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Genre:Sport, News, Talk
Phone:(01) 644 5100

Newstalk 106-108 fm brings you the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport. From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming on the Irish airwaves.

On Monday 10th September 2018, Newstalk 106-108 fm kicked off its new schedule which includes a host of newly-appointed full-time presenters including Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams, Alan Quinlan, Sarah McInerney. The new schedule sees a number of changes for existing presenters including a longer broadcast of the Pat Kenny Show from 9am-12noon and George Hook move to the 12-2pm slot for his new show, ‘High Noon’.

Newstalk Ireland listen live on LiveRadio or join the #Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at NewstalkFM.


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Are those responsible for abusing and lying to the mother's and babies going to be taken to court? Will there be any justice for them, the Nazi's were bought to court for their part in the holocaust.
So Iona Institute are Pat Kenny’s go to on Non -Denominational Education! Where is your journalistic ethics Pat Kenny?
Shortages of technology skilled workers in Ireland is a joke. If you are over 50yrs old you won't get a look in, I hardly even get an interview, I know from experience. For tech jobs there is considerable age bias, no matter what experience or qualifications you have. The real shortage is for young cheap tech workers only...
What time is the vote in Westminster ?
Brexit vote on Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , and it will finish with ' No Deal' it has to and it will teach everyone no to be so stupid trading 70% of Irish goods with a terrorist country . Its time for Ireland to put on its 'Big Boy Pants' grow up and trade with Europe like we should have been doing all along .
LOL HAHA hey im in Vancouver Canada hahahahaaaa I fled after me brush with the police in Sydney ffs lol they never took me passport ….ah shag them , but the weather was grand in Australia and I had a good time and im not going back ever LOL….ah I will stay here for a week then im off to Chicago USA cause there is a load of irish there and I will see if I get a job and if not I will fly into Ireland in a few weeks , but for now im enjoying the few cans 5pm sunday and im going out to a pub down the road in an hour ffs ….im taking the train to Chicago im sick of flying ffs....im in a motel at the minute and its affordable ….I think there is a lot of bears here ffs....ah i'll touch base on St Patricks day , slan Gary.
Kevin Heery , I think Ireland should have the death penalty for people who deliberately murder others and who are convicted , and child molesters , ….accidental deaths like manslaughter just get prison time or something else , so my suggestions are as follows : Hanging , Burning at the stake , The Rack , Iron Maiden , Guillotine , ….However being part of the E.U. eliminates my suggestions but who knows after Brexit the brits might bring the Death Penalty back .
Kenneth O'Reilly, from Milltown, Kildare, who murdered & raped Joyce Quinn is due for release on parole shortly. Joyce's husband Ray Quinn is fearful for his three daughters, their spouses & 9 grandchildren all of who live in Kildare & some very close to Milltown where O'Reilly's family live. Whenever his release happens it should be conditional that he (O'Reilly) is legally precluded from returning to the County of Kildare & having any contact whatsoever with the Quinn family. It should also be conditional on he making a statement accepting his responsibility for the murder & rape, a full apology & an acceptance of the conditions of his release relating to the physical & contact limits imposed The victim’s family deserve no less so they may live in peace & not have ongoing fear & terror imposed again on their innocent lives while he will in freedom. Neither he nor his family have ever accepted his guilt or made an apology to the Quinn family.
Lisa Smyth the Ex - Irish woman who joined ISIS was from Dundalk Co Louth , if she returns to Ireland she should be burned at the steak or hanged , she supports everything that is against our democracy and she is a threat to peace on our Island , and once again the history of the name 'Smyth' is from northern england so she has english blood in her vain's…..that's why she is a scumbag and traitor .
Hey Brendan , you know a lot of chic's man LOL.....that's far out dude
Happy woman's day to Jennifer , Lori , Lorna , Cathy , Nuala , Sarah , Belinda , Margaret , Veronica , Debbie , Leann , Jean , Christina , Jessika , Susan , Sophia , Anna , Colleen , Olivia , Julia , Tammy , Alexi , Ciara , and Lisa ……..Have a great day .
Brexit on the 29th …..Ireland needs to help the english like they helped us during the FAMINE !!! my ancestors STARVED TO DEATH !....
Shane Coleman and co-host. I don't know where they got their figures for teachers' and gardai salaries. I'm a teacher and I'm 64 years old. I'm only recently earning 60,000 plus and I have all my allowances for my degree, H.Dip and Post Grad in Special Education. My poor daughter in her early 30's is earning about 34,000. From now on it will be one small increment after another for her (increment is about 500 euro per year. Has she to wait until she's 64 to be able to get a house. Shane Coleman seems to have a bee in his bonnet about the Central Bank sticking to it's strict regulations. He hardly listened to his guest this morning who was making perfect sense to me. It's only the richer end of society who can afford a house now with Mammy and Daddy's help. If the Government doesn't make affordable housing available young or not so young people like my daughter will never have a home, will be having children much later in life and the risks of that. Eleanor Appleby.
