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Raidió na Life

Raidió na Life

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(01) 661 6333
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Raidió na Life - Cuisle na Cathrach.

Raidió na Life (Radio na Life) 106.4FM (Irish pronunciation: [ˈradʲo n̪ˠa lʲɪfʲɛ], meaning "Liffey Radio") is an Irish-language radio station founded in 1993 and broadcasting to the Greater Dublin area, Ireland. In addition to being transmitted on FM, the station's output is available worldwide via the internet at

Ag craoladh ar fud Bhaile Átha Cliath ó 1993, is stáisiún raidió pobail sainspéise é Raidió na Life a bunaíodh le seirbhís raidió pobal-dhírithe a sholáthar do phobal na Gaeilge i mBaile Átha Cliath agus sa cheantar máguaird ar bhonn neamhbhrabúsach.


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My passion ? Ireland & the Irish culture especially music ad dances.I’ve an interpreter for 50 years (medieval,baroque,French traditional,Irish traditional music & dances) & also children’s songs as I was a teacher in preschools,I created the site WITH-ME-WHACK entirely FREE
Loving the music. As someone learning Gaeilge, I found the pronunciation of the Irish during the broadcast spot on. Really understood it. (Well, a lot of it, as I'm far from accomplished.) Yeah, it does have a "twang" but that's to be expected. I rely on the Ulster accent mostly, but pick up other pronunciations if I find them easier. There is no "correct" Gaeilge, only living Irish. grmagaibh.
Tá Franc an-cháinteach. Is stáisiún pobail é Raidió na Life. Cuid de na láithreoirí is ón ngaeltacht dóibh, cuid eile is cainteoirí dúchais ón Ardchathair iad. Roinnt eile is foghlaimeoirí iad. Tá éagsúlacht caighdeáin i measc na láithreoirí ach is obair dheonach atá ar siúl acu. Má tá daoine le ardchaighdeán gaeilge toilteanach obair dheonach leis an stáisiún beidh fáilte rompu.
If you're a language learner interested in the Irish Language I would recommend avoiding this channel. Most of the presenters and guests speak a heavily heavily anglicised version of Irish, in particular phonetically (which anyone familiar with the correct pronunciations of the language can hear), but also often in other respects. It is quite disappointing, as many of the channels speakers have either been through Gaelscoils or have even achieved university degrees or Masters in the Irish language, yet don't seem to use any of it's basic sounds. However, many of the serious language learners I've heard from France, Germany and America speak perfect Irish, having correctly treated it as a completely foreign language with a different phonemic inventory from day 1.
congratulations you have the best presenters on any programme. they speak clearly without mumbling and quick fire delivery. I am learning Irish again through having your station on constantly. You also have the most amazing music selections. Last week you played the best version of Oro se do bheata abhaile I have ever heard. Can you tell me who the group was and where can I get it . Next e mail will be in Iish.
Alex agus Alan ...ta me ag eisteach leis an gceol alainn a imirt...agus ta me iarratas preab san ol ...le do thoil
I have enjoyed the shrone gig from aras chronain clondalkin..i was at the gig myself and i can't believe that radio chronain recorded it and have played in on air congrats ...well done ..i have been tuning into radio na life since...great music ..