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Scariff Bay Community Radio

Scariff Bay Radio

Country: Ireland, Ballyminoge
Phone:(083) 888 3353
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Scariff Bay Community Radio will present a community based radio show promoting local talent, sports, events and news to the East Clare Area.


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Would like to hear more from Seth Presenter and other guest not giving him a chance to speak
Please shout me out man. I love corofin. We have it! 8eu322
Please give me a shoutout. I wish I was playing but I’m busy this week. Red or dead ❤️
Shoutout to me on holidays in kavos. Red or dead
Shane Fahy ,love the show!
Is that Terry Cronin? Greetings from Essex
Commentary volume issues are backagain
Thanks for correcting the volume issues on the commentary. Well done guys. Great commenrtary.
Volume is very poor on the commentary
Looking forward to hearing Marie Collins at 2pm. Hi Jim.
Fantastic community broadcasting Oath and Ruin... will never live down the garden Motown moves ... you bring such a fabulous eclectic and warm mix of wisdom and levity to Sunday morning. Now if I could only move knocknarea and Maeves tomb, my reception would be better. Bravo to my wonderful niece we are all so proud of her warrior persona in facing such a challenge .
Just after listening to a scariff woman all the way from Hong kong and it was great to hear from her.
Brilliant coverage and commentary of Clare's great win.
I think the score of Scariff v's Inagh-Kilnamona is 1-7 to 0-5 points.
Excellent Community Radio Station