Moncrieff Show- - - - I'm scared of terrorists and if they kidnap me I would cry and tell them that I need to go home to my mother and then they would beat me a lot and pull my hair and I would be screaming crying and begging for mercy and the more I would cry the more they would kick me and punch me as I beg to go home and they would keep punching me in the face as I would cry uncontrollable as I curl up in a fetal position on the street as they keep kicking me , and that's why im scared of terrorists and I stay home as much as possible .
um next year the brits wont be in the Eurovision song contest because of Brexit.
Betty , ….we find the first pub and go inside for 20 pints of creamy stout .
What do we do when we VISIT other city's????????
The Soviet Union liberated Poland during WW2 …..and the U.S. Army liberated Europe during WW2 …..NOT england …..the english came crawling to America on its hands and knees for help and America responded ,....Ireland is very thankful for its freedom which was provided by the men who's graves are all over northern France ….Jack Stack 101 Airborne / screaming eagles jumped at night on D-Day , he survived the war and I met him , family hero....June 6th 1944.
Oh I love the "Pat Kenny Show" its my favorite and I also like the cups of tea with a scone with butter and strawberry jam , bye.
Re Health Insurance: I've been paying for very basic package with lays (connected to divorce court order) €100 per month). I apparently qualify for medical card: I'd like to know if giving up my insurance will penalise me?
Leo Varadkar wants to take back the Irish Isil fighters and put them in Dublin city north , hahaha …..well there go's my summer holidays , now I will have to go to Majorca and get a sun tan ffs.
did ya turn off the immersion ?
Ah gwan an a a few pints boi ffs ten pints a creamy black stout aaaah.
Has to be Barry's all the way. All Tea is defiantly not the same.
Yes ' jon' ….after Brexit the Russians will move into Ukraine and maybe a little bit of Poland and Moldova , ….the brits are out....and the Russians will start moving in on northern Finland/Sweden then Europe will try to back the Russians down ...but to no avail ...then the first shots are fired from Ukraine ……..QUESTION , What countries in Europe do you think will fight against the Russians ?...I can only think of one and that is Germany ,...all the other countries in the EU are cowards … WW3....may we all RIP.
The Marine Corp Mountain Warfare Training is in full action at 8000 feet 2440 meters in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California USA , the trick is to keep ur weapon dry and no ice in the barrel , plenty of snow up there ,....just in case the Russians step out of line , ha ha ha lots of X country skiing too , I got about 4 feet of snow so far this year and more this weekend , snow piles of 5 meters , all ponds/lakes frozen over , have a nice weekend .
Pat please tell all your county listiers stop bitching about Dublin if they all went home we have no problems in Dublin
Dogs are just amazing. Such loyal companions.
Would pat please shut up about the children hospital it’s like he’s on a mission to get it shelve sick of him going on on on on !
You might be right Brian , however I am hoping for a hard Brexit there's no time like the present to sever ties with the brits , good luck to you.
I have a feeling the no deal Brexit will throw Ireland into an immediate recession for years and years .
Yeah there was a lot of encouragement of Irish woman to abort their children , by people with english names like "Harris" , when will Simon Harris go back to england ? Coveney is also an english name I wonder when he will get out of Ireland , its time only real Irishmen and woman to run their own country the rest are foreigners .
Simon Harris wife had a baby girl which is against Simons wishes because he loves abortions and was let down , he spent the last year telling the woman of Ireland to kill their unborn kids but when it comes to his family here is another offspring , he did not do enough to abort his own daughter before she was born and now its to late , I hope in the future he will make sure the rest of the Harris family is aborted …..because that's what he wants ….and he should put his daughter up for adoption because he hates children , this kid should be put in a loving home away from a prick like him.
As phill Lynott says in a song, if that chick doesn’t want to know forget her.
Happy valentines day …...Chocolate , Wine , hugs , Kisses , roll in the hay :)
LoanR…...she was on about sexy ladies in their apartments putting on garter belts and stockings before going out for the night .
Whats this one on about? Twidder! WTF is Twidder? Pronounce your T's FFS.
The Brexit issue will be catastrophic for Ireland and there will be food shortages , job losses , violence , inflation , and its because Ireland chose to trade with the brits …..its time to trade with Europe and not england …..Ireland needs to be European and not english like we need to drive on the right side of the road not the left ...its time to break the tie with the oppressor and the country that beat Ireland into the ground for a 1000 years and starved millions of our people to death !!!! never forget what the brits are really like …..they already tried to throw the good Friday agreement/treaty under the bus !
I hope to move to Kerry next month , I have a job nailed down , to many foreigners moving to Dublin , I want to live among my own countrymen , enough said .
