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Love Radio

Country: Albania
Genre:Classic hits, Oldies, Pop, Variety
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Love radio was born on 14 of February 2003.

The idea to build such radio profile came after e long time research, on what is missing more on the market of the Albanian radio-stations.

The profile and the program of this radio station is based and stands 100 % on love songs from international singers and composers. The LOVE RADIO has had always the goal to win the high quality target group, 18-45 years old , the potential customers and high level consumers. After this idea was implemented.
Now, after all these years of Love Radio life, staying tight to the love songs profile, the LOVE RADIO is still the leader of the radio stations on its profile and is a very important part of the everyday life of the Albanian listeners. Coverage area, Tirana , Durres , Kavaja, Fier ,Vlora.


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