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Circle Of White Light Radio

Country: Ireland, Kells
Phone:+353 (0) 46 927 1212
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For most people who have stepped outside the matrix and are aware of the issues that mankind is up against, it’s time to start looking at what we can change rather than worry about the things that we cannot change.

Change has to start with us and Circle Of Light Radio will aim to focus on the “how and why” regarding this transition.

The people that need to be awake at this time, are awake, so the next phase is to move forward towards a better way of thinking and doing.


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The Circle Of White Light Show is a radio show with a guest and a host. They do interviews, it is not a "intel only show". We have limited time so if you want more intel, we suggest you go over to the UNN news channel. As for the Olympics, COWLR has no interest in sport, sorry.
I cannot believe how many times he derailed her on her intel...
Next interview could you please let her talk.. She has much intel and we would like to hear it...
Cannot believe you have not included positive news about some Of the amazing athletes and their journey at the olympics !!