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rte radio 1

RTÉ Radio 1

Genre:Folk, News, Pop
Phone:(01) 208 3111

RTÉ Radio 1 - We've got the Nation Talking

RTÉ Radio 1 (Irish: RTÉ Raidió 1) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. The station is a rare modern example of a mixed radio network, broadcasting a mixture of music and speech programming.

Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Thanks for being one of them.


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Viva la France …..It will be the Guillotine for Macron …...but first a large platter of snails and a bottle of louis finest wine …..then its to the Guillotine we will all march with Macron ……..tickets go on sale today starting at 9.99 to 500.00 francs ….oops I mean euros ...the events will commence at noon on 11-12-18 …..remember bring the family the kids will love it .
Hi Gary, Cold here. Some Jewish MP has threatened to starve us. Stay where you are and look after Karen, she sounds like a Star. If there is food there, STAY. I am heading to Dublin next Saturday for a yellow vest protest, I hope to see a repeat of Paris. Keep drinking, it blocks out some of the bad stuff. Our Taoiseach gave himself a 25,000 raise a month last week. Glad you got your part time job.
Ah hows it going ?...im fine and the weather is roasting it is 28 Celsius ffs and I have a tan now and I even have a girlfriend too her name is Karen and she is from Christchurch New Zealand …. I have a handy second job delivering boat parts to the marina ….ah its grand along with me porter job ffs ….its about 11.30 Sun morning and im having cans a beer and catching up with all the news ffs ...ah im still homesick and I wont be home for the Christmas ffs and I listen to the replay of ceili house when I can ..ah Karen likes to drive me around to see the sights it is lots of fun ...but I still call it the craic , I hope Ireland is ok after the whole Brexit thing …….but now its time to play Paddy Reilly's 'The Fields of Athenry' Slan for the week,Gary.
Saturday with Cormac O' hEadhra……..The protests in Paris which I was watching live on youtube were peaceful until the police attacked the crowd and start beathing and assaulting older peaceful protesters ...and then the police brought in a ; water cannon truck' and blasted people just standing on the foot path …..the police were wearing their Nazi helmets too …..well Macron is a liberal jackass and his days as president are numbered …...people are sick and tired of liberals and that is how Trump won his election and he might win a second term ……..
Leap of Faith - Interview with Historian, Catherine Corless who received an honorary doctorate in law from Trinity College Dublin.......For her tireless research and quest for acknowledgement by the State and Bon Secours Sisters of the 'Tuam Babies that were dumped in a Victorian septic tank........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
The Joe Duffy Show...….Contact Joe at ph 715815 or...Joe@rte.ie or text Joe at 51551...….And tell Joe all you're worries and hardships and concerns and Joe will solve all you're problems and if you're very nice he might say happy Christmas to you .
News at One - Interview with Sharron Donnery on the headwinds facing Irish SME's after the U.K leaves the European Union...........Some one ask the Deputy Governor and frontrunner....About Italy's Andrea Enrica getting the senior position at the ECB instead of her.......As her appointment would have been an obstacle to her Harvard educated boss, Governor Philip Lane getting a set at the top table......As the ECB,s chief economist.......Hay donkey eyes, throw a drop of sweat in that and i'll get ya, a cross directorship in a sporting organization..........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
The U.K. is going to collapse next week 11-12-18 with no deal Brexit ,Ireland will also get kicked in the teeth …..the u.k to lose 5.5% and Ireland to lose 7% and that's what happens when Ireland follows England to the gates of HELL and further …...65% trade with the brits is so stupid it should be 40% max and Ireland needs to trade in other markets and more in USA …..Americans like to spend money and Ireland needs to keep Ireland Irish because Americans did not save up hard earned money to go to Ireland and deal with people from Africa or the middle east ….one of the best things Ireland has is tourism and its being ruined by foreigners and when the tech jobs and pharmaceutical jobs leave Ireland all that will be left is agriculture ……….and today you're tour guide at Blarney castle will be Abdulla Husain from Africa …….WTF !
The ship Aquarius has been refused the papers to go to sea and pick up more migrant terrorists and bring them to Europe to kill men woman and children which the Irish government is very disappointed about ,...The Irish government stance is ...let anyone into Europe unvetted weather they are a terrorist or not and lets give them FREE education,food,transport,housing,clothing,health-care,...a free ride for the terrorists and they will keep coming to Ireland to cause problems ……..you know the funny thing is that not one member of the Irish government in any party will live next to a migrant or have a migrant at their home for Christmas dinner because they want the rest of Ireland to deal with the scummy migrants …...do you think micky Higgins will have Christmas dinner with migrant scumbags ?
another long hour of bad music from john creedon …..I need to find a new station
The casket of George H W Bush has just left the church in Houston Texas to be transported to a 'Union Pacific' train with 6 cars the center one has clear glass where the coffin will be so as the train meanders its way across the plains of Texas the town folk can view the 41st presidents casket before he is laid to rest at 'Collage Station' with his wife Barbara and daughter Robin out back of his library ,The End .
