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Irish Internet Radio Stations

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RTÉ Gold

RTÉ Gold

Genre:Classic hits, 50s, 60s
Phone:(087) 377 1771

RTÉ Gold - The Greatest Hits of All Time

RTÉ Gold is a play list service offering a carefully chosen selection of classic hits as well as album tracks from top selling artists spanning the '50s, '60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

Artists include David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Temptations, Pretenders, Wilson Picket, Aretha Franklin and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


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I agree.... love the station cos there are no ads, don't spoil it by having too much yapping going on too, otherwise you'll end up morphing into all the other boring and annoying radio shows.... Music, sweet, sweet music, that all we want!
I enjoy this music in the back round as my mother picks out new outfits for me to model oh and we had so much fun shopping for tights today ,bye bye.
Yes agree with everyone here, please go back to music only and get rid of ridiculous DJ's. I switched to this station for this very reason.
Great music and entertainment...keep it going. Where have the 60's and 70's on Sunday morning gone?
I wake up every morning listening to r.t.e gold and even if i do my ironing. I love it every song good the best irish radio in the country. You make me feel young happy.
Agree with others, Gold was the one place where we could escape incessant DJ prattle. Reckon ads will be next to pay for it all. Used to be a just about perfect music station, please reconsider the DJs!
Have to agree with the guys, the incessant talking and especially the girl in really annoying on a station that I absolutely love to listen to. I was actually inclined to tune in another station this morning
the small amount of DJ chatter is worth it,no other station has this great selection of music.
Why in the name of all that is holy, unholy and otherwise did RTE Gold ruin the station by throwing on these appalling blatherers? Seriously, learn from your mistakes and put them back on 2FM. This was a really brilliant station for a while. Remember listening to it on a summers day and it was blooming heaven, great song after great song.... Now there is an eejit talking nonsense every 6 or 7 minutes for a couple of minutes. Gonna have to get spotify.
Please stop the nonsense in the morning, especially by the woman.
Would be really great if a pre playlist was shown rather than post listing. Really good listening - thanks
The dj playing the music around 7pm was brilliant (sorry, didn't catch his name) - e.g. Patti Smith, Television - with details of when the song was released and on what album. Great stuff.
Brilliant station. Can't beat it.
Why are so many people complaining about the presenters? I think Will Leahy for example is a riot. If you don’t like them, don’t listen to the station. Absolutely love the music.Much better than the modern day crap.
Hi Linda, They are on digital only - so you can pick them up on DAB if you are in Cork, Limerick or Dublin. Otherwise it is online only. Regards, Jesse Zauka
Question .... can you get this frequency on Radio or just on website ?
I've been listening from the beginning, what a super Radio Station, especially love Sunday mornings from 9:00 right trough to 16:00
great to hear The Blades' Ghost of a Chance: brilliant Dublin band!
keep the djs away since the talking the music is not as good leave it to the computers
I was critical of the nonsense from some of the DJs before but I have to say I enjoy the informative tit bits, in particular from whoever is on from 09;00 to 10;00.
Please revert to the old format, excellent station, no need for DJs at all, more importantly they are annoying and banal.
RTE Gold WAS great. Until someone at RTE decided that they should add the usual gobshite blabberings of a braindead DJ The music is great still. Shut the f... up
bought a dab radio to get gold now its full of annoying djs i think i will throw it in the bin
Add Mike Moloney to the schedule he is no longer working for Rte
Adding live 2FM presenters to the RTE Gold schedule is the death of what was probably one of the best music stations in this country. Watch it happening before your very ears - It will now turn into Radio Waffle.
Why change somthing that worked already switched after 1 year of not touching the dial
hello mickey hope your well remember the days of POD well
RTÉ Gold Frequency on DAB: Mux 1 Saorview: 208
What frequency is this station on?
Today is St. Stephan'a day Leonard you clown...not bank holiday Monday
The announcer that says the name of the station, sounds like a smouldering ashtray. That depth of undesirable grain in the voice can only be achieved by many years of heavy smoking.......unfortunately no longer in vogue.
RTE Gold is great - until the presenters turn up!
Excellent music
This is a station who knows how to play REAL music, covers every taste in music from the 40s,50,60,70, & 80, check out Larrys hits No rap or boom boom just Solid sounds! rock on!
Hi Michael can I put a request in for Lisa Carey and dawn o Driscoll wishing them luck on their wedding day on the 04th of December xx
hey michael!!! good music thanks for all!!! i am came back in france and i ear you ...see you soon !!! by mail
Best music from 80 's ! Greetings from Greece
Rte Gold plays the best music,,,,,has the best presenters,,,,has the best jingles,,,,,it's Ireland's best kept secret, we need to get Ret Gold on Fm,,,,are you listening RTE? And are you listening Dan Healey? Great station,
We play this station all day, every day in the house. My kids think its so cool.
love this station

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