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Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:80s, 90s, Pop
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Hot 80s & A Few Sneaky 90s!

Turbo80s Music Philosophy

Our Music Philosophy

Weve often wondered why our favourite radio stations and music streaming services play random songs that dont reflect our lifestyle. We were frustrated by the music selections we were hearing. So we took action and created

We've gone back to our favourite decade – the 1980s – and picked the hottest hits of the 80s. Songs that capture the pace and energy of our lives. Songs that evoke happy memories.  And most important of all, songs with strong vocals and a beat that we can dance to. Of course, some great music was also produced after 1989 and that's why we play ‘a few sneaky 90s too’. Songs that reflect the spirit of the 80s and our lifestyles now.


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Love this station. Brilliant!
Finally someone is playing great tunes without repeating the same songs all the time. How did nobody think of this before?!
I love this station
Great mix. Very few repeats
The most upbeat and uplifting station I’ve heard in a long time, I’m literally dancing around the kitchen!
I discovered this station recently and now I can’t turn it off. It’s brilliant!
Finally good music to listen to in work!
Great music!