Well done Jesse you are a 'Trailblazer' I am impressed and that's a hard thing to do these days , keep up the great work man and I love the stations , there is a site in New York which I like too …and I like 1010 WINS news and traffic ...and 880 FM news and weather on the 8's …. thank you.
George W Bush just said in his speech about his late father ….he was the best father a son could ever have.....then he lost it …..the service is in the national cathedral in Washington DC , the funeral will be later in Texas.12.35 pm east coast time.....
Today with Sean O' Rourke …..'Selection Boxes' are the greatest thing ever invented …...even better than the wheel .
These days its all about POTUS and FLOTUS with a little bit of SCOTUS and politicos and pundits …. LOL LOLer .....So long fair well adieu adieu , EU adieu adieu ! Cuckoo !
JOKE….Wife says.....oh honey for our 40th wedding anniversary I want to go somewhere I have never been before …….Husband says....why don't you start by going in the kitchen ……...aaahahahahaha….aaahahahahaha...aaahahahahahaaaaa.
wake up pple , un migration compact will flood europe with 59 million migrents by 2025
Watch George H W Bush lying in state at the Rotunda in the Capital building in Washington D.C. USA live on YouTube , public viewing just started at 6.30 east coast time , all flags are at half staff nationwide ....what a life he had .
ray d' arcy show......Nurses are not allowed say , dear , love , sweetie , lad , boy , girl , to addresses patients anymore in case someone gets offended , ….I however will demand that I'm addressed by my formal title of " Lord" ….yes my Lord.....no my Lord …..anything else my Lord.....and so on .
BEWARE....of all the charities and so called charities trying to get you're money this Christmas season they are pulling at heart strings but almost all charities are committing fraud all the time and there audits are supposed to be public info but they are not ….it is a big scam !...….look just give if you can to someone in you're own community I'm sure they will be very grateful ….thank you and remember charity starts at home ...bless all the Irish in Ireland and the Irish abroad this holy season , Cathy xoxo
Marian Finucane - Panel discussion on the broadsheets lead stories.....On the 300,000 employee HSE monolith with no accountability.....On the romantic days that hospital 'ward sisters ran a more efficient and effective service for patients..........Someone tell the pundits that the game has moved in the nursing profession......Nurses are performing invasive procedures that only doctors were performing as resent as ten years years ago.....Yet the HSE dose not recognize this work.....Nor is it reflected in nursing pay and conditions........Huge lumens will shine nova bright, upon industrial action on the junior doctors from Riyadh, Dubai, Mumbai ect......Who use the Irish health care system to make their mistakes, before heading back home to take a position in their parents private hospitals.....As for bank nurses with no senior staff.....Someone the hospital consultants and politicians.....Its clinchey bum time......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.........
ITS 8AM on Sunday and I have a feckin hangover cause I was out at the pubs all night , ah singing and roaring me head off at everything on the telly at the pub ffs ...JJ Walsh ok I wont tell anyone where I go anymore lol ...ah its a bit a craic cheers feen…..im having a bloody-mary and scrambled eggs and a bit a toast for me breakfast aaah the cure ffs......I heard that hurling and camogie is a dying sport ah ffs ….I wonder if the rest of us are an endangered species fs …..ah one of me favorite shows is on now 'Ceili house' great stuff …..ah shagg the eggs and toast im making it a liquid breakfast ...Slan Leat Amadans lol....Gary.
Gary, nobody gives a F*** where you go. Once you leave Ireland, you Will always be treated like a foreigner when you come back, even by your own Family. Stay in 0Z less Earthquakes. Keep drinking. And I am only having the craic with you. I wish you well.
please resist the homosexualism, it is very wrong
Its 2.20 on Saturday im off for the weekend and im going to the pub soon and im going to get scuttered ffs ….hey I watched the toy show ah it was grand ….it is 25 degrees and im trying to get a sun tan so I can blend in with these shaggers in Australia ffs......there are some right feckers in Australia ….im still homesick and I miss all the Christmas spirit ffs …..this place is ok but I can think of better places …and I might go to New Zealand in the new year unless oz gets better ffs....bye Gary.
Liveline - June Rodgers singing from her Christmas Show at Taylors Three Rock Hotel, Rathfarnham.........Also an interview with Eamon Dunphy and Singer Daniel O'Donnell.......Funny Friday a tropical island in a raging ocean of dissonance reduction by pundits and politicos......Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now..........
Oh I cant wait for the TOY SHOW tonight to see all the black children and Asians and children from around the world …...what a lovely collection of other species we have in Ireland ….I wonder if there will be any Irish children invited …..im sure mick Higgins will tune in to see his wonderful collection of diversity and the future prison population
Today with Sean O' Rourke ...….Garda check points sound like Nazi check points …...it is violating peoples freedoms and it is harassment ….I'm glad I don't live there where I live I never see the police harassing people .
irishmen please desist the homosexualist tendency
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere .
Ray D' Arcy Show...…...Ray "Giggles" D' Arcy …..he Giggled non stop the whole show like a 12 year old school girl …...must be something in the water.
