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RTÉ 2fm

RTÉ 2fm

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Alternative, Pop, Top 40
Phone:1850 715 922
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

RTÉ 2fm - The Sound Of the Nation

RTÉ 2fm is a music and entertainment service for 25-44's. 2fm is the national platform for new Irish talent, great festivals and live music.

RTÉ 2fm, or 2FM as it is more commonly referred to, is the second national radio station of Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ). It broadcasts popular music programming aimed at a young Irish audience.

Commenting today, Head of RTÉ 2fm, Dan Healy said: "This is the turning point for 2fm. The new schedule has bedded in; the audience is engaged. I’m especially pleased for Ryan Tubridy and his team, who have done the hard yards over the last four years. The growth in all the key radio measurements demonstrate why he’s one of the biggest broadcasters in the country. Breakfast shows invariably have slower starts but we are attracting a six figure audience. I predict that Breakfast Republic will own breakfast shortly.”

RTE 2FM live radio available on analogue radio 90-92 MHz, on DAB and on the 2FM radio player.


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Im.a big fan of yours..Can you please play Wap by Cardi B & Megan three stallion.. Thank you..lots of love Kaiden
My birthday today 25th please play avicill levels Jennifer gorman from her 6 year old son killian got no cake shout out please!!!!!! He would love it ! We are mopping floors atm
Can you play streets of new York for all the works in daybreak of comlion co wexford
Can you play jay ronic Irish weather
Just tuned in at home for first time, after listening out driving each week. Took a while, but glad to have it.
Larry Gogan has sadly passed away he was Irelands DJ and done a wonderful job on radio , we were lucky to have him , May he RIP .
Really upset by the lack of support for farmers right now. They have a valid argument and have been let down by our government time after time, it is only fair for them to say 'enough is enough.' We should support them, not whinge! For generations, farming has been a major industry in Ireland, where do they go now that our government has let them down, how do they support families, pay off loans or... live ... when 12+ hour days are not guaranteed to bring in any money. (I can see people queuing up for that life..) In every way, our Government is so short sighted, afraid to make real change, I am just embarrassed by their inaction, inefficiency and greed.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL IRELAND LOL ……..9.29 pm ..…...fair do's …..Ireland vs Denmark qualifier ….5 mins left ...Dougherty was the goal scorer ...1 - 1 ...4 mins injury time ….Ireland have to score ….final was 1 - 1 ffs
Finger doodles seems like a very clever idea to localize greetings rather than a universal company dialogue. Missed how I can find the cards.??
Tuning in from Dubai , Breakfast Show love it …. Ramadan Kareem
I'm not over Shameless USA, I was sitting on the edge of my seat crying when fiona moved onto something better
Caroline the producer really needs to keep off the air. Once I hear her voice, I switch over. I'm pretty sure RTE can get someone else in there, plenty people who needs the experience, she should stick to producing.
I am!
Hello is anyone there?
Knock Knock whos - - - - -
I am so happy that Martin O' Neil & Roy Keane have quit their coaching jobs with the FAI I feel like I won 1000 Euros or something , good times ahead but I DONT want any English on the team or in the team or coaching the team or managing the team , and have nationwide tryouts for any soccer player in Ireland 18 years and up and then make our winning team ….that would work.
What is the last password for the 20k giveaway
Oh the Irish players sound lovely this evening with their white blouse and short tight hot-pant and pretty ankle stockings and charming booties they look lovely altogether mommies little darlings .
Ireland are getting ready to lose again to the Danish in Copenhagen , most of the irish team is made up of english maggots and the head martin o Neil is from northern Ireland and he is the worst coach on the planet , so there really no real irish playing at all ….all these scum have been planted so they will do there best to lose at all times is just another way the english beat the irish again and again and the team itself hates Ireland and irish people and they want to lose and that is why the final score tonight will be Ireland 0...Denmark 8 …………..
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