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AURA - Meditation - Sampler

AURA - Meditation Sampler

Country: Canada
Genre:Calm Radio, New Age, Ambient

What favourite new channel does Calm Radio HQ practice yoga to?

The Aura channel of course! With a curated collection of melodies from Bansuri artists, this finely crafted bamboo flute arouses the dawn of romance, when the sun is new and the breeze is light.

The Aura channel will evoke the essence and enchanting vastness of a gentle universe.

Surrender yourself to the comforting embrace of the the delicate woodwind sound blowing in from the South East.

Bansuri is a pillar to classical Indian music - an arrangement for the breathing scale and peaceful incantation of the human heart.

Allow the calming emotion of the Aura channel to open your mind.


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