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liveIreland Radio

liveIreland Radio

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Irish Folk, Celtic, Folk
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Live Internet Radio from Dublin Ireland. Irish Traditional & Folk. Listen live.

liveIreland radio streaming 24/7 on LiveRadio platform.


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Hi! Once upon a time I had an account on liveireland. I even had a my.liveireland page. It seems that now none of them are secure and I can't get to any of them. Does someone know what happened? And by the way, there was a playlist and... I much regret it . Cheers!
Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri
Greetings from Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Blessed St Patrick's Day
Sorry Tom from County Colorado but this station is allergic to playlists. Am sure y'all don't have that deprivation in Colorado.
I've recently rediscovered the station and am enjoying it very much. Back in the day you could watch a live stream from the studio and a play list accompanied the music. Are those features still available. Best Wishes to All!
The best music at the right time. Love you guys !!! Love from Flanders
Sorry guys despite Doug's expert instruction on how to find out what is being played and by whom, that seems like I should be on your payroll. The music is excellent but as I have finished work for the day, I dont think I should have to interrupt enjoyment by battering the keyboard!!???
Bests from Lower Silesia/Poland. Gret radio, great Nation, great music!
I love to listen to this station and dance in me kitchen to the music , sometimes i will have a cups a Barrys tea while i listen ah i have a great time , bye
Dia duit , it's always a pleasure listening to your station,Slainte from Montreal Canada
Big Howdy from Mingo county West Virginia. Been listening for years. Hoping we make it to my ancestors home in the next year. We have a large farm that needs looked after, so the music must provide the comfort and it does. Thank you and God bless!
Doug you re a sound man, many thanks managed to get onto the link once had pumped up the Tilley lamp! . Pint coming your way. Inshallah
Play list is at the following link for those who want one. You can get to it from the LiveIreland home page - and click on the playlist link -
Jaysus lads could yous ever display artist's name and track.? Inshallah.... greetings from Brumistan.
Bob, thinking of you and praying for you. May God carry you through, to the rolling green hills ~
As I sit here in a nursing home with stage 4 lung cancer, your station is a godsend. I'm Irish American and never made it to my ansestrial Homeland, but my soul will in a couple of months. God bless you and God bless Ireland.
In general the best online Irish folk station to my taste but please refresh/rotate the playlist more frequently. I've been listening for too frequent repeats of the same songs for months now. It's gone to the point that I actually despise the Galway Shawl and several other songs now because I hear them practially once every hour, every day.
I really like Irish folk music and this is MY radio! Thank you from Italy!
Been listening for years. You folks are a Godsend to me! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Slainte!
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