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Irish Internet Radio Stations

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Dublin's Q102

Dublin's Q102

Genre:Adult contemporary
Phone:(01) 850 6500
Dublin's Q102 Live StreamFormatBitrate

Dublin's Q102 - Your Feel Good Station.

Q102 is a commercial radio station in Dublin, owned by UTV Radio. It broadcasts on 102.2 MHz FM. The station is licensed to target the 35+ age group, and must provide hourly news, as well as current events programming.

The station was launched as Lite 102.2. On purchasing the station, UTV rebranded it to Q102 thanks to research of Dublin people aged over 35, who decided on bringing back the name of a former pirate radio station.

Q102 listen live on LiveRadio 24/7.


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Happy boxing day and happy new year to all the dubliners and listners of q102
Beautiful music gets me though the day
Loving your music.
Tuning in from down under Sydney....loving the tunes :)
Sunny greetings from Tallinn, Estonia to your Dublin´s Q102 radio team :) This is my first day to listen to your radio station and I already can say, I love it! <3 I have a friend in Dublin, never been there myself but would love to visit that wonderful city one day! Great music! Best station :) Good luck guys!
Yis are only great....thanks for all the tunes!
A merry Christmas to you guys at q102. May you enjoy the festive season as you make your listeners feel good.
Best station and best prizes
This is my favorite station,.... I play classical piano and I love to sing , I also enjoy painting and I'm almost finished with my degree in volcanology and biology and most of my studies are held over seas ,have a lovely day.
Oh Lonny my dear have you donned you're POPPY my dear ? everyone in Dublin shall wear poppy's 11/11/11 hour/day/month to respect the British army and all the Loyalists in Dublin , it is a great day to show how English everyone in Dublin is …..three cheers for England ..hip hip HURRAH hip hip HURRAH hip hip HURRAH !
Big up to you guys. your work is great. Here in Kampala we say muyina workaa. meaning you have great work. I miss the tunes. I fell in love with q102 FM while in Dublin during my masters study
Hello to all the pet and critter lovers , my animals are digging the tunes,...xo to all peace .
We have been listening to Q102 in work for a number of years now. It was one of the only station that worked as my job cannot alow access to Flash Player. The stream no longer plays for us. have you moved Q102 to Flash player?
Catrina as you well know by now Africa is a durty durty place ,....please don't bring any diseases back to Ireland thank you …..there's a good girl !!!....P.S. say hi to the chimp next door .
WOW tony Mc, you have managed to insult an entire nation of people with one comment... shows how intelligent you are!! just a thought.. have you ever been to S.A? Clearly not.. As for insulting me as a Dub.... water off a ducks back darling!!!
bend over big boy ... take it like a man
THE AVERAGE IQ IS 28 IN AFRICA ….the perfect place for a dub
Live streaming you here in the office, from South Africa. Absolutely love listening to you guys, Brings auld Dublin to me. You make my day, thanks for the awesome entertainment...
I love this radio station so much I listen to this at night while I am in bed. Listened to the radio everyday for 9 months in a row. Thank you so much for all the entertainment
Who's Jeracula? lol
I'm hearing music and news at the same time...marvellous that you can do that ....lol
Chilling in garden... Blocking the World around me 'listening to Q102!!
I am listening here in Taichung, Taiwan, you bring my beloved Dublin to me always, thank you
A true Dub listening here in USA (Cape Cod Massachusetts). Ag baint taitneamhach air.
I am hearing you from Madrid, Spain. I love your country. I studied in Dublin with an Irish Familly, for 2 full years in 1989. I have a WONDERFULL memories of then. Thank you
I will sort out Catalonia
Just a note regarding the news.... The background music is too loud and when you turn up the radio to hear the news the thumping music takes over.... It would be better without the music in the back ground. Thanks
Can you give a big shout out to the crew on the Good News bus on the way to Shelbourne for the Derby final tonight
Hi there. I am in Darwin, Northern Australia. Love the station, great mix of music and chat. I get all homesick listening to the good aul Dublin accents while I sit at my desk and slog my way through the paperwork. You make my day. Thanks heaps.
I live in Guernsey and love this station but my Sonos no longer recognises you on Radio by Tunein ! Is it just me having this issue?
The Lady reading the sports news mentioned all the premiership teams in the draw for the Champions league, except for Tottenham Hotspurs, who I might add, only got second place in the league last season. Do your homework Girl. Marty a spurs Fan since 1964...
Where's my ciabatta, and my discount? Zoe says you can get such deals anywhere as long as you give them a 1 star discount
Interesting how so many people have called Zoe a troll for giving a bad review on an overated, overhyped cafe... or so I've been told as I couldn't a be arsed visiting such an obnoxious kip. Don't people realise encouraging and supporting this cafe owner is cyber bullying?This is a guy who clocked up a €3k phone bill and then set up a crowd funder to pay for it like some Z-list celeb . Show a bit of class! Btw, I'm curious, is the 15% discount meant to be a payoff for good reviews? What a muppet... along with the sheep that follow.
Crap radio station, Zoë K works there right? Won't listen again... either will my 100K followers haha
Terrible radio station. I was listening to it and decided to play some songs direct from my IPhone instead of listening to their already great mix. Anyway, I was not happy with the songs that were played. See how retarded that sounds. Just like zoe k and her review on whites.
could you play celebrate by an emotional fish for mags in ballyjamesduff please
Thank you, listen to this radio station from Colombia, great music to be resting at nigth
Can you play some David Gray please! :)
Why is there sweets being passed around to houses some went to my neighbours if it was because they were listening I was too let's goo Q102
can you wish tracy palmer happy valintines day and play van morrison have i tould you latly ,from her husband david thank you.
Hey Guys, how are you? Could you please play for me "Mary" from Four of us? I would loveto hear this song. Many thanks Xxxx
Can u play any coldplay for my beautiful wife carmel
Great music, listen to you every day from Valencia, Venezuela, South America...... Thank you
could you play Cupids Daughter by new Irish band WairWe Land
It's Adele!
Edel hello
Listen to this radio station everyday at work. Thanks for keeping me entertained and helping the day go quick . thumbs up *****
Big shout out from kilkenny we love ur radio station here in the salon
Meant to say, best of both worlds great music through great hi -fi.
Just got Q102 working through lap-top to via chrome cast to hi-fi , happy days . €40 cheap ditigal radio but great.
i listen to Q102 from dave in the morning till Debbie in the love zone .Dublins best radio station great music and great competitions great prizes.keep up the good work guys
Can i say a big thank you to the team of doctors in the ballymun health centre for their kind help and patience, they are amazing, in particular to Emmet & Gerry. We wish you all a lovely Easter and a well deserved out of office time, thank you,
Love listening to Q102! Lovely relaxing music with less talk is excellent. Thanks Guys!
Brilliant music love it
Classic station great tunes as always ;-)

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