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Tipp FM

Tipp FM

Country: Ireland, Clonmel
Genre:Local Service, Pop, Adult contemporary
Phone:(052) 612 5299
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Welcome to Tipp Fm - the No. 1 Radio for County Tipperary.

Tipp fm is YOUR radio so we'd like to invite you to get involved. Tipp Fm is heard in every home in the county - so we can link you to friends and family countywide!

If you'd like to Request a Song or make a comment, call 0818 464 464,  Or if you would like to contact Tipp Today Freefone 1800 938 007 between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Tipp Fm live radio is an essential part of life in Tipperary - so make sure it's part of YOURS.

Thank you for listening!


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great station up tipp
Good station .I live in Rearcross but can't hear it sometimes as radio Kerry has the same signal wavelength and interference makes it difficult on Fm
Loving “Timeless” by Emily Hickey ☺️
I completely agree with the priest and I am not particularly religious but it an outrageous suggestion at any time but more particularly during the xmas period. Whatever we believe, this still remains a catholic country and to bring child abuse up every time someone disrespects the church does not wash anymore. rte should be mortified.
I absolutely agree with bishop Phonsie he is totally right. He has great courage and wisdom to speak out on thus topic. He is genuinely concerned about our young people being told lies. Yoga is a spirituality based on Hinduism and has no place in Catholic schools. It separates us from true freedom and our Catholic faith which comes from God himself. God who is creater of all the world. Infact it could be dangerous for our kids. Delving into a spiritual world that We know nothing about. CATHOLIC SPIRITIALITY has all we need to teach our kids to become well balance happy children. Often yoga and mindfullness teaches self centeredness instead of service.We just need to start teaching the riches and beauty of our Catholic church. Teach children what true peacefulnes and happines is. Teaching that in giving you receive instead of focusing on ourselves. When are the rest of the bishops of Ireland going to give guidance on this topic yoga?
great station
i listening to your excellent radio station in aberdare in south wales.
Phone number during the day is 306-653-2630 business line