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RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

RTÉ Radio 1 continues to be the ONLY station in Ireland with a weekly reach of over 1 Million listeners.

Tom McGuire, Head of Radio 1 says: “The growing audience for Today with Sean O’Rourke and The Marian Finucane Show demonstrates that listeners still recognise RTÉ Radio 1 as the home of ‘talk radio’ while the performances of This Week, Countrywide, The Weekend on One and Sunday Sport serves to illustrate the quality and versatility of RTÉ Radio 1 across all genres. We look forward to serving our million-strong audience in 2015.”


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Advocating taking nurses passports for eight years upon qualification! LOL On the Marian Finucane Show
Fintan O' Toole " President Trump has no patience for the detail." LOL Someone edify the Irish Times that Trump has Goldman Sachs for the detail. All practitioners do. Tick tock Cayman Ireland
When Christine Lagarde (IMF director) entered 10 Downing st, requesting a British banking transaction, she might as well have flew the Luftwaffe over London! lol David Cameron tried to cauterize the Tory wound with a referedum and boom! Brexit . Beware the, me sh!t don't smell Chanel coat and princess Monaco scarf for its absolute mon lethal.
The reason there were one and a half million dead people in Ireland during the famine is because the Irish farmer sold his crop of potatos to England , so there you have ...history dose not lie farmer boy. or should I say meat head! MEAT HEAD !
Brexit compensation for the farmers lol. Someone tell Phil Hogan the northern troubles are over and there is no infrastructural and cohesion funds available from the EU. Just the commission ruling on Apple!!!
Listening to the Miriam o Callaghan show. I shall reconsider my position on abolishing the licence fee!
"We don't need muscle power it's all about the sciences" Someone tell the faculty there is a housing crisis.....
and then there was the Belfast/Cork and vv, Enterprise from Amiens Street to Kingsbridge pasengersc ould stay in the through coaches...(connoly to heuston)
Madison Square Lament; We're the one's that tell them what, our media knickers are in a knot. Our faces are all blotchy and full of snot, like an only child aside the new cot. No more our horse-trained narrative rot, for it's the tweet the tweet they have got! ----- Those curds or no degree how could they vote for Trumpi. With their pick-up trucks and spencer repeaters, those clan members, those baby beaters, those John of Gods, those useless eaters, those tweeters those tweeters! --- Darling MI6 dirty tricks who slaughtered and slandered all them Micks report failed! Alas unlike Iraq where Trumpi warned don't attack another Nam and driven back, A bomb or two, that won't do' we want war, lives lost and we'll blame it on you! --- Our P45's are in the post surplus to requirements by our Davos host, Tell our paymasters we did our best did our most but damn tweet damn tweet has made us a ghost!
Sean O'Rourke is a daily must with his unique professional manner and dry wit. The Weekend lineup is also much appreciated.......
Sean O Rourke is great, listening in bed
Listening in Rio de Janeiro great service credit to RTE and internet
Love your show. from Ohio, USA
Great to listen to this from Valencia
I'm enjoying your station good deal , and I like the sports coverage on the weekends , also the talk shows....take care and remember make every day count.
Great program! So informative...Well done The O'Neill Sisters from Kerry! Fantastic!!
radio 1 1s going witch teresa may
It is not correct to say that no passengers ever travelled on the "new" Phoenix park Tunnel line. In 1952 in the days coming up to Christmas time CIE used to run a limited number of fervices from Amiens St (now Connolly) to Cork bypassing Kingsbridge (now Heuston). I travelled on it.
Up the Deise....Back on the saddle today boys...Best of luck from Sheffield.
Nice one John Love the Gloaming :) xx have a nice evening xx
Listening from Saba the Dutch Caribbean, from East Cork. Mary is an amazing lady
Hello Olivia. Don't be worrying. We know you exist out there. You are probably not aware that where you live is often referred to as" little Africa" and thus, you don't hear Balbriggan being mentioned too often. Its unlikely Donald Trump will be visiting that area anytime soon.
Evelyn O Rourke doesn't even mention Balbriggan as part of Fingal Constituency - same as all the politicians - they don't know we exist out here.
Poor Gemima, you are in serious need of a brain transplant, or at least a buzz collar for your outbursts of racism and bigotry. Your 'comment' is that of a 'braindead' person. I don't think the Yes Vote folks would want to be associated with you. Poor Gemima, all alone.
could not send all together I had to send as 2 comments
) then told me the bid came property manager on site but the property manager on site is a real-estate company that has 3 properties in that area for sale in Gort Na Coiribe . When I put on 220 on this property why didn't receiver ask for proof of funding or was it they didn't send to the bank . I think the receiver is playing games and hiding behind bank saying the bank said
Transparency : I'm trying to buy a house in Gort Na Coiribe in Galway its students accommodation I have a 2 kids in collage(sleeping on floor ) & another one going there next year . Property is taken over by the bank ( AIB ) I'm told then you have a receiver & then O'Donnellan & Joyce .Price 240 in august I put 220 on it I was told by law they have to show it for 4 weeks before they can sell it so when that time was up I got email saying the bank wouldn't sell they wanted between 230 to 235 I then went to 230 then I was asked for proof of money to buy it so they could send to bank with offer and I did that I was told I'd here 5 to 8 days after 17 days they got back to me and said someone put a bid in yesterday 235 but they put the bid on with the receiver ( I was told I could not talk to receiver at any time by the real-estate ) he(real-estate )
not working
It's 14 degrees here in Basingstoke, overcast and has been raining for the last three days.
its 9 degrees in Melbourne Victoria Australia
It's 43 degrees in Marrakech, listening to the Mayo game
It is 34° in Granada (Spain) this Saturday lunchtime.
A heatwave is sweeping across Europe, with temperatures set to exceed 40C in some countries.
Northern Ireland's five main political parties have urged Independent TD Mick Wallace to pass any information he has about irregular activities around a major property deal in the North on to gardaí.
Gardaí in north Dublin have told HIQA that investigations of allegations of physical abuse of children have been impeded by considerable delays on the part of Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, in informing them fully about the allegations.
The funeral has taken place of Co Westmeath couple Larry and Martina Hayes who were killed in a terror attack on a beach in the Tunisian resort of Sousse last Friday.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said an IMF analysis showing Greece's debt is unsustainable justifies his government's decision to reject an aid package from creditors that offered no debt relief.
RTE is the "state broadcaster". It can be relied upon to support the government.
Poor Gemima...
Dear Gemima.....get stuffed.
Irish people are disgusting, even if they've stepped out of the middle ages with one vote, they're still a bunch of fucking braindead gobshites.
The hypocrisy is disgusting, they vote to give freedom to one group then vote to deny it to another group. Then they talk about a revolution as if it's the end of a journey when they still have the Angelus before the news and a Catholic-run state education.
Can't trust this new party already. Ms. Creighton was against same sex marriage and now she is for it? Sounds like typical political oppertunism. As a gay man urging a huge yes vote I, and others like me, need a lot more clarity from her and this party on their stance on gay rights. Not good enough to just flip flop when it suits them
Thanks to the news at One team for the interview live from Sierra Leone- today Sunday. Umaru is a really good journalist. Please let us hear more from the country and how people are coping. Thanks again.
Re Medical Insurance. Easy solution to the intractable problems of health insurance. Why not give a medical card to anyone who wants one, on an income related basis. Those who wish to stay private could, and state subsidies to the private health sector could be gradually withdrawn, leaving all the money to the public sector. Kevin Murrell

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