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Cork's 96FM

Cork's 96FM

Genre:Local service, Adult contemporary
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Cork’s 96FM – Playing the hits you can’t get out of your head

Cork's 96FM is one of three local radio stations licensed by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland for Cork City and County in Ireland (the other two being its sister station C103 and youth music station Red FM). It broadcasts from studios at Broadcasting House, St. Patrick's Place in Cork City.


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id take whole lot of ye drop the soap wink wink
i want every one to know i like boys
i like 96 fm his voice is beautiful
I love this Radio. I´m in Brazil now but my heart is in Cork!
re Shane Ross and the stance he has taken re Bus strike: Why does he feel that he, and he alone, has the final say on whether he involves himself with the strike. Why is Enda not pulling his strings? What is really going on here between Enda and Shane Ross?
Totally biased commentary I am pure disgusted at this reporting. My fully vaccinated daughter got full blown whooping cough at two years old. The paediatrician in CUH told me that a person can still get whooping cough even if they have been vaccinated against it. It's a total waste of a vaccine.
Tetanus jab is not given in its own it part of the dyptheria tetanus and whooping cough.
There are many people who saw their normally developing toddler regress and develop a very high temperature which led to a brain injury which in turn led to the child develop a diagnosis of autism. And it's not just autism - my child developed awful vowel issues after her MMR and DTaP and that is cause and effect. PJ Coogan should read the most up to date studies and give the other side a platform. You have given 3 people the stage now and they were all sporting pure rhetoric on vaccines. I have hundreds of studies showing that vaccines are causing more harm than the childhood diseases they are meant to eradicate.
Please get another point of view. The movie Vaxxed is about corruption in the CDC not about baby killers. Take her off
What kind of witch hunt is going on the radio this morning please take Fiona o Leary off she rants and raves a load of rubbish. The vaxxed team are really genuine and Fiona is very vindictive.
Love this radio station!!! Listening from Belgium!!! I feel so close to Cork now!!! :-) Amazing feeling!!!
Listening in Cedar Rapids Iowa USA , great station I really like "oldies and Irish" on a sunday although I am 6 hours back the computer is on at 7 am ...I miss the times at the cross , and Cork is always with me.
Listening in live from Paris. Looking forward to going home in April for Michelle and Emmet's big day. Love to all the family and friends in Cobh.
Attention: PJ Coogan. Being a Rugby fan it is great to be reminded of the fixtures for the coming weekend. This morning we were reminded of both of the men's games. However, there was no mention of the ladies 6 nations fixtures. Mentioned this to my sister and she said "a sure nobody follows that". My point exactly. Because the ladies fixtures are not being announced nobody knows when and where they are on!! Please do your bit and inform the public that this coming weekend the Ladies RBS 6 Nations is being played in Italy, Stadio Tommaso Fattori, Sunday, 12th February, at 13.00. Thanks a million. Phil
Lyssnar från Sverige, helbra.
im watching dis in cork;]
Listening live from Edinburgh moved over for work. Missing home and family. Shout out to the Maguire's in Annaghmore. Miss you all!!!
Hello Derry from cape Verde island in Sal plenty sunshine receiveding you loud and clear xx
listening to 96fm live presently in Spain Happy New year to staff of Corks96fm
Listening for Australia. Love 96FM always great tunes
Hi! I'm listening from Brazil...I miss Cork!
listening in California.Addicted
Had so much fun on our recent trip to Ireland and listening to Cork's 96 FM in the car made it all the better. Now we listen at home in Calgary Canada. Makes us wish we were back in Cork.
stuck here in orlando after hurricane matthew waiting for county final to start come on the glen
Listening from Switzerland, missing Cork today. Your radio show reminds of Sunday fornings at home with my family. My mum is a great fan. We always had to tune the radio properly so that she could listen in.
96fm Sunday mornings the best
Seriously addicted to online music radio, I found Cork's 96 FM after a very difficult search of the url on various online radio directories. Now I do stream it whenever I want from my base in the NW burbs of Chicago, Illinois.
I'm an EP listener here on the costa del sol love the show ?
Listening in jersey ci love all my Irish music keep it coming
Decent track best radio station
Listening to corks 96fm on a wet and windy day in jersey CI keep the Irish stuff coming
Having my usual Sunday fix here in Aberdeen... loving Derry and the great music. Thanks as always jean.
i just tuned in to listen to listen to some good music

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