Morning Ireland - Interview with Kevin O'Malley the former American Ambassador to Ireland........."That's a question for psychiatrist not a former ambassador" a......"He has stayed in campaign mood"........."Never have we see these weekly style campaign rallies"....."He is still under our law the President of the United States"........."I did not come here to criticize President Obama, I mean President Trump"......Some tell the former ambassador that Tom 'creamy head' Steyer the liberal democrat and American billionaire hedge-fund manager......Has spent $100 billion so far on cable adds advocating for President Trumps impeachment.......Also tell Kevin O'Malley that ya won't get more liberal left than President Trump throwing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal in the bin........ Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now......
House prices in Northern Ireland increased by .8% this year so next year I believe the average home prices will plummet by 25% and continue in a downward path , all businesses in the north would be better moving south so they can continue to trade with Europe , otherwise tariffs will be there to tax you …..furthermore in five years after Brexit the homes will be worth what they were back in 1940 and unemployment will be about 38% and there will be very long lines at the dole offices and soup kitchens …….but in all seriousness I would be in a big hurry to get the hell out of northern Ireland while the going is good ….sell out now and at least have money or lose it all because of Brexit …..that choice is simple because the brits are screwed .
World AIDS day....most of the political party leaders volunteered to a blood test EXCEPT ONE...…...the volunteers were Fianna Fail Micheal Martin , Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald , Labor party leader Brendan Howlin , Green Party leader Eamon Ryan , Social Democrats Roisin Shortall…….they all took the HIV test except Fine Gaels Leo Varadkar...WHY ?.....it leads me to believe that leo has full blown AIDS or he has HIV positive or he's boyfriend is carrying the HIV virous or he has full blown aids....if Leo dose have AIDS then other world leaders need to know so they can take steps to protect themselves from contracting AIDS/HIV or any other sodomy diseases , who knows maybe Leo is clean but him not taking the test is suspect …
The news at one...….50% Interest on loans from 'Amigo Loans' a british lender who wants to do that in Ireland …..nobody should ever pay more than 15% interest on anything ……..it sounds to me the brits are screwed lol lol …...the Brexit situation will make their pound as valuable as the French Franc or the Italian Lira …..aaaahahahaha,.....the brits will know what poverty is very soon and there will be grinding and gnashing of teeth .lol
O Rourke... the worst presenter in Europe.. perfect for RTE..
Arlean Fosters is a complete dope that's why she dose not want a backstop so there will be a hard border …...to simply put it Arlean wants to go back to when the troubles were going on …..
Arlean Foster has said that Thresa May has 'given up' on a better Brexit deal but she said that she hasn't given up...…….I have a better deal for Arlean Foster....GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU F*****G B***H !
I'm ready for the weekend !...…..Arlean Foster is a durty you know what !
Christmas came early for me yesterday ….I just happened to walk into my local guns & ammo shop and I bought a brand new.... Ruger 10/22 semi automatic rifle with a scope on it , although it has a 10 round magazine I would like to buy a 25 round clip for more fire power on the range and I bought 100 rounds of ammo and it has a beautiful walnut stock , I have a trigger lock on it and I'm keeping it in a case , the perks of USA …. there are local clubs too and I might join one soon. It only took 45 mins to buy with back-round check but next time it will be faster .....next on my list is a Flintlock 'Trad' .45 musket black/powder and led ball for fun.....have a look at the Ruger 10/22 on you-tube....see ya.
Fine Gaels mouth piece Seán O Rourke at it again today with Mary Lou. Bring on the Fine Gael Taoiseach and Ministers who stitched up Maurice McAbe and question them. Bring on the Fiana Fáilers associated with Mary Boyle murder. What are you doing there you scum?
NASA just landed a spacecraft on the planet MARS at 7.56 pm Irish time ,….they hope to drill 16 feet or so to see what's inside the red planet , bye
Morning Ireland - Interview with the MP Owen Patterson on Thereas May's, withdrawal agreement......."This puts us in a significantly worse position than when we were full members of the European Union"....... "It completely fails to deliver our manifesto commitments, to leave the single market, to leave the customs union and leave the remit of the European Court of Justice"........."This agreement emphaticlly fails on all accounts"......"It creates a separate jurisdiction for Northern Ireland"....."Which is a terrible breach of the principle of consent which was one of the foundation planks of the 'Belfast Agreement"........."There is no change that i will vote for it"......Some one ask the British MP, is it a massive oxymoron that the Irish State prides itself on being a 'Tech Center of Excellence.......Yet downs any chance of there being a 'Tech Solution to border clearance of goods and services in the event of 'No Deal.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now...........
Ah its Sunday here in Sydney Australia 2.08 am ffs....im getting along well now I bought a new bike and I have a new drivers license so im saving up for a used car and im after cutting down on the pints and im going for walks and im looking for a part-time job on top of me full time job …..the craic is 90 ffs and im still home sick and I can buy Tayto here and the weather is lovely and I cant type like before because im so shagging busy ….but its still grand to go to the pub and I do be singing along with all the songs ah its a blast ffs ….slan Gary....ps everyone says mate here ffs
Playback with Marian Richardson - News at One - Interview with 77 year old Vera Dwyer who was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease 30 years ago.....The longest surviving lung transplant patient....Who went to London in 1988 to receive a single lung transplant..........Seacapes - Micheal Lawless interview with Roger O'Reilly and his new book, 'Lighthouses of Ireland'........ Country Time - Presenter Sandy Harsch passes....Rip Sandy Harsch........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.............
