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Radio plays an important part in the lives of people living in Albania.  Radio Televizioni Shqiptar, the public broadcaster of Albania was founded in Tirana in 1938. The international radio service includes interesting programs in Albanian as well as seven other languages.  There are 6 Albanian national radio stations: Radio Albania, Plus 2 Radio, Top Albania Radio, Radio Tirana 1, 2 and 3.  Folk music is what Albanians love the most but it is not the only type of music they enjoy listening to. 

There are more than 60 local radio stations that include various musical and news programs according to their preferences. Radio Hit FM, Love Radio, Club FM, Radio DJ, Radio Klan, Radio Fieri, Radio Idea, Radio Sprint, Radio Univers and Radio Class are some of the most popular examples. Internet radio is also popular in Albania. More than 10 Internet radio stations have created their own innovative programs meant to entertain Albanians. Folk music is on top of preferences but the great range of influences displayed by the Albanian music should not be ignored either.

Where is Albania?

where is albania? Listen live to albanian radio stations now with live free streaming

Albania is a country in Southeastern Europe.  Its neighbors are Montenegro on the northwest side, Kosovo on the northeast side, Greece in the south and southeast and Macedonia to the east side. The total population of Albania features 2.821.977 inhabitants which is the result of a low fertility rate. Massive migration has been registered since the Communist regime fell down in 1990. This has affected the internal population distribution of the country.