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Newstalk 106-108 fm brings you the very best in opinions, analysis, entertainment and sport. From dawn to dusk, you’ll find the freshest, wittiest and most challenging programming on the Irish airwaves.

On Monday 12th September 2016, Newstalk 106-108 fm kicked off its new autumn schedule which includes a host of newly-appointed full-time presenters including Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams, Alan Quinlan, Sarah McInerney. The new schedule sees a number of changes for existing presenters including a longer broadcast of the Pat Kenny Show from 9am-12noon and George Hook move to the 12-2pm slot for his new show, ‘High Noon’.

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Yes agree George says it as it is Newstalk is much more relevant with his imput along with Ivan Yeats.Loose your man Shane Coleman and Alan Quinlan.Don't listen any more in the morning & evening only RTE1 and Today FM.Dump all those do gooders like Fintan O Toole
What Hook said makes sense to me. Surely everybody has a duty to add to their own security and take precautions regarding their own safety. Nobody said at any point that it was the victims fault, but the simple fact is that there are nasty people out there in the big bad world and we should all be wary for our own good. The bleeding hearts and artists would love to live in a lovey dovey world, but it doesn't exist, unfortunately. Give one of these guys an opportunity or even the idea of an opportunity and they will take it. Hook was merely pointing this out, i heard what he had to say and I saw no wrong in it, though he drives me insane with his right wing views, on this one occasion he may well have been right.
Not sure what exactly G. Hook said. But is he not entitled to his opinion right or wrong. Do we not have free speech in this country or is Big Brother watching everything we say. Thats what makes for good radio and good discussion in general.
I am disgusted that George Hook has been suspended. He is a decent man - as stated in no way condoned rape, and has been badly let down by Newstalk and vested interests. Boycott Newstalk and those sponsors until he is reinstated !
Shocked that Newstalk gave in to hysteria and suspended George Hook. Love his show and want to see him reinstated. I am a feminist and campaigned in the women's movement for decades. I don't believe in censorship - debate is the democratic way to challenge opinions. Newstalk has always been a fantastic forum for all shades of opinion until now. The few thousand petitioners are a tiny fraction of the listenership which is the true measure of Newstalk's popularity. Other sponsors will be glad of the slots vacated by Tesco and the hotel group. Have the courage of your convictions and reinstate George. Don't be cowards.
I am disappointed with Newstalk for suspending George Hook in no way could any reasonabale person think that George condones rape regardless of the circumstances in which this crime happens,i am disgusted with Newstalk for bowing to the vested interests and social media, in the intrest of natural justic reinstate George without delay show some backbone Newstalk.
I have always enjoyed George Hook's frank discussions on air and which have been direct, fair and honest. I heard the so called controversial programme and I can't believe that his comments, which relate to the real world have had this reaction. I have discussed this issue with a number of people who listened to the programme and we were all of the one mind that it was a statement of the facts as they exist. Why should this good journalist, who is known for always speaking his mind honestly and fairly, be punished for stating the truth. I am very disappointed to note that Newstalk have decided to take punitive action against Mr Hook . If that is the attitude being taken by Newstalk then I' m afraid I will lend my ear to another radio station. I simply have no intention of supporting a station which hasn't the backbone to stand up to such hypocrisy signed: disappointed listner
I will never listen to who ever replaces George he is a kind man and a family man I will miss him his banter a very good man
I agree if you don't like George don't listen - I think Newstalk has done their bit George has been suspended but I think the issue should finish there !!
Everybody can make a mistake. When I listen to George, I don't agree with everything he says but I have to acknowledge that he's not a bad person. I can disagree with plenty he says and still think he's a good guy. He has apologised, sincerely in my opinion. If you don't like him, just don't listen. Social media mob mentality should not be pandered too. I hope you stand by your man Newstalk. We all make stupid mistakes sometimes.
Mr Hook it seems to me the only reason you are apologising for your support of rapist's is to save your income. I don't accept your self serving apology. Your view on rape is truly disgusting and I will repeat that view in public the next time I see you in Foxrock..I may not have a radio programme but I have a voice and I will use it. Real men don't think or speak like you Mr Hook. Real men are sickened and shamed by males like George Hook and his paymaster Denis O Brien.
I will not be switching again to Newstalk after listening the unbelievable comments by G Hook . It truly shows what a Male chauvinist he is. O M Lord has he not moved on from the days he played Rugby & women were regarded as 'fair game'. I'm disgusted that such an ignorant man is allowed on the a ir waves in 2017. Waken up whoever Manages your station.
M45 outer orbatal was planned what happened it
My daughter received the HPV vaccine and within days was in agony before going to hospital and spending 10 days there with suspected liver disease, avoid this poison
Very sad to hear that no women will be on the air Monday to Friday. I think I will demonstrate my annoyance by not listening.
Its abt time Geoge stopped on abt the gas chambers, they never existed, bt george is too thick to read any so called anti semitc truths .Does he know they are many many rabbis that oppose the isreali state too . ,t u wont ever any reports of that in msm , i wonder why ?