Well the Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success and there is plenty of leftovers ,....I'm still stuffed LOL
Ray D'Arcy Show - Interview with Sister Stan of Focus Ireland and Homelessness being 15% higher this year......The unknown and untold damage to individuals and families.........Advocating for rent controls and the government to purchase the 'buy to let's from private equity.......The barbaric situation of 'self accommodation'.......Also Sister Stan teaching meditation and the tools for 'mindful thinking.......... Living with intention and being fully present on meeting another person........ Also the Rodger Child's interview on the 12pm and 6pm Angelus pause for reflection.........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now...........
Hi from USA its 'Thanksgiving' here and a mighty feast will be had by all , we have a 21lb turkey and all the fixings and shrimp,deviled eggs,and a veggie platter and lots of beverages the weather is plenty cold too minus 8 celsius and more snow on the way , Jenny and Anna were busy last making home made pies and getting things ready for today .....there will be NFL football on later and the Macy's Day Parade from New York will be on the tv , there was a great glow from the fire place too its a bit of work but you cant beat it ....Ireland should celebrate thanksgiving too for her own reasons on this day before 'Black Friday' why not ...it should be put on the next ballet before the next national vote .....Adois amigos .
Morning Ireland - On the lack of workers taking up employment in the construction industry..........The ESRI report siting that the lack of affordable living in Ireland is deterring foreign workers form taking up employment in the construction industry..........Some one ask.....In the teeth of a housing crisis would the construction industry non consider lobbying the government.......To railroad through legislation to build favela's on the side of the Dublin mountains, to house the cheap foreign labour.....'Polish wages, 'Irish house prices, 'Whats new pussycat..........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Tayto sandwich for breakfast and a lovely cup of tea .
tonight the english players playing for Ireland made sure that they would not score so they can bring Ireland down ...they are all plants to make sure Ireland never gets good at soccer....and martin o neil is part of this that's why he was hired from northern Ireland , they are essentially all english and here lies the problem......time for people to wake up the english in england and the loyalists in Ireland are behind all the Irish losses ,.......for example would you hire a Russian ice hockey team to play for the USA in the Olympics ? NO!.....because they will lose on purpose .
Whos watching the Ireland vs Denmark soccer match today ? aaahahahaha final score Ireland 0.....Denmark 4 …..at least we have rugby lol
Today with Sean O' Rourke....woman are complete failures blaming men all the time …..girls get the exact education as boys in Ireland ,fact , so where is the disadvantage for girls ?...woman just bitch and complain all the time and they should not be hired for any job because they are only trouble ,....woman power,girl power,black power,white power, these are all hate groups / Nazis …….if anyone should complain it should be men because Ireland still is 3.5 million people short to equal that of famine times …..meanwhile woman want to abort as many children as possible ….Irish woman are a disgrace to the country just like the soccer team...….by the way to gain respect anywhere it is by merit .
Today with Sean O'Rourke …...Sean is being a right spastic today.....fine gael supporter …..woman are complaining again what a surprise ,woman blaming men for their shortcomings again and again and again how pathetic they are …..male bashing is ok on rte ….Donald Trump would call them all 'Losers'.
Raising Time - A calm sea before we enter the 'dire straights of dissonance reduction by pundits and politico's.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now........
Yeah Sean I call it propaganda …...Hitler used to do the same thing with radio , so most of what the government/radio regurgitates is something that comes out of a horses anus .
Government controlled media. Mouth piece for FG.
Congratulations Ireland on beating New Zealand all blacks ...16 points to 9 ....what a game of rugby ….historic ! …..9pm.
