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Kinvara FM

Kinvara FM

Country: Ireland, Kinvara
Phone:(083) 468 1472

Listen Live (Live Stream) Every Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-8pm.

Kinvara Community Radio is a local initiative to set up a live-streaming as well as FM broadcast radio station serving Kinvara environs as well as ‘Kinvara worldwide’ – interested listeners outside the limited broadcast area.

The idea and ideals of community radio are to give voice and access to local people, and to serve local interests that are not served by other media.


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Sunsetting to these tunes over here in Wales Gerry. Really enjoying the music!
Listening from clonlara this evening great show gerry
Lovely music, enjoying your show Gerry
good on you Kieran,
Well done Gerry. Great selection of music as always. Thanks. Danny Lordan
Well done Gerry, getting better each time.
Gerry , Great show. Love how you know so much about the singers and the songs. What a lovely passion to have and be able to share with the listeners.
WOW, what a superb mix of the most FABULOUS music, presented by a man with a superb voice who knows his music. Cannot wait for next BOOM BOOM show.
Hi Gerry Listening to the show, great music. Thanks Patricia
A pleasure to listen to you Gerry , keep up the good work
Keeping on the sunny side thanks to such great music. Well done Gerry
Listening into your show Gerry ,from Lusk Co.Dublin. Enjoying your choice of music.
Great music Gerry. Good to hear you back on Kinvara FM.
Enjoying the show in New York. Thanks Eilish and Barry.h
listening from Prince Edward Island Kinvara one of our favorite places Sextents and foxes and staying at the guesthouse
Keep up the great work. Scattered Showers is my favourite show.
How do I turn the Damm thing off? It's very annoying
Great stuff, keep it up. Very professional for such a small town.