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Genre:Sport, News, Talk
Phone:(01) 644 5100

Newstalk 106-108 fm brings you the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport. From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming on the Irish airwaves.

On Monday 10th September 2018, Newstalk 106-108 fm kicked off its new schedule which includes a host of newly-appointed full-time presenters including Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams, Alan Quinlan, Sarah McInerney. The new schedule sees a number of changes for existing presenters including a longer broadcast of the Pat Kenny Show from 9am-12noon and George Hook move to the 12-2pm slot for his new show, ‘High Noon’.

Newstalk Ireland listen live on LiveRadio or join the #Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at NewstalkFM.


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My suggestions on presents to buy for you're wife for Christmas .... an apron , pots/pans , a hoover , a toilet-brush , rubber gloves , pegs , a cookbook , cleaning detergent , a mop , a new clothes line , pink wellingtons , a rain coat , a blonde wig , I hope this helps out .
um I forgot to um spell duh rest of my name duh , duh duh duh duh.
p. Yes Trump is great and so is Putin …...woman need to learn that the workplace is nowhere for them and being a domestic worker is all she needs and I do believe that it is more fitting for them to be cooking and hoovering the house and doing the washing …..furthermore she should not have a phone or car because all she needs is her husband and he will tell her what to do ,....and p you seem to have an anger problem ….maybe you're gp can give you pills for that .
the homosexualist demon within man must be reisted
did our last 2 geniuses graduate from the Donald Trump University? can’t blame him for ALL the stupid attitudes in the world, but he has definitely set the tone for moron’s like these to feel free to express their non-thoughts. where are we headed with all this anti-evolution. constant vigilance is the price of keeping our civilization, (or something like that....to paraphrase the original quote). Anywho.
I agree with 'Bill" to a point that woman should serve her man and adore him , also I feel that woman should not work or vote when she would be happy at home cooking,cleaning and washing the windows and minding the children …...these days woman have forgot her place …..and her place is in the home and cooking a nice big dinner for her man everyday and pouring him a nice cold glass of Heineken .
Its time to make sure you're wife or girlfriend knows her place this Christmas season and that's ….in the kitchen...she should be preparing to feed everyone and be at you're beck and call …..men shouldn't have to lift a finger ….its the woman who dose all the shopping,cooking,cleaning,and hovering that's what woman are for is to serve her man and when you need another can/bottle of beer all you need to do is the dog whistle and yell ...HURRY IT UP !...so I hope my few pointers were helpful , Merry Christmas .
fascinating, Mr O’Shea. last time there was a full army presence in the North, remind me again, how did that work out? hmm..... you think it would work out better by just reversing the roles from the last go-around. interesting. Stupid, but interesting. Why today (November 26th) ?did I miss something special about the date November 26th. love your statement at the end: amazing how the “job the government is paid to do” (or army, or fill in your public sector agency of choice) coincidentally happens to be what the person speaking believes they SHOULD be doing. And not any other mandate for the welfare of the general public. Anywho.
I wonder if the Irish army will go to the northern counties and take down foreign flags today ? no time like the present is there......the army is called the 'Defense Forces' if that is the case then why is there foreign flags flying in Ireland ?.....the DEFENSE is not working and maybe a full Irish army presence is needed in the northern counties to set things straight …...or are they cowards ?.....its time to grow balls and join NATO or maybe they are scared …..defense means to defend the country and that clearly has not happened so all pay needs to be withheld from the Irish army until they do the job that they were hired to do !!!!!
Your newsreader is still talking about "misdiagnosis" in the context of cervical check. We cannot speak of diagnosis when talking about a screening program. There were false negatives but that is NOT misdiagnosis
Peter Casey is an interesting man who speaks what the people want to hear. I would like to see him get a chance. My only fear would be that if he were to get to a position of influence that, he too would just get into line along with all the other wasters who promise everything before they get elected and deliver nothing once they get their fat backsides on the well cushioned seats.
lets call a spade a spade here, most people on the average industrial wage cannot afford to buy a house, this is the bottom line. also no job is safe these days so you could be on the side of the road in a few years time as businesses go bust etc... Ireland is a low wage economy, also government taxes on building materials and red tape adds tothe cost of a house. also i am with the travelling people... i think every citizen should get the same as the travellers, i.e. a few stables and an acre of land so we could feed the horses and grow food etc... i thought we are all treated the same under our constitution....,
re our residential election, onlyh 46 percent of the people voted and 54 percent did not vote, so the majority did NOT want any of the presidential candidates,,,, this is not a democracy,,,,, this vote should be declared null and void. we must have a law that says over 50 percent of the people MUST vote in any election of any kind... we must have another election for the president.......
strong hugs to all of galway, greetings from BRAZIL
I am a student nurse (mature student) half way through my 4 years training, with the poor money and the awful conditions that our nurses and doctors have to endure im not surprised that they are all going overseas.. i will be doing the same myself if conditions do not get better by the time i qualify.. at the moment as a student we are doing placements in hospitals and doing the same work as the rest of the staff even though we are supposed to be supernumerary and there to learn but due to the shortages of nurses we are used to bolster the understaffed shifts and are dead on our feet at the end of the day, but a student gets no money for theses placements until they get to their 4th year so we are doing this for free..by the time a student is qualified they have been driven out of our health service before they even start.. some of the politicians pay rises should be used to pay our nurses and students..

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