Playback with Marian Richardson - Sean O'Rourke interview with Minister Mary Mitchell O'Conner who is advocating for gender quotas to increase the number of female professors and senior lecturer's in Irish collages.........Someone ask the Minister with special responsibility for higher education if the government has considered gender reassignment for half the male faculty......The European targets for female professors holding court in Irish institutions hit in two to four years.....Also a Kim K ass lift and no PHD needed.....A she-male faculty and the fee-paying overseas student numbers would rocket........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Peter 'I would not waist a plane ticket on Davos' Navarro has warned 'Wall Street' not interfere in the China trade talks.... He told hedge-fund managers and bankers to back down from their push for President Trump to strike a quick trade deal China's Xi Jinping in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washing.......LOL LOLer A huge kick in the nuts for the Martha's Vineyard, billionaire deans of admission who have been force feeding their students the 'Brown Institute' narrative, that globalization is the only game in town.....Peter Navarro said "Wall street get out of our negotiations and bring your Goldman Sacks money to Daytona, Ohio, and invest in America!".....Cayman Irelanders have €3billion wiped of stocks LOL LOLer......So long fair well adieu adieu, EU adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
LOL All that Media nonstop 'Trade Wa Wa' dooms day narrative LOL LOLer.......The big slow down in China's growth by deleveraging.....All that Chinese heavy industries, excess capacity and the leverage that has driven it.....Profound economic changes for China!....Not a human right, let alone a workers right LOL LOLer.....Remember the 20 billion sq foot of unused Chinese property and American cities in runes......German growth slows and Angela Merkel's heir apparent, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer LOL LOLer said in Berlin "No matter how charming the French are,its always and above all about French interest. "You must know that, and we should have our German interests, in mind first and foremost".LOL LOLer French President Macron, playing touchy knee with Merkel while Ravel's 'Bolero is playing in the pissing rain. So long fair well adieu adieu, EU adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Hey everyone I made it to Australia ffs and I finally got a job in a hotel as a porter and it is a live-in job and I has me food there and I found a Irish pub and I love to go there and tell everyone that me name is Gary im from Ireland and its very nice here ...and I tell them stories of Ireland and they love it...…. I did not like the plane flight ffs and I was roaring crying before I got on the plane never to see dear old Ireland again and your man at the shagging airport did not want to let me in but I told him im only here on me holidays ffs and then he let me in ….theres no feckin chipper here ffs but the irish pub can make chips ...they talk funny here ..the accent ….im buying a bicycle tomorrow to get around and next week im getting me drivers license , ah life is good so far but im a bit homesick so I listen to me irish music and radio … I even met two fellows from Sligo they have been here for 8 years …...well I must go out for me pints now , slan leat Gary .
Today with Sean O'Rourke - Interview with Minister Paschal Donohoe.......Q;"In the event of a crashing out Brexit".... "What are the broad strokes of preparation to protect business".....Minister Donohoe..."We want frictionless free trade and open supply lines".......Some one ask Minister Donohoe is there is plan to run dual currencies, 'Euro/Punt to operate below parity with Sterling and protect the thousands of local jobs exposed to the British market........Or do the Farmers, Haulers, SME.s have to learn the hard way.....That IBEC is 'Share Buyback'.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
News at one......The electric scooter issue weather to license/tax/insure ?....I would say a simple 10 year license for 20 euro is ok and liability insurance because these scooters go 50k per hour and could kill a migrant crossing the road …..but what's not on the table here is a Helmet law if anything is done I feel that the scooter operators must wear a Helmet to protect their ugly mug , I always wear a Helmet and a red cape with a big S on it for Seamus when I'm on my scooter .
The UFOs that were spotted off the south west coast of Ireland on 9th Nov 2018 were first seen by the same persons who saw the moving statues back in the eighties when there were hundreds of moving statues reported across Ireland , yes Paddy O' Finnaghan and Biddy Nee O' Shaunessey O' Flaherty Murphy were the ones to spot the UFOs after they left O' Malley's Public house after hours ,...they both claimed they waved wildly as the space ships flew by as they screamed "hello from Ireland"
Today with Sean O'Rourke - On the Man Booker Prize winner 2018 'Milkman' by Anna Burns.........Also the new Rory Gallagher autobiography by Julian Vignoles.......'The Man Behind The Guitar'......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now...........
Morning Ireland - On the 149 point 'National Traveller and Roma inclusion plan' for the 30,000 Pavee........With only 1% reaching third level education and traveller unemployment at 80%.......And still no discussion on the elephant in the room......The 'Prussian Education System' used by the church and state......The military industrial system used to uniform and conform the young.......The ideal vehicle us to condition and railroad millions of boys (pals brigades) to the mass slaughter of the 'Great War'.......And latterly used to great effect by the Nazi party to churn out the sullen 'Master Race'.......When a confident, creative, talkative child was spotted the Nazi's would point and shout, Juden! Juden!........Ann Frank a quack quack....A Montessori kid......The Pavee are blind to this elephant and the government certainly does not want to build Montessori schools for the Pavee, dyslexic, dyspraxic, ect......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now............
eleven boys perished and another twenty were badly burned in a fire that engulfed their school dormitories in Uganda Africa ,WOOOOAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH HAAAAAA !
jon, that sounds like a very nice time have a bite for all of us starving over here , good luck lad .
Thursday the 22nd is "Thanksgiving" in the United States I'm looking forward to it , all that turkey and ham and spiced beef with mashed potatos,roast potatos,brussels,carrots,corn,stuffing,all the fixings and gravy and pumpkin pie/apple pie w cream and of course wine,beer,coffee,tea,and soda-pop …...starters will be shrimp and a veggie platter and the weather is right at the moment with snow on Saturday and temps of minus 8 Celsius in the upper mid-west but in the winter it will get down to minus 15 Celsius on average, today is vets day in the U.S. fed holiday , and the day after Thanksgiving is 'Black Friday' or shop till you drop and the kick off of the holiday season in America and cyber Monday is on the 26th , by the way the best thing about Thanksgiving is family and friends enjoying a very large meal together and Ireland should have their own Thanksgiving maybe in November too ……..remember the Thanksgiving on Walton's mountain :-) I like this station.
