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RTÉ Radio 1

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111
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RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking.

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.

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Its roasting 24 degrees Celsius , its like Miami in America and its sunny , the sun is splitting the stones its so hot i cant take it any more and me back and me legs are all sunburned and me bald head is burned too ffs , im spending the day at the beach and me cups a tea got sand in it ffs .
It's a pleasure to listen to the news and your music selection in the morning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, keep up the good work Shay
Please play "The Fugitive " by Merle Haggard Great song LOL.
Please play Crosby Stills and Nash , song 'The Southern Cross". Thanks a lot .
Good Morning and best wishes to all .
the people of Palestine are cemented in a terrible place.....within Israel there is Apartheid with different laws for Israeli Jews and for Israeli Palestinians. The West Bank, which is supposed to be Palestinians land , has now been taken over completely by Israel which rules it with an iron fist. Gaza is again being bombed to bits. , while Netanyahu smirks on TV as he announces he will not stop until Hamas is totally rooted out of many women and children will he kill while doing that. ? This is another type of Holocaust.
Who will defend the Palestinians ? The world is well aware of what is going on , but doesn't want to speak up against the power and influence and financial might of Israel. We had hoped that Joe Biden would help to bring about justice for that most oppressed people, the Palestinians. But Biden is apparently muzzled by the usual American reliance on its Middle East bulldog Israel , who help to keep its nemesis Iran in check.
It was great to hear plain honest speaking from John Simpson about the latest war against the people of Palestine and yet another slaughter of Palestinians and terrible destruction of Gaza. He was not afraid to talk about a widespread view that this appalling war was deliberately provoked by almost- ousted- for-corruption-Prime Minister Netanyahu to rescue his bid for power. That is my opinion too.
The people from Nigeria who attacked the HSE might be demanding about Ten Billion Euros , Ireland is a very rich country and could well afford it , Ireland is always sticking their nose into Africa and bothering the people there....Ireland saves most of its money by making sure the young people have to emigrate
Good for you Maura! Their comments are irrelevant, boring and worst of all banal.
This comments section is not for talking about sports ! please STOP at once you have some nerve !
Sunday Hurling ....Cork ' Rebels" 5 -22.....Waterford 'Cats' 1 - 27 .....that was a great hurling match , ah the Waterford lads needed a good beating and they got one LOL .
Allianz Hurling league , First match West Meath 1 - 16 ....Galway 5 - 34 ,...Galway went to Mullingar and gave West Meath a well deserved beating ,......Second match The Dubs 0 - 18 ....Kilkenny 1 - 20 , the dubs are no good at hurling but they like football more ,.....Third match coming up ...Limerick vs Tipperary this will be a good match stay tuned for more action packed hurling here on RTE1.
Its very disappointing to see that young people in Ireland have an unemployment rate of 67% it just shows us the Irish government are clearly the most stupid people on the planet and now the government has drove most business straight into the ground including tourism , its so stupid ,....the government plan is another big wave of emigrants to foreign countries because the Irish government is to stupid to create work for the citizens of Ireland , without American companies Ireland would go back to the dark ages.
Arlene Foster feels very english and is such a posh lady LOL ..... I think i know what Ryan Tubridy is on , Caffein/coffee with a lot of sugar lol ...he talks so fast when he says words like "Park" he will say 'Par" ie the "Phenix Par "
Why is Ryan Tubridy slurring his words ? I think he should be tested for drugs too there is something wrong with him , oh yeah ...hes on something LOL
Well done to Kate O'Conner who places 2nd place in the Heptathlon in Lana Italy on Sunday , what a fantastic finish for this well rounded athlete and she placed 2nd in Switzerland in 2019 too in the U20s ,....Have a look at this wonderful athlete on youtube ....if she qualifies for the Olympics i would bet the house that she will medal.....she beat the other ladies in the Javelin by 6 meters !!!!! Have a great week all :)
Glad someone else noted! Having recently listened to a programme about the virus l made a comment - hardly controversial- which wasn’t published. - probably this one too!
Yes Molly i agree , my husband is from Ireland and listens to this station he does not like sport at all , we live in Nashville Tennessee USA , I like the Ray D'Arcy show , have a great day .
I’ve obviously misunderstood this “comments” site. I never hear sports discussed on radio - yet all comments seem more relevant to a sports programme.
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