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Reggae Ireland Radio

Reggae Ireland Radio

Country: Ireland
Genre:Reggae, Caribbean
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Reggae Ireland - One Love One Race.

Reggae Ireland Radio (aka Reggae Radio) is a Dublin Based Online radio station play Reggae music 24/7.


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Greetings ! One Love
Good morning Reggae Ireland. Love reggae music
lovely tunes love it thanks
Big up. 1 love
One Love Reggae Ireland
Big up Reggae Ireland Radio one love from an aspiring artist Jah Bless
ONe LoVe from Dublin
Bless up what a good vibe ! liking all new tunes ! up up
Happy Reggae new year! Tune in from Edinburgh. One Love
Good reggae music ! Booom boom Fiyaa
Big Reggae Respeck
Love you Reggae Ireland Radio! Keep on playing good reggae music. One Love
Greetings bless up what a good vibe . We need hear some new tune old tunes good but change up the vibe play some new artists music . And you should post that on your face book site so the people when no when we will hear some new tune.
Reggae Ireland love the vibe put checked out the playlists most of the songs playing over and over need so new tune like the other people said in their post Bless.
Big up Reggae Ireland love the vibes but play some new tunes .
Love the music but you need to play some new tunes from some new artist same music plays over and over from the same artist.
Same playlist repeated constantly, annoying adverts. Shan`t bother again.
Loving Reggae music & of course Thanks to Reggae Ireland for playing all lovely tunes
Big up Reggae Ireland ! UP UP
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