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Irish Internet Radio Stations

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RTE Radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111
RTÉ Radio 1 Live StreamFormatBitrate

RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking.

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.

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LOL I won and I will accept you're unconditional surrender , ….in other news it will be great to see the uk leaving in a few days I hope they leave Europe alone and they wont be invited to the Eurovision song contest .
Leave Leo alone!
MR Mouse , you're lively comment is wrong for one simple fact , Leo carries his X Y Indian DNA from his father which has and will identify him as Indian and therefor he will never be real Irish like me , LOL you have a lot to learn .
Allen O'Connell, You are some plonker! A plonker and a racist. " I hope Leo moves to India to be with his people , the Irish weather don't suit him because of the lashing rain and wind , Leo would enjoy the sun in India ." I'm not a fan of Leo but he's Irish, born and bred, you idiot.
In Ireland they say things like ,....Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye ….while they finish a phone call .LOL ……..strange but true .
Conor McGregor Beat Donald 'The Cowboy' Cerrone in MMA in Las Vegas last night with a TKO in .40 seconds ,......Conor seemed more humble before and after the fight , well done to him …...I like the new Conor
The party leaders are addressing crime …...that's funny when Leo was in charge he done nothing about crime and there was murders all over Dublin , I hope Leo moves to India to be with his people , the Irish weather don't suit him because of the lashing rain and wind , Leo would enjoy the sun in India .
For a Catholic priest, revealing the contents of a parishioner’s confession is a mortal sin and grounds for automatic excommunication.
It is comforting to know that the Garda support the farmers driving very slowly on the motorway in Dublin blocking traffic and emergency vehicles like the Ambulance going to save someone's life at 5 kl/per hour . Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah to all for their well thought out idea.
Met Eireann's Evelyn Cusack has criticised social media users for issuing fake weather reports as Storm Brendan threatened to wreak havoc.
At last, a change of subject to keep the UK entertained.
Rising Time 5:30 to 7AM …..Ah good morning to ya how's it going boy? I cant wait for the National election in Ireland and also in USA and the people will make their choice,...... unfortunately because of the corruption on both sides it hard to get a fair result ….I will be happy if the 'Right' wins because they are more patriotic and they love their families and country and God ……...the 'Left' are cowards and druggies and like abortions and the prisons are full of the Liberal left and they are very rude and nasty people who wear skinny jeans .
Since its founding in 1941, 33 priests of the Legionaries of Christ committed sexual abuse of minors, victimizing 175 children, according to a recent report.
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is favourite to be the next pope.
Rising Time with Shay Byrne...……Is a great show with music and humor …..I just need a good mug of coffee …….hey Larry Gogans funeral will be on at 11.30 on RTE's News Now ………..other news ...I cant wait for a new Teoiseach named Michael Martin …...Later chips - fish - mushy peas - Dutch Gold aaah that's living …..have a great weekend , bye.
"God Save the Queen!" - This proclamation is still heard during formal affairs, but does a very secular UK still make room for God?
When a baby is born prematurely, it is amazing to see the effort doctors put into keeping that little life alive, even if it has a low chance of surviving.
The Irish Government and Charlie Flanaghan and Drew Harris LOST !....no commemoration in Dublin Castle for the terrorist RIC…..The People of Ireland WON !...…….
RIP Larry Gogan from 2FM fantastic DJ and radio host .
Churchgoers are less likely to be cat lovers - a recent report records.
Simply Folk with Ruth Smith , from 10pm - 11pm Sunday is a very nice hour of music .
Germany, Europe's most powerful nation, needs a new powerful leader. Angela Merkel's time as chancellor is nearing its end. Sadly, she is currently struggling with health problems & seems to have lost credibility within her current government. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg appears to be a front contender despite his 2011 plagiarism scandal.
Mad Mick.December 23, 2019 Gardaí spend over €72,000 on bicycle repairs in five years. And your point is? 72k€ over 5 years = 14.4k€ per year on average. I don’t know how many bicycles there are in the Garda. But let’s assume it’s a mere 200 country wide => 72€ per bicycle. A new tire costs about 35€ for your information. So where is the news here?
When the NOTRE DAME burned in April last year, over $650 million was pledged in 24 hours for the reconstruction of a church building. An area the size of BELGIUM is currently on fire in South East Australia, scores of people have lost their lives, hundreds have lost their homes and property, fire-fighters are collapsing through exhaustion, and it is reported almost 500 MILLION animals have perished. Where is the global outcry? Where is the support for Australia? Where are the funds for our eco-systems? The human race needs to sort out their priorities!
No more than 15% of Ireland’s GPs have signed up to provide abortion services.

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