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Today FM 90s

Today FM 90s

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(01) 804 9000
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Ah the 90s – talk about a musical melting pot: Rave, Grunge, Britpop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and whatever Hanson is.

Today FM 90s is the only place you need to go to relive all the hits of this most varied of musical decades.

Spice Girls, Suede, Shania – we’ve got the lot!


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Love the mix on the channel, although can be a little repetitive sometimes
Jim , did you ever get those hedges done after?
This station is just fantastic. No adds, just quality music all day. Thank you so much. All the best from John in Sligo.
hows it going to everyone EXCEPT you know who !
I hear your a racist now father
The 90s music was resting in my account. But seriously The 90s Network gives a much better variety of music. Nice try but I'll be sticking to 90s Network for now.
90's , you fair know we're going out tonight... WILL YOU MEET MY FRIEND!!!
Lol Gerry Sure you weren't *wink wink*
I was never a member of the IRA
tiocfaidh ár lá
*up the ra*... who said that???
See Jim! didn't i tell you. Breda would talk.... apologies Johnny, i'm mortified honest to God!!
Well said Johnny, they've no shame, how is Breda keeping , had she a nice time in Lourdes?
Jim and Eileen and I was at that ICA meeting......everyone was talking about you. Disgraceful! The both of you. Sort those hedges out for the Tidy Towns next year!
hoi!!! dont bring your mother Kate's(RIP) name into this, you're meant to be cutting that hedge for the last 3 weeks! tis an utter disgrace, Mary next door was telling Nora, my sister, how untidy it looks. Will you please get it done before the Corpus Christi procession or the whole parish will be talking about us at the next ICA meeting
Eileen , I swear to almighty God, I don't get a moments peace with you woman, my mother was right about you God rest her soul!!!
JIM!! get of the line! you're meant to be trimming the hedges.
That great to hear TG. she had the hip done in Croom 5 weeks ago, shes on the mend TG. Have ye still the aul terrier, she was a nate aul dog
ah Mike, is that you, this is me, I'm tearing away, how's your mother? Had she a bad knock out I heard?
Ha Ha Ha Jim. one too many last night. How are you keeping? How's life with you? Busy?
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