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KISS Classical Ireland

KISS Classical

Country: Canada
Genre:Classical Music, Symphony, Chillout
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KISS Classical - 24/7 Classical Music Radio from KISS

Welcome to KISS Classical , we play all the best in classical music 24/7/365.. With no Dj's and little interruption, just pure classical music the way you want it.....

Genres musicaux : Chamber - Opera - Symphony - Classic


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Hello from the USA. You have an excellent station. We need beautiful music more than ever in my country Thank you.
I love the Meditation From "Thais " - beautiful music very peaceful .
I do like how the title of the music being played shows under the status bar. This is a nice feature. How often have I wondered what was being played on other stations and having to wait for an announcer to say so, if at all?
Oh the music is splendid indeed my dear .
Your constant playing of Elgar's Pomp & Circumstance march jars on the Irish ear. It comes across as the imperialist anthem 'Land of Hope and Glory'. I suspect that it is not only my hackles that involuntarily rise when you broadcast it so frequently.
as a newcomer to listening to radio from other Countries I would like to know if I should be listen via shortwave radio or other system. Should I tune in on my Tablet or Computer. Sound quality and flexibility of rooms are important.
I have turned to Lyric FM radio for a large number of years alongside such stations as Classsic FM, Radio Classique of France, BBC Radio 3 keeping tuned in to Lyric FM first, and staying to listen the longest. These stations are all outstanding in their musical output but the Irish taste for Classical Music is surpassing in every way. Today I discovered Kiss Radio and once again am am amazed at what is on offer, cofirming my view that the Irish taste for this gendre is embedded in the national conscience! Thank you Ireland.