thine womb Jesus holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death ,Amen.....This is for the Irish unborn who will lose their life's today, may they rest in peace .
Ah I made it through new-years ok ffs ah I have a hangover now its 9am Tuesday 1st January 2019 ,....I was over by the opera house in Sydney and the fireworks were great gas altogether ….I was roaring and singing auld ang sign and Karen was there with me and there were other Irish there too , we were at the pub first it was packed ….now im having a few bottles for the cure …...going to the beach later cause its very hot ffs ….ah well that's all and happy new year to all ,....good luck bye , Gary .
hi to all ah its almost 3 o clock on new years eve in Sydney Australia 30 degrees ffs and im half scuttered so I will have to slow down and have a sleep before heading out tonight and tearing up the town ffs ah i'll be singing and dancing and roaring me head off and slamming pints and shots and the bubbly stuff ffs ah I will have a great time and im 11 hours ahead ….have a few pints ur-self will ya ffs ….ah 2 irish fellows got arrested for kicking the ballax off a guy in Sydney and they are in fecking jail …..ah I loves me pints its grand ,...well have a great time ur-selves and go dancing ffs ...bye Gary.
RTE = Propaganda ! when referring to American politics .
FFS Miriam going on about sex and vaginas and now Marian ranting on about abortion! Oh alleluia we have come a long way. Can't do it anymore. Shut up RTE!
Ah its just after 5pm a Friday and works done now and I will be off to the pub for plenty of pints lads ffs....ah I will make it a larger night and im going singing karaoke.... U2 of course ....and im going to play pool too for the craic....me feckin bicycle was robbed the other day so now I have to walk to the pub ffs....I loves the sunny weather its grand and warm and we all have a tan in OZ ......well im out ....cheers mate, Gary.
14 year girl fell 700 feet to her death at horseshoe bend Grand Canyon USA , she was heard screaming in terror as she plummeted to a certain grizzly and definite end of her young life .
Santa Claus did not bring any presents to Africa or Haiti because Donald Trump said they were " sh*t holes "
We are 6 hours in back of you , its 6.42 am.
Hey John Creedon there is no snow in Chicago today ….not even for the next week ,....please play "White Christmas"....Thanks boy.
Ahhh. Listening to John Creedon and some lovely Christmas tunes on Christmas morning... Bliss!
Hi from Australia Ah ffs its Christmas day and im sitting by meself in my flat , Karen is having a family dinner with her parents and they didn't want to invite me ….but I will see Karen later on.....im drinking cans and im going to the beach later its 28 degrees Celsius and going up to 38 degrees during the week ffs.....no shagging Christmas dinner for me I will have a ham and cheese sandwich ffs ….I would love to be home ffs but im down here and im very homesick today but at least I have plenty of bottles and cans ...ah I hope you all have a nice Christmas dinner and have a bite for me will ya ffs ….merry Christmas to all in Ireland , Gary.
I wont be home for Christmas this year I live in the USA but I wish I was there because of the family and the craic , I left Ireland a long time ago during the famine of 1989-1993 and arrived in America weighing about 8 stone , America saved my life but Christmas in Ireland is the best …..ps try roasting chestnuts ….delish …..and I wish everyone a happy joyful and peaceful Christmas .
Happy Christmas to all the Irish for those who won't be home this year...
Oh how I love the Christmas season , all the shopping and presents to wrap and traveling to be with loved ones and all the food and turkey and cheer and laughter it truly is a great time and cake and alcohol and selection boxes , oh goodie goodie for me , I always have the greatest Christmas of all and I always get very expensive gifts because I refuse cheap presents ,....so there !!
Saturday with Cormac O hEadhra - Interviews and chat with Staff from Tallaght Hospital........Tallaght Hospital Choir singing,O holy night........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now......
I'm your daddy I did work in a castle up the dubs!!
The Ronan Collins Show - From Rory Gallagher 1948-1995 to Sunny Knowles 1932-2018 who now reside at god's banquet of the best.........An LSD cleansing after swimming the quagmire of dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Hi ….did you know that you are NOT supposed to baste the turkey because you are letting the heat out of the oven and you will overcook the bird and dry it out …...just put a light coat of olive oil or butter on it to start and let it cook .....don't stuff the bird because of possible bacteria contamination at the beginning ….cook the stuffing separately …..remember to wash hands before handling food and wear clear plastic gloves when handling meats …..good luck to all .
HEY ! HAPPY CHRISTMAS ….from Australia I just got home from the shaggen pub ah its 11.30 Friday night ffs ah ….I have nothing else to say but I wish I was home in Ireland ffs, bye, Gary.
Jesus was born in Judea or todays Palestine …..God said the people of Judea are the chosen people …..such as Jesus …..not the Israelis... the good people are from Palestine , well that clears it up for me , God bless Palestine and the good people there.
GuiseppeF ….upon this day the 20th December 2018 all hostilities will cease and we can all look forward to 2019 , have a very happy Christmas and new year ….I wish you peace and health .

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