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UbuntuFM World Radio

UbuntuFM World Radio

Country: South Africa
Genre:World, Adult contemporary, Urban/Rhythmic

UbuntuFM World Radio | Music from all over the world. Music from the 60's up to this decade. Musician's music.

We are committed to bringing you the best in terms of audio quality and content. To us, it's not about the hits but about the music and message. You will find music that is not being played on other stations. Album music, live recordings, rare tracks, and other music you will not necessarily find elsewhere. Start your musical exploration here!

#World #African #Pop #Blues #Rock #Funk #Latin #Jazz


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Love your station! Became a soundtrack of my life instantly, replacing my quarter-century favorite - Radio Paradise. You're playing some great covers - there should be more artists doing covers. So much great music from the past is overlooked, while ruling model of profits from royalties encourages so much new crap being unnecessarily composed... there should be a law: only half of each newly released album should contain new compositions! At least for 10 years from now on. Actually, should be 10-years-on-10-years-off-cycle of covers' support.