I m on live Newstalk in Mauritius for the news in ireland.I m back in Dublin soon after five week
Tony Byrne seems to have left school way too early. He is clearly incapable of formulating a sentence properly and punctuation appears to be a complete mystery to him. In parts, his note doesn't even look like English. Go back to school Tony.
i have complained 2 time this week by tex,on tues your sports dept did not give out the f a i cup draw which was made on monday night,they on wedsdays ur same sports dept did not give out the shamrock rovers result,i made to complints and i heard noting back, some people dont follow the money leauge in england ,so please can you give fair play to us,thanking you
So glad that Chris O Donoghue is gone from Drive time. He is too pompous too condescending and no real chemistry between him his female co anchor. He worked well with Ivan Yates as he put balance to ,Ivan's opinions, but I just had to turn off from drive time when he is there, Ciaran Cuudy is a far better personality for the show and I feel the two presenters have much more genuine rapport
Why the blackout on the events from the IAAF? Please be aware that real athletes do exist beyond the ignorant howls of the herd. Instead you gravitate towards the rough and tumble and delight yourselves in low level talk
Your broadcaster is surprisingly ill-informed with respect to challenges within the health system (i.e. X-rays after 6pm- these are available 24/7; , weekend discharges - these do take place, weekend rounds are a reality and discharges take place when and if patients have a place to go to, salaries for consultants - money is NOT the issues, making people stay for three years? A ridiculous suggestion. A consultant post is not about an individual, it is about all the associated support services being in place. There are many newly appointed consultants who are powerless to do any work once appointed as there is no system (ir- clinic space, support staff, theatre access, endoscopy access... the list goes on and on and on). Sincerely, Two Irish trained consultants working outside Ireland, with no foreseeable public jobs to return to which would allow us contribute in the manner which we are trained to do.
Just been listening to Pat Kenny and the LRC Lawyer on Suspended Sentences, a serious bone of contention with me. Really serious offenders and cases are getting these and it is so disheartening to the point of not wanting to live in my own country anymore. A young girl was raped at a famous nightclub in North County Dublin at the weekend and the perpetrators were caught on CCTV - let off WITHOUT CHARGE, how is this possible. And even if brought to justice what the odds they get SUSPENDED SENTENCES
Visiting from Montreal
Paul Williams is a factotum of the Garda hierarchy, not a journalist
Paul Williams + Ciara Kelly , a no no as presenters .
Could you outline problems with banking call centers many people are having ? My wife tries to open savings account in BOI and we can't do it for last 3 weeks ! Every call center consultants says something different. Last advise was to take photo id and go to branch. In branch they didn't need photo id, called BOI line, generated PIN but said ( opposite to info line) that thay cannot issue card to savings account... This is RIDICULOUS what is happening in banks now !
You're absolutely right about it, and those banksters also use immigrants to escalate the slavery of working people.
How many thousands of acres of land are property (poverty) developers Hoarding until the next Phantom Celtic Tiger (Misery) returns?? Housing crisis = House price rises!! No supply + Huge demand = Big profits for Vulture funds, Cerberus & Company? One big gigantic Scam!! Financially enslave the good honest working people of Ireland & control us through Bank debt! Time to end this corruption £££ once & for all.
When is the Pat Hickey Corruption Trial date set to resume?? Who paid his bail money of €410,000 & will Seanie Fitz.P be there giving him moral support? Citizens of Ireland we do Not forget.
Seamus , that's why you are pear shape .
I Like Pie
The medals has come to late for those now deceased like my father.
You are a lovely young lady follow your heart and live your life to the best you can have a great life ,believe in yourself and never give up.
It is complete lies to say the scientific findings of the Andrew Wakefield et al study have never been replicated. They have been replicated more than a dozen times, here is the last study https://www.dovepress.com/gastrointestinal-symptoms-and-autism-spectrum-disorder-links-and-risks-peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-PHMT. Also my son got his MMR and still got the vaccine strain of the measles which caused encephalitis and chronic inflammation.
Pat - you know only too well that the Civil Service Privilege Day you referred to in your programme today is long gone. Your view on this was very heavily emphasised by you on your programme at the time.
why the large brown wet spot at the back of your pant ? ? why why why
Pat ,who is this guy promoting smoking,has he been at the bedside of someone dying from lung cancer due to smoking? Taking money from the tobacco industry but not taking ''direction'' b***s**t !
George, Michael McDowell is making the same argument as was made for bankers. That is we must pay huge salaries and pensions or we won't get the best people. They were given huge salaries and pensions and look what they did to the country. Michael McDowell is looking after his own again.
Pat, who was that eejit you were talking to about the 30 k speed limit, about 18 mph !. it is ridiculously slow. most car/bike accidents are at slow speed.the councils have ramped everywhere-- i have broken 3 springs on my car due to ramps and sunken hole covers which are lower than the road surface. i also use a scooter which is likely to cause a serious crash... and cut your tongue in two !!
