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Limerick City Community Radio

Limerick City Community Radio

Country: Ireland, Limerick
Phone:(061) 590 999
External Live StreamFormatBitrate;stream/1mp364

Limerick City Community Radio - Limerick's Newest Radio Station.

Your City, Your Station, Your Voice.

Limerick City Community Radio is a not-for-profit Community Radio Station for Limerick City and its environs.

Limerick Community Radio was licenced by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland on 99.9FM at weekends on a 15-week temporary broadcasting licence from March to June 2014 and is currently broadcasting online with plans in place to return to FM later in the year.

The output of the station, under the terms of our broadcasting licence, is mainly talk-based with an emphasis on local news and community affairs.


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Hey Glen.Many thanks for the nice comments . That was just an acoustic jam so excuse the quality.Cheers lads.Phil
Never mind the Americans. Greetings from balmy BRISBANE.
Noel Pat Prior you're proctologist ?
Hi,Iam looking to contact Pat Prior ,
ALL the radio stations in Munster have English DJs to try influence the way the people of Munster speak …..they can reach a lot of people on the radio and infect them , dats right bhoys …...its part of dublins plan for diversity and to change Irish culture …...for example look back at the Cork city st Patricks day parade 2018 it was mostly about Africa,china,and every where else except Ireland …...Ireland is being lost in every way …..we once were unique but not anymore because of the shitty dubs ffs.
Delighted to hear you talk about Cork. listening on Line
listening g to you from sydney weather very hot 40 degrees wishing you all in limerick and bruree a very merry xmas expeciallly tom hanley from bruree and mary leahy from limerick also the mcmahon family from bruree merry xmas happy and safe new year the molloy family sydney oz xxxxxx