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Spirit Radio

Spirit Radio

Country: Ireland, Bray
Phone:(01) 272 4760
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Spirit Radio - Passion for Life

Upbeat and uplifting, entertaining and inspirational, Spirit Radio Ireland plays the best contemporary Christian music – plus a selection of positive mainstream hits. Presenters highlight stories that show how faith in God makes a real difference.

Spirit Radio aims to reach across community divides – to listeners in homes, cars and offices – with a selection of music and talk programming that is both encouraging and  fresh.

Spirit’s news and talk has Christian voices speaking on the issues of the day. Regular contributors include, David Quinn Iona Institute, Stephen Cardy – Focus on the Family, Dr Berry Keily from the Pro Life Campaign, Political Analyst Susan Philips and Therese Daly – home help advisor.


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Great Music ...Enjoying it.
Could you play BTS new song Boy with Love, it's a feel good song and the group is know to promote loving oneself, please. I love listening to this radio station!
I'm just listening to Fiona being interviewed. We are experiencing the same. No idea the house is going to be sold, just received a letter to vacate. I think that's the only appropriate reason for them to drive one from their property .
Can you do this song called sunflower by post malone it's very good
Listen to spirit radio regular, its a great station. Its good to have a station in Ireland that plays a lot of Christian artist like third day, joel vaighan, hillsong worship, lauren daugal and many more that I wouldn't have heard on any other station, hope spirit radio is around for many more years
Hi, I would love to hear "It's Christmas" on your station.
Relaxing music
Cool music very happy
This is a great station I listen to it all the time It's brilliant
music makes so much sense when god is present....any other lacks meaning....just sound thats all.....praise god!!
My husband and I are on vacation from the US ans we met Eileen, a volunteer for your radio station. We just want to say what a blessing it was to meet her and that she is a wonderful person and ambassador for your station. Thank you for playing the Christian music we love, even when on vacation in Dublin!