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Radio Nova

Radio Nova

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Adult contemporary, Adult hits, Rock n Roll
Phone:(01) 524 1100
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

You’ll love Dublin's newest radio station, Radio Nova. We promise to give you a guitar-based mix of great songs from the last 40 years right through to today.
Radio Nova live radio have a vibrant, energetic contemporary sound and have attracted some of the top talent who have a great track record here in Ireland! Our on air team is committed to connecting with Dublin with compelling content.
Radio Nova live streaming available on LiveRadio platform. Also broadcasts to Dublin city, county and commuter belt on 100.3 (Dublin), 100.5 FM (Kildare) and 95.7 (North Wicklow). We're a radio station, with real presenters who talk to you, not at you.. and we play seriously addictive music.


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Sorry to say, other than the craic with PJ & Jim, the repetition of music just has me turning off numerous times a day and don't even get me started on the 'beatles' slot at a certain time mid morning....without fail he gets them in at every opportunity....relentless......................................ugh. Do yis 'share' the same selection of music per slot thruout the day cos that's what it sounds like..............I'm stuck at home working so this was my window to sanity....I'm now listening to my choice on youtube after the lads are finished. Sorry but it's true. You gotta review b4 you start losing numbers.
Pat James is the real gem on Nova with his 'Off the Record' show on Saturday nights. They moved him from the main station to the Internet so now I have to listen on 'Play Back' as I can't get him live. Major bummer.
Lads how do i get yous on Alexa the oul biddy wont tune in no matter what im getting some other shite and a Spanish station
‘Repetitive’ Joe - but you can be forgiven for the wrong spelling as the intended meaning is absolutely spot on. C’mon guys, there’s more music out there!
Lol @ Johanes Rodrigues….slogan should be ‘Seriously Repetative’
Bring back the original Radio Nova…this is a very poor copy.
‘Seriously addictive’….really? Poor
I like listening Irish radio but this one is bad
Yup Select
same auld songs all the time merry go round
Play some Motorhead
hermitage green jenny there deadly gowan the irish play it next plzz hahha
jimi hendrix voodoo child
or dire straits telegrah road or too long
over the watch tower jimi hendrix
Hi there guys from radio nova my idea for your station is this your jingle to each song is a bit too long but the music is fantastic especially when you have the last American hero of rock and roll brother Bruce Springsteen I rather like his stuff and I like to listen to pat Courteney every day so you guys keep the music going we the country we will listen to your music
The supplies sent from Ireland arrived in Hotevilla/3rd mesa a couple of weeks back. I broke down and cried thinking about the kindness returned from the times of the 'great hunger'. I began listening to Radio Nova in 1982 just after they were jammed for the first time by the government. Slainte!
Why don't they name songs and group after they play them
Hey ----" The Public " what are you doing listening to the Radio when you should be at School …….. Just saying. xxx
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