Newstalks friends in Palestine ...https://www.facebook.com/PNNEnglish/videos/1295225160556107/
I was a relious sister in England when I did a social work course and was. Told not to wear my habit in case I could be seen to be bring a particular bias to a situation
A well written article on the Tuam Babies saga - http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/rush-to-moralise-over-tuam-has-run-ahead-of-the-facts-1.3002786#.WMFwdThi5E4.facebook
hi Michael who pointed out 6109 ,well Obama should not be popping up on any ones computer any more he is a civilian just like everyone else and if 6109 dose not like negros he has every right, its that simple so you should a big poster and stick it on your living room wall.
Have you seen the racist comments about Obama by guest 6109 on you live chat?
Why did Pat Kenny not ask Ivana if she is in favour of abortion on demand apart from the Labour Party's position
I totally agree with Ann Widdicombe that we are analysing our children far too much, and at much too early an age. In my opinion, gender differences/alignment may be more helpfully discuss when a child reaches teen age, along with other issues relating to sexuality, relationships, how to be a responsible adult/citizen etc.
Pat Kenny An interview means allowing your guest to answer the questions Not ranting at them. Funny the way Sinn fein get treated by your station. Never hear the main parties getting such disrespect
My daughter received HPV vacine four years ago, almost from day one her health went done hill, She was suspected of liver Failure in 2012 and spent two weeks in hospital, Today she is always tired and lacks energy , i would advise no body to give this to their child. I have reported this to her doctor and other medices I have come in contact with, however all dismiss my claims.
My daughter received HPV vacine six years ago, almost from day one her health went done hill, She was suspected of liver Failure in 2012 and spent two weeks in hospital, Today she is always tired and lacks energy , i would advise no body to give this to their child. Terence Brazil Limerick
Why did Newstalk reduce Sean Moncrief's brilliant show by an hour. Crazy decision!
New presenter - Derval O'Rourke
Unbelievable - how can your two guests be considered 'wise' enough to be giving advice when they don't seem to understand what it is they're being asked - and if your female contributor could stop doing that american teenage thing of ending every phrase in ascending tones - that would be great!!! Love YOU Sean
Can't we be a gateway for the Uk into the EU and earn a nice few quid
Ha Ha,Coleman you haven't a clue
Delighted,thats what you get for being too cocky,ireland next
You might inform your reporter in Newry that the River Clanrye runs through Newry not the Newry river
i report to the garda sergeant in swords about being threaten and how the company i used to work submitted falsified health and safety documents and falsified evidence in a high court case and were submitting falsified insurance claims the did nothing and now i am not allowed into the garda station
I moved back to the UK from West Cork & found I was hooked to Newstalk, as it was so informative about the UK which the BBC lacks as its so stiff, the NHS is not so good as the HSE. I miss West Cork & the craic of the Irish but I am pleased to be able to taste real beer rather than the black stuff
I worked for the HSE it is run by people who got the job because of who they Know not on ability so anyone with half a brain is to be feared 'cos they know they are found out ! so they make your life a misery! Managers surround themselves with snivelling yes men not those with brain!
Why not ask the. Local about all the windfarm and pylons the intend to destroy mayo with. No long term jobs out of only subsidies for developers. We want long term employment not crap like this. Enda has given nothing to his own county while in term.
What a lovely programme from Co Cork. Intelligent and balanced conversation with time allowed for positive comment - unlike the national broadcaster! I have moved my dial this morning and will be leaving it on Newstalk. Well done to Pat Kenny & team.
Get that noisy argument off the air. What a load of hot air. I won't be listening to any more political programmes. They are full of their own importance and waffle
Sat noon Nov 21 I listened to a science program from this station. I stopped listening for the following reasons a.Everybody speaks at once bird chatter. b.The lady reporting spoke at such a fast rate I heard nothing c.When you learn nothing from such a gathering of talking heads apply a pressure to the on/off control and enter civility .
I would agree totally with the woman on Pat Kenny show talking about traveller anti social behaviour on halting sites.I am living next to a halting site in Clondalkin and the behaviour of those on the site is unbelievable.They have set garden sheds alight,burn bonfires at all hours of the day and night,break pallets during the night making sleep for children very hard.I am sick of the traveller groups crying for equal rights whilst all the while a large number of their community are alienating themselves from local residents through fear and intimidation.It is high time traveller groups stepped up to the mark and instilled some respect into their members.
Ivan can NALA help in the Refugee situation by working with the people on the ground who are willing to help.
Please tell Ivan it was not in St Andrews that Jean Vandvelde had burn problems, it was in Carnoustie.
I'm listening now from Malaysia..... interesting topic: sex in Irish society
What a load of rocking horse shit that Dick was talking. Bobby you need to do better than that.
newstalk is a conservative station that gives the government an easy pass. It has no investigative staff.
Hi my name is Gerry Murphy and i am doing five Charity Fundraising Concerts with BAGATELLE The Final Year Tour. in the south east in July / August / September full venue listing on Tickets.ie With your help we can make this a very Benificial Charity Concert. Tickets on sale at Hotel reception or Tickets.ie Tel; 087 9331752 Please give me aplug on your show. Thank you.
By far the best radio station for sports, news and general chit chats and of course George Hook will have you Hooked
Excellent station,I listen to it frequently on Cape Cod.

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