Liam Neeson's ordeal walking around northern Ireland looking for a negro to beat to death is like finding a snowball in hell …...furthermore it was a great idea to promote his new movie LOL......niggers use this move all the time ...that's right they will claim race is keeping their basketball movie down and its the white mens fault , wake up people ….blacks are the problem and they started racist issues …..
The word that has been thrown around a lot recently is "Disingenuous" and the definition of that is " your a lying english cunt" ….your welcome .
Claire Byrne is very good at her job great interviewer ….. if I was her husband I would be scared …..Claire > DID YOU STOP AT THE PUB FOR PINTS ???.....who me umm no ;-( ….then I would start running hahahaha
Treasa May with her new alternative to the back-stop is rubbish , she will go back to her english lowlifes with no deal so Ireland needs to prepare for the worse , also the brits through the good Friday agreement under the bus they should be fined 100 Billion Euro to teach them a lesson for breaking another treaty like the 100s of treaties they have broken throughout history …..the brits have never kept their word never never never .
I agree Mike , I think there will be a Famine to some effect and I'm scared about what will happen .
It sounds like there will be a food shortage in england , 90% of their lettuce is imported and 80% of tomatoes …..it will be difficult to have a BLT sandwich , it will become a wide spread famine throughout the uk and some people will become violent and the drug dealers will start selling lettuce/tomato instead of drugs because of the shortage .
Its T.P.R.O.C.....The Peoples Republic Of Cork , The Mardyke is a grand place for a walk...….'mens sheds' are a great social activity for men.....Hon the Rebels .
Cork is NOT the capital of Ireland. That's why it doesn't have what Dublin has. I live in Dundalk, why do I have to travel down all that way to an event in an unnecessary event centre in Cork? Why isn't it built in Athlone so everyone can get to it? 80m EURO? SOMEONE IS PUTTING A LOT OF MONEY IN THEIR ARSE POCKET!
Ah welcome back Tom, you're like warm blanket on this cold night, you were sorely missed. Sorry to hear of your health issues, I really hope you're feeling better.
Right wing nationalism gets my vote .
Prince Philip was caught two days after he was involved in a car crash driving again and he was caught not wearing his seat belt ………..on Thursday he deliberately crashed into a car with two woman and a baby causing injury with broken bones which caused the occupants to go to the hospital ….the Norfolk police have warned the old wrinkled scumbag …...all his medals are fake .
yeah Brien , Philip should not be driving anything , he could have killed the mom and baby , …..Philip showed total disregard for the lives of others as did the royal family knowing he was not capable and he should be fully charged with this premeditated crime .
Down to Business with Bobby Kerr,...…..Going to the gym and staying fit ...bla bla blaaaaa …….I used to run about 130 miles a week and I felt great and my legs still feel great …..I also boxed for 7 years and I did win medals for weightlifting …...I never went to a modern gym because those places are just for socializing and looking at blond girls wearing spandex pants …...just go for a walk for 40 mins X four days a week and you will be find …..and eat an apple once in a while .
Turning off now... Squatter Kenny is coming on.
very interesting .
I cant believe its the tent of January already Valentines day is coming soon and I love sweets .
no I cant Beverly but I almost answered basketball ha ha ha.
Yes I do agree with you Louis a little bit but the migrants need to stay in their own countries and apply for status before leaving this way it would be easier on them and the country they want to go to , do they have a job ? money ? family ? skills ? or they going to be a burden ?......their own countries should be fined 80,000 euros a year for any migrant who is a burden on the new country ……..I also believe that refugees are welcome from war and famine countries and emigrants are also welcome because they are doing it the right way …….by the way can anyone tell me just one good thing that came out of africa ? just one .
Friday 1/4/2019 3:02 pm east coast time USA President Donald J Trump said that he might keep the government closed for months or years over the border wall dispute , he may also use presidential powers to fund the wall ….there has been 3,500 mid-eastern and African scumbags with possible terrorists ties apprehended at the border , I think it is very important to keep borders in countries to keep the africans out because we all know they are the worst people on the planet ………...the english navy should use the rafts of migrants as target practice I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time ..…..all migrants from Africa and the mid-east in Europe should be in concentration camps for at least 40 years before being returned to their own native land to live in a brand new straw hut with an ocean view , LOL LOL LOL.
