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East Coast FM

East Coast FM

Country: Ireland, Bray
Genre:Local Service
Phone:(01) 272 4700
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East Coast FM - Wicklow's Favourite Radio Station

Based in Bray's state of the art Radio Centre, East Coast FM Radio has been broadcasting since 1989 and has established itself as one of the leading independent radio stations in Ireland.

East Coast FM (aka Wicklow Radio) broadcasts live from its state-of-art custom built studios in The Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Arklow, Co. Wicklow some Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons for "The Big Weekend" with presenter Ian Garland, Ryan O'Neill or Andy Clarke, in the main hall. The Studio is fully equipped with the latest technologies and professional equipment.

East Coast FM listen live 24/7 on


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i really love this radio station it gets me and my dog through the day it makes my dark day bright and bright days brighter love you guys ......peace love and respect ps i listen to the radio more than i work
I been listenting to on 99.9 FM within 3600 miles i dont know where this Signal came from ireland i thought it was Canadian or American station its republic of ireland station
listening to you in aberdare south wales, ilike your radio station very much.
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Listening to you in China
Cool! it's a Bray radio station! I didn't know that there are any radio stations in Bray. Good to know =)