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Global Irish Radio

Global Irish Radio

Country: Ireland, Castlebar
Genre:Irish Music, Irish Folk
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24 hour streaming Irish radio station featuring Irish radio programmes form Ireland and around the globe promoting Irish music, heritage and culture.

About Global Irish Radio

It's a brand new 24-hour streaming service featuring Irish radio programs from Ireland and around the globe. It seeks to be the leading streaming platform for independently produced radio programs serving Irish communities around the world alongside a feast of Irish music. The service is geared primarily towards the diaspora but should also find favor at home.

A LIVE streaming platform promoting Irish Music, Heritage & Culture. Global Irish Radio showcases all kinds of Irish Music and Irish Musicians including Traditional Irish Music, Irish Folk & Ballads, Irish Country Music, Celtic Rock Music and Irish Dancing Music.  This uniquely Irish platform seeks to bring together the global Irish radio community - a one-stop-shop or go-to platform for all things Irish. Enjoy the very best that Ireland has to offer in terms of local Irish Radio from Irish communities around the world - great interviews and music reflecting the flair and flavor of those communities. Interesting programs from  Irish podcasters - specializing in Irish musicians looking to connect with their global Irish-loving audience.  Global Irish Radio is a 24 hour streaming Irish Radio Platform rich in the music and talk of Ireland - Enjoy! 


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Thank You.
Please show artist and title of music. Most other stations have now adopted this courtesy,
Sounds good so far this evening!
Enjoyed listening to your music station ,Good luck Tom. Bill Brennan.