Rising Time - Lighting it up with massive rock lumens before the demonic onslaught of dissonance reduction reduction by pundits and politicos.........
Morning Ireland - Louise Byrne Interview with TD Ruth Coppinger.....On schools closing because of incomplete building works on foot of cost cutting by Western Buildings Systems.......TD Coppinger ."How can a company self certify itself"..........Highlighted the the cervical smear test costing women their lives for the cheapest bid.......And now school children under the cosh to save a few bob..........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
Marian Finucane - Interview with David Horgan of Petrel Resources....On his adventures in the mining and oil exploration......"What drives progress is investment, technology and productivity"......."For that you have to work as a team and their has to be something in it for everybody"......."So if you have to expropriate the international white investor your going to impoverish your own people"......Siting the Bolivian government taking the natural gas the company had discovered in the 1980's causing capital investment by London institutions to dry up........On corruption and his companies refusal to pay people off......When part of his license was awarded to a Nigerian, who had an American listed company paying $1 million to an Obama fund and $1 million to a Hillary Clinton fund.......However David Horgan reassured Marian that the American authorities are now prosecuting the Nigerian on foot of Presidents Trumps election........Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now.......
Marian Finucane - Interview with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on housing and the pending evictions of families from their homes by private equity.......Some one tell Taoiseach Varadka that the Italian Government coalition of the Lega Nord and the Fire Star Party has ensured that it tales fifteen years from first court appearance to evict an Italian woman and her kids from the family home........Private Equity has bought billions of business N.P.L's from the Italian banks.......But it's hands away from the Italian family home........Abolishing the licence fee on hold for now
The John Creedon Show - A safe bunker from the withering onslaught of dissonance reduction from politicos and pundits.......Abolishing the license on hold for now...........
The Ryan Tubridy Show - Interview with Kean Byrne of Maynooth bookshop and Irish Book week advocating for the support of local book shops.......The void left behind when a local bookshop dies.......Also Donal Ryan's Irish tour and new read 'From a Low and Quite Sea'.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
Drivetime - Interview with journalist, Megan Guzzo of Playbuzz....On the court appearance of 46 year old Robert Bowers who pleaded not guilt to gunning down 11 souls at a Pittsburgh Synagogue.......Who pointed out that Bower's appeared for arraignment on his feet and not in a wheelchair.......Megan also pointed out some of Pittsburgh's leadership and Politicos did not welcome the visit of President Trump to comfort and offer reassurance to the bereaved.......Someone tell Megan Guzzo that that 250,000 thousand orange men march in military formation while singing 'we will swim in Fenian blood' and wearing the orange sash belt of the Ku Klux Clan........Their bigotry, hate and support of Her Majesty the Queen never causes mass media outrage........Nor should it....Or do we need the crayons........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.......
Well im signing off now ffs …..and I will be on me way to Australia in the few days ….moving out of me flat tomorrow and heading to London ffs and I will have the few days there before I fly out ….ah im bringing some brown bread in case I get hungry and a few bags a Tayto and me Barry's tea….well I don't know if I will be back on here because I might be to busy in Australia if I get a job ffs....I hope there is an irish pub in Sydney ….I think I will be roaring crying going on the plane never to see Ireland again ...goodbye :-(
Howdy there friend from the "Bull Dog Saloon" Mentone Indiana USA , have a looksee son we got great bar food yeah its the happening place in these parts yeall welcome to pop in sometime , I just happened on this radio station and i'm digging it ,rock on .
HEY ….how are you …..im fine …. Im off to Australia on Monday ffs and this is me last Tuesday in Ireland ffs.....im having plenty a cabbage+spuds+bacon later and pints a porter ffs......im bringing a hurley and sliotar with me and Barry's tea too......there wont be anyone to see me off when I leave ……..I will miss Ireland very much and I will cry a lot when im leaving ...ffs….ah im off to the pub now.
Paddy boy did ye turn off the immersion ? …..Paddy ? !....Paddy ?!....PADDY ? !!!!...Paddy boy did ye turn off the immersion ..? ….Paddy...Paddy did ye turn off the immersion boy ?..PADDY !!!!!!!!! DID YE TURN OFF THE FECKIN IMMERSION ? !!!!!!!!...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
Lovely weather...LoL LoLer .....So long fair well adieu adieu, EU adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
Politicos and pundits and liberals are all rearing to go to ........
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere .
Curry chicken n chips and peas + 20 pints a Heineken ....signing off in the few days ffs....off to Australia soon ...fair well to Ireland never to see you again .......ah ffs....I have been playing flight of the earls by paddy Reilly and the fields of Athenry ffs....im almost home-sick already.....I wonder if I will make friends in Australia .....well im heading off to the pub now cheers ...
Under Trumps presidency the American economy is much better off for example the GDP is almost 4% and unemployment is about 4% …...and the minimum wage has increased …..further more everyone is earning more money ……...when Obama was in office the GDP was the lowest in the history of the USA because he was a negro and stupid and there was higher unemployment and much more crime ….Obama also created racist problems because he is a bigot ..... he has gone down as the worst president in American history ......the numbers don't lie !
