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Today FM

Genre:Adult contemporary
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Today FM - This is Today FM

Today FM is Ireland's biggest national, commercial independent radio station and features the most talented broadcasters that can be found in the country.

Today FM is the home of personality-driven radio in Ireland. Our programming is fun, imaginative, unafraid and tuned in.

Almost a million people listen to Today FM every week. They turn to us for guts, currency and connectedness that they don't find anywhere else. No matter where in the country they are, Today FM speaks to them personally.


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Live Chat
May 25, 12:23
Guest2905: Hi 2904 ,I am the UK and Ireland 's facilities coordinator for transgender rights-- we intend to raise militant feminism issues issues at our next AGM---at the moment we believe it is a subject to be explored. Thank You..G.Greer.
May 25, 13:30
Guest2906: do you still have the poetry group on Wednesday ?
May 25, 13:39
Guest2907: Hi 2906, I am afraid we now discourage poetry reading, as the readings tend to have a masculine bias, which directly contradicts our bilateral transgender format.Thank You..G.greer
May 25, 16:39
Guest2909: ASM
May 25, 17:42
Joan Burton: Thank you Guest 2901 oh absolutely! Woman Power! Girl Power! Sometimes you have to be a birch to get things done!
May 25, 17:44
Joan Burton: I'm all for militant feminism and LGBT'ism
May 25, 17:46
Joan Burton: If you were born male and your now female you use the ladies toilets
May 25, 17:47
Joan Burton: If you were born female and your now male you use the mens toilets
May 25, 17:55
Joan Burton: Of course Guest2906...ahem...I will arise, I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honeybee And live alone in the bee loud glade...and so on...
May 25, 18:02
Guest2910: Tunein to CvsRadio1 reggae jam
May 25, 18:04
Guest2911: Oh Joan,I've missed you--I've had impure thoughts.Please chastise me;Patrick the sinner.
May 25, 18:22
Joan Burton: Oh Patrick just wait til I get that aul brute of a husband of mine out some night and you'll be all mine ;)
May 25, 18:24
Joan Burton: This just in! Camilla Parker Bowels was caught in the toilets of the LYIT with a male student! Shameful! You wouldn't hear tell of me doing that
May 25, 18:30
Guest2911: Thank you-- you're a fine big woman yourself,so you are--lets put all that LGBT nonsense aside and go out with a real man.Patrick.
May 26, 01:23
Joan Burton: Oh you must be LGBT tolerant to have a chance with me sweetie I'm all for equality

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