Please can somebody ask Jonathan (Healy) I think to stop jumping in when guests attempting to answer questions that he asks. Dreadful journalism
im looking forward to another year of fake news and propaganda ….bring it on
u never disapoint , another anti trump rant
Its great to see woman in their natural habitat on Christmas day " THE KITCHEN "......HEY YOU GET ME ANOTHER BEER DAMN IT !!!!!......FASTER !!!
how is this flake presenter on now at 17,42 thurs the 13th of dec, talking abt banning guns in the US , has he lived there ? typical irish soros c sucker
My suggestions on presents to buy for you're wife for Christmas .... an apron , pots/pans , a hoover , a toilet-brush , rubber gloves , pegs , a cookbook , cleaning detergent , a mop , a new clothes line , pink wellingtons , a rain coat , a blonde wig , I hope this helps out .
um I forgot to um spell duh rest of my name duh , duh duh duh duh.
p. Yes Trump is great and so is Putin …...woman need to learn that the workplace is nowhere for them and being a domestic worker is all she needs and I do believe that it is more fitting for them to be cooking and hoovering the house and doing the washing …..furthermore she should not have a phone or car because all she needs is her husband and he will tell her what to do ,....and p you seem to have an anger problem ….maybe you're gp can give you pills for that .
the homosexualist demon within man must be reisted
did our last 2 geniuses graduate from the Donald Trump University? can’t blame him for ALL the stupid attitudes in the world, but he has definitely set the tone for moron’s like these to feel free to express their non-thoughts. where are we headed with all this anti-evolution. constant vigilance is the price of keeping our civilization, (or something like that....to paraphrase the original quote). Anywho.
I agree with 'Bill" to a point that woman should serve her man and adore him , also I feel that woman should not work or vote when she would be happy at home cooking,cleaning and washing the windows and minding the children …...these days woman have forgot her place …..and her place is in the home and cooking a nice big dinner for her man everyday and pouring him a nice cold glass of Heineken .
Its time to make sure you're wife or girlfriend knows her place this Christmas season and that's ….in the kitchen...she should be preparing to feed everyone and be at you're beck and call …..men shouldn't have to lift a finger ….its the woman who dose all the shopping,cooking,cleaning,and hovering that's what woman are for is to serve her man and when you need another can/bottle of beer all you need to do is the dog whistle and yell ...HURRY IT UP !...so I hope my few pointers were helpful , Merry Christmas .
fascinating, Mr O’Shea. last time there was a full army presence in the North, remind me again, how did that work out? hmm..... you think it would work out better by just reversing the roles from the last go-around. interesting. Stupid, but interesting. Why today (November 26th) ?did I miss something special about the date November 26th. love your statement at the end: amazing how the “job the government is paid to do” (or army, or fill in your public sector agency of choice) coincidentally happens to be what the person speaking believes they SHOULD be doing. And not any other mandate for the welfare of the general public. Anywho.
I wonder if the Irish army will go to the northern counties and take down foreign flags today ? no time like the present is there......the army is called the 'Defense Forces' if that is the case then why is there foreign flags flying in Ireland ?.....the DEFENSE is not working and maybe a full Irish army presence is needed in the northern counties to set things straight …...or are they cowards ?.....its time to grow balls and join NATO or maybe they are scared …..defense means to defend the country and that clearly has not happened so all pay needs to be withheld from the Irish army until they do the job that they were hired to do !!!!!
Your newsreader is still talking about "misdiagnosis" in the context of cervical check. We cannot speak of diagnosis when talking about a screening program. There were false negatives but that is NOT misdiagnosis
Peter Casey is an interesting man who speaks what the people want to hear. I would like to see him get a chance. My only fear would be that if he were to get to a position of influence that, he too would just get into line along with all the other wasters who promise everything before they get elected and deliver nothing once they get their fat backsides on the well cushioned seats.
lets call a spade a spade here, most people on the average industrial wage cannot afford to buy a house, this is the bottom line. also no job is safe these days so you could be on the side of the road in a few years time as businesses go bust etc... Ireland is a low wage economy, also government taxes on building materials and red tape adds tothe cost of a house. also i am with the travelling people... i think every citizen should get the same as the travellers, i.e. a few stables and an acre of land so we could feed the horses and grow food etc... i thought we are all treated the same under our constitution....,
re our residential election, onlyh 46 percent of the people voted and 54 percent did not vote, so the majority did NOT want any of the presidential candidates,,,, this is not a democracy,,,,, this vote should be declared null and void. we must have a law that says over 50 percent of the people MUST vote in any election of any kind... we must have another election for the president.......
strong hugs to all of galway, greetings from BRAZIL
I am a student nurse (mature student) half way through my 4 years training, with the poor money and the awful conditions that our nurses and doctors have to endure im not surprised that they are all going overseas.. i will be doing the same myself if conditions do not get better by the time i qualify.. at the moment as a student we are doing placements in hospitals and doing the same work as the rest of the staff even though we are supposed to be supernumerary and there to learn but due to the shortages of nurses we are used to bolster the understaffed shifts and are dead on our feet at the end of the day, but a student gets no money for theses placements until they get to their 4th year so we are doing this for free..by the time a student is qualified they have been driven out of our health service before they even start.. some of the politicians pay rises should be used to pay our nurses and students..

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