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Today FM

Genre:Adult contemporary
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Today FM is Ireland's biggest national, commercial independent radio station and features the most talented broadcasters that can be found in the country.

Today FM is the home of personality-driven radio in Ireland. Our programming is fun, imaginative, unafraid and tuned in.

Almost a million people listen to Today FM every week. They turn to us for guts, currency and connectedness that they don't find anywhere else. No matter where in the country they are, Today FM speaks to them personally.


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Live Chat
February 11, 20:32
Guest2165: How's it going in Rathmore. Johnnie in NY
February 12, 01:46
Guest2165: Hello
February 12, 01:56
Guest2165: Anyone home
February 12, 03:24
Guest2166: Hello from Rich in Pennsylvania
February 12, 09:56
Guest2167: Neill iss is downright rude while interviewing with Enda Kenney. Give the man a chance to answer!!!
February 12, 10:31
Guest2168: Enda Kenny will answer with the same thing he always answers with
February 12, 10:33
Guest2168: "This government inherited a mess."
February 12, 10:33
Guest2168: "This government inherited a mess from Fianna Fail", hes been saying it for 5 years now so its not gonna change. The man is completely inept and never answers any questions directly.
February 12, 12:59
Guest2169: Hello Rich in PA. How's the weather there today? Take a look at Ireland: http://www.wicklowcam.com/
February 12, 13:49
PEI: Hi all from Canada
February 12, 16:29
Guest2170: Hello to all Johnnie from NY
February 12, 16:35
Guest2171: Did anyone get the answer to the question??
February 12, 17:18
Guest2172: what's the question?
February 13, 06:40
Marie Antoinette: Morning Pardies (from France !)
February 13, 16:52
Guest2173: Very good show Dave was great

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