Well Boston Red Sox WON......I hope you put a little cash on it :-) ….Day off in Boston on Monday ……………..
BREAKING NEWS !!! ...3 AM Irish time...Indonesia...LION AIR passenger jet from Jakarta to Sumatra has CRASHED...everyone died a terrifying death !!!! ...25 mins ago...……………...
Oct 25th I said put 200.00 on the Boston Red Sox in the world series it is game 5 and Boston lead 5-1 top of the 8th inning at the moment at 10.46 ET ……...best out of 7 clinch it so it looks like this one is in the bag boys ………….HON THE IRISH .
I have a great idea when I get to Australia I will see the sights in Sydney for the first week and then I will look for a job washing pots in a hotel and see if I can get a live in job ….ah good times ahead ffs.....and I will be disconnected at the end of the week and I wont be in touch for some time …...I hope I find a good pub there and it will be me new local ffs …..all im doing is waiting all week to leave ffs ….
Congratulations to Michael D Higgins on winning a second a second term as president of Ireland .
No more blasphemy law in Ireland it was voted out 64.85% to 35.15% ….I voted against its removal ,....stupid voters did not think this one through because they are very stupid ….now blasphemy is ok for example......Muhammad's farther was a pig and his mother was a goat which makes him a dirty bastard...allah is a scumbag and a child molester…..the quran is a book where you get toilet paper from to wipe you're ass and it is great to burn the quran in the fireplace at home...Muhammad is a thief and a coward and cries like a girl....allah sleeps with a pig and the pig is allah's owner ,....Muhammad is a homo and his boyfriend is a camel named Fred from Saudi arabia …………you see that's why I voted to keep the blasphemy law in place .
im going to Australia very soon and um I cant wait and im all packed ah I will be singing the fields of athenry on the airplane on me way ...I will have great craic there I hope ffs and its the summer there now and I might get a tan and I hopes to get a job....and I plan on getting plastered for the first few weeks yaaaaaahooooo for meeee
I'm very sorry .
Can you please play the Carpenters song "Close to you" thanks that's great.
Breaking news …….11.29 ET USA….Pittsburg PA …..Synagogue attacked 8 dead so far ….injuries unknown....church was filled with people ….empty magazines were found ….suspect arrested ….white dude with beard .
Can you please play ' Diggy Diggy Lo ' by Doug Kershaw , thanks you so much .
Please play "My Endless love" by Lionel Richie …...its one of my favs ..bye :-D
I lost me driving license when I lost me job ….and then I went out and got hammered...... and then I got in a car crash with a shaggin-fecker and then we had a fist fight and he gave me the beating of me life and he kicked me in the ballax at least 10 times ffs ….ah me car got wrecked ffs and I have been on the dole ever since and feck-all work ffs....but very soon im heading to Australia for good to seek me fortune ah sure till be grand ..but I will get a new driving license there and me goal is either a bread-man or a milk-man or a coal-man ...ah then I will be set ...im looking forward to having me few pints there ah it will be grand altogether ….slan leat for now .
Drive time,... the garda are out tonight to GET YOU and ARREST YOU and you will go to PRISON and get RAPED because you failed a field sobriety test…….bottom line is don't drink n drive ....take a taxi....or....walk...or....ask you're mother to drive you....or....take the bus...or...take you're bicycle ….or...ask you're super gay neighbor for a lift to the gay bar to meet ur bull dyke bitch .LOL a-lot.
HEY YOU , ...mate ….Tayto sandwich today and plenty of cans …...im going out on the town tomorrow ………………….
Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers in World series 2018 it is 2 - 0 for the Red Sox ….Game three is tomorrow at 8pm ET it will be played in L.A. ...best outa 7 ….put 200.00 on the SOX its a certainty …..OH ...take me out to the ball game...…….4 hot dogs +sour kraut +mustard ..+Ice cold Budweiser ooooooyaaaaa !
The Ryan Tubridy Show 9am...…...The Oprah singing donkey is very good …….I strongly encourage all to give it a listen ….the whole listening audience just burst out laughing ...like me LOL...hahahahahahaha
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere
The Late Debate ---with Sarah McInerney she is a great interviewer ….and regarding the debates …(A) I believe Michael D Higgins will get the second term he wants ...but if I was 77 I would be sitting on a beach with a tall blond chick from Sweden on a tropical island drinking strong fruity drinks with an umbrella in the glass and not running to be president....just my thought
Today its 16 pints of the black stuff …..slurp ...AAAAAAH ….that's it bhoys tip a few jars later ffs its almost Friday …..and feck the election it sounds like a shaggin land slide ffs.....one horse race ffs …..curried chips later + peas ….I will be signing off next week cause im going to Australia for good and never to return to Eire's rocky shores ...ah ffs.
RTE still hasn't reported on BOMBS sent to the democrats hahahaha.....current time 11.19 EST
BOMBS...sent to CNN...Obamas house....and Clintons....see what the democrats will do to win the midterms …...its just one of their stunts .
Catherine Corless or is it the Irish "Catherine The Great" what a wonderful woman , she should be given the highest civilian award that Ireland has to bestow on a citizen of Ireland …..she never gave up on these young little children that died and she was going to make them known those poor kids were tossed away like no one loved them …..Catherine Corless Loved them.
5'2" ..…...wins another 7 years as president …...lovely !
Ah when I was a young lad and working on a farm we would milk the cows at 6am and after that work was done the farmer would bring a large jug of UN-pasteurized milk into the farm-house where his mother and wife were busy getting a big steak dinner ready for us at 9am and every day the farmer would pour me a big lumpy puss filled glass of milk with blood and grass in it and say get that into ya….it was like drinking milk with snots in it ….that's what milk looks like .
Morning Ireland - On the Presidential debate and Micheal D Higgins use of a Learjet plane flight from Dublin to Belfast.......Someone tell the Presidential candidates that the office of Uachtaran na hEireann is an elite position with an elite gratuity.........To be elite is not to be elitist......Roy Kean the former Man United footballer played at an elite level and received an elite gratuity.........Katie Taylor the elite level Olympic Amateur Boxer had to turn professional to train at an elite level and receive an elite level gratuity.........Roy Kean and Katie Taylor could hardly be accused of being elitist......The Presidential candidates don't get this or are simply afraid the general public with conflate the two.......Well except Micheal D Higgins........Hence his high poll ratings.....Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.............
Radio 1 Replay - Ray D'arcy interview with Catherine Corless whose tireless and unrelenting work on be half of the 'Forgotten Tuam Babies' dumped in a septic tank has borne fruit......The 800 'not quite right' wee souls neglected and malnourished to death during the Irish States decades of social cleansing of those branded 'illegitimate'.......On the Children's Minister, Katherine Zappone's conformation of the surprise announcement by the State that a full forensic excavation of the Tuam mother and baby site will take place.......Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Arena - Interview with Martina Devlin and her new read....'Truth and Dare ;Stories About Women Who Shaped Ireland......The Rebels and Pioneers who played leading roles in shaping Ireland.........Abolishing the license fee on hold for now..........
Hi, I will watch the so called debate on the telly while the RTE host will keep interrupting the answers of the candidates while protecting president Higgins from answering the questions …..so clearly the system is rigged ….and if fellow voters cant see the bias then they are blind as a bat ,....the media are only for one candidate …...WAKE UP IRELAND !..... im staying home tonight drinking plenty of cans ffs .
THE FRIDAY VOTE !...….Blasphemy I will vote to keep that law in place because we saw what happened in Nazi Germany against the Jews they had no protection ,...…...NEW PRESIDENT !....I will vote for Peter Casey because he is honest and speaks his mind …..weather you agree with him or not at least you know what your getting …...Higgins is snobby and expensive and disrespectful to the Irish citizens and he is 77 years of age......time for him to head out to pasture ………………………….
LOL $99 billion in the big Global sell-off and the worlds 500 richest take a hit. Jeff Bazos stung for $9 billion LOL LOLer. In one day!! Worlds largest hedge funds take a whipping. Chinese emerging markets are in turmoil. That's American farmers rejoicing as the U.S. secure the 'Fair Trade' deal with Canada and Mexico before the big harvest......No more 300% tariffs on U.S. yogurt when it crosses the Canadian border LOL. America protected by President Trumps fair trade deal and anti-globalization policies. The Davos salt and shampoo crew who believe borders and taxation are an inconvenience to their globalization mongering. The faculties who churned out the pro-globalization narrative to young minds. Cayman Irelanders an the EU gooney show are now ordering Irish Farmers to cull the national herd LOL. And turn vegan!! LOL LOLer. So long fair well adieu adieu, EU adieu adieu! Cuckoo!
LOL That's the cross-border securities and trading deal between the Brits and Germans finalized. The Germans were not for waiting on permission from Brussels. LOL Remember Jean-Claude Trichet the former ECB President 2003-2011 telling the Cayman Ireland banks to dump the British Standard Accounting Rules for the European extend and pretend. Sean Fitzpatrick's of Anglo Irish Banks fairy god mother, Trichet who commanded and demanded the Irish to except European banks dept. Germany on a solo run to the U.K's Financial Conduct Authority and no waiting around for fellow European countries to reach a joint deal LOL LOLer. No singing of the same E.U. hymn sheet for Germans with exposure and Brexit. LOL LOLer. So long fair well adieu adieu EU, adieu adieu! Cockoo!
HEY ! Gary here , ...heading to the pub shortly ,... pizza for me dinner , ...voting for Casey Friday at least he showed up for the interviews , ...bought new suitcases for me trip to Australia , ...I wonder if I can still listen to rte from oz ,....I don't know anyone there ,...I hope I don't get the shite kicked out of me ffs ,...ah feck it im going to the pub ,...slan.
greetings to all from the lone star state I miss ireland up mayo
tom the truth teller you are a racist
Hi to all from Christchurch New Zealand , enjoying the music , come and visit some time ,bye.
AAAH home from the pub finally , ah I was to tired to type yesterday ffs , only about 2 weeks left before I