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UCB Ireland

UCB Ireland

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(01) 429 9899
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UCB Ireland - A Channel for God's Peace

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, UCB Ireland Radio is a national irish Christian radio station which carries a mix of: Christian music, including the best of irish christian music, interviews, teaching and inspiration thoughts.

UCB radio team hope you are enjoying our christian radio station.


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I’ve been listening for years….I really enjoy the song variety and the different teaching programs. I also love the commentator comments. Keep up the great work of the Gospel worldwide…. Love from Australia
I have ucb Ireland playing all through the night
I recently found your station and all I can say I have become your fan. Keep up the good work
We love listening to your station while doing our computer work here in Arlington Texas USA. We are passing it along.
What a great station, with lovely inspirational country music, it's a pity our national broadcaster never made a national country and irish music station, even after country musician Garth sold out 5 dates in Dublin, but as the concert comes nearer they will all play Garth,s songs, because a lot country songs, country is God's music, it would not fit their agenda
God bless you
I am not a Christian but I like to get to know more about UCB Radio one off my Darthers is going true a hard time now over Drugs so how can I get to talk to U??? Thanks JJ
Great Super team - a song was played this Evening”life to the lifeless” - search on goggled cannot find- pls any idea think i read singer as Jonanthan Clement!
Hi there, you played a song earlier around 11.10 am, it contained the words I Need you in it, could you tell me what the song is and who performs it, I've got the song in my head , kind regards God Bless Mark
THANK you for so much thoughtful well chosen and inspiring worship - a great joy!
Great music ,uplifting,enlightening ,encouraging
Many thanks for always being inspiring. Greetings from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Leis gach durachd.