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Country: Ireland, Dublin
Genre:Sport, News, Talk
Phone:(01) 644 5100
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Newstalk 106-108 FM brings you award winning shows, giving the listener the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport. From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming across the Irish airwaves.

Start the day with the 30-minute Newstalk Breakfast Business show from 6:30 am presented by Newstalk's Business Editor Vincent Wall followed by Newstalk Breakfast with Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly. The Pat Kenny Show has three hours of current affairs analysis, human interest interviews with light entertainment stories and live music. Lunchtime Live is followed by the multi-award-winning Moncrieff Show which is the most eclectic on Irish radio.

The Hard Shoulder starts drivetime radio at 4 pm with Kieran Cuddihy through to 7 pm followed by Off the Ball, the most highly rated sports show on Irish radio. Finish the day at 10 pm with The Tom Dunne Show for your nightly entertainment focusing on music, culture, movies, sex, sports, comedy, books, gossip and technology.

Newstalk Ireland - listen live on LiveRadio or join the Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at ‘newstalkfm’ or download the IOS or Android smart phone app.


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I love "Selection Boxes" at Christmas time, yummy.bye
I am so fed up with this so-called 'cash machine' lottery It is on far too much Obviously the owners are making too much profit from it and will never stop
Im done, ive had enough , im quitting, adios ,finito, areevaderchi, sianara, ouriva!
Mince meat pies are delicious when they are just out of the oven , enjoy with a lovely cup of tea with 4 sugar cubes and milk .
I am listening via Radio Garden in Houston, Texas USA. I thought our government was the only one giving these free loading countries huge amounts while we starve.
Please please suspend that awful ad referring to 'Osto Arthuritis'. The lady should be told how to pronounce Arthritis if she is on National radio
Churches have always been open for 1,500+ years in Ireland. This government has overstepped their authority and peoples freedoms in the name of a seasonal virus that has fewer deaths in 2020 than any of the past 10 years. This years virus was vicious towards older people with already serious pre existing conditions. Avg age of death of COVID is 83. Why put 97% of the healthy people in this country under house arrest for a year, wreck their lives & destroy the Irish economy with lockdowns, that ALL studies show are NOT effective and are detrimental to society, especially once its out in the public already
lots of comments seem to come to mind as you think back over the last 4 years with the luxury of hindsight. the whole notion of MAGA. and the pretty large number who bought into it ( 70 plus million as of November, 2020). seems they had grand visions of brash swash-buckling around the world, casting aside life, liberty and happiness ( of other people, of course). making themselves feel better by trying to make their nation feel stronger by bullying and belittling other individuals and countries. food for research = the whole mentality of the “bully” persona, as demonstrated by the ‘bully-in-chief’ for the last 4 years. anywho.......
the events of January 6th are just the latest in the endless series of disgusting verbiage and actions of the soon-to-be former president. and a shocking if not totally surprising conclusion to the last 4 years in the us. after 4 years of non-stop verbal assault on civility and civil discourse, we conclude with a physical assault on the physical institution of democracy, at the us capitol. just about crystallizes the guy’s entire legacy, with (yet another) unprecedented and disgusting act. anywho....
Will manufacturing close during this lockdown as it did in the first.
Does any know if construction will close during latest lockdown ?
short note 7 days after the election, when all but one person in the country can see the outcome. turns out the guy is now planning to continue his familiar brand: instead of fomenting and encouraging bigotry, hatred and division in the country from the Oval Office he will now do that on his own time, with contributions from his ever loyal and adoring fanbase. only difference now is that it will no longer be on the taxpayers’ dime. anywho....
nov. 3 over here. another observation of living in the American democracy on this Election Day. many many people are not allowed to vote in the us, who live here and indeed live with the consequences of these votes. millions of permanent residents, like myself, pay taxes like everyone else but have no say in any election. for regular us citizens, what really stands out is the attempt by one of the 2 major parties to disqualify people from being able to register to vote, to make the process of voting as difficult as possible; a new one this year is to slow down or doable the postal service, hampering delivery of ballots to the voters and delivering their completed ballots back by Election Day,; and trying to have as many ballots rejected by the tabulaters as they possibly can. any guess which of the 2 major parties is doing their utmost to do these things??? anywho.
Jim McDaid spoke a lot of sense this morning on Pat Kenny. Why close golf courses. I'm over 80, retired Dr, I go to the golf course most days on my own, play poor golf, the benefits are; 4-6 mile walk on ideal surface and social interaction.
This guy again on today reviewing shows/movies. He is not with the times and expects reality from everything he watches and not entertainment. Do you not remember that thing humans have called imagination? Proves my fact that never ever go by reviews from so called professionals. 10/10 they have no idea what they are talking about and expect something different from what they are reviewing. Never made sense to me...baffling profession
The covid news focuses on "the people" breaking the rules (pubs, young adults) ... what about the secutity guards and managment? Limerick train station. ... no guards with masks, nor social distance. Stores, why does managment not enforce masks? These people/places fall under essential. ..come across the most people... yet the news blames the house party.
Donald Trump has recovered from covid 19 , its a miracle he feels great and has new powers , he can now heal the sick , walk on water , turn water into Guinness , raise the dead , and he can fly like a bird ,.....Go Trump .
so we have 'breaking news' that the guy is positive, and was taken to hospital to treat the virus. I bet this is the episode of the on-going TV reality show, where he emerges from the hospital, bravely giving the 2 thumbs up, to the adulation of his loyal and adoring fans. let's see.......
I'm a regular listener, even though I live in the usa. my comment is just an observation on what it's like to live in the us during these times. I find I have 2 basic choices: every time the current 'president' comes on the air, I can just turn it off immediately and not have to hear the 'disgustingness', the relentless disgusting stuff that he comes out with, and in so doing keep a sense of normality, but risk missing something important. Or listen to it all, in case there is some morsel of useful info., and in so doing you just get numbed by the mindless and disgusting verbage and behaviour of the guy. I choose to turn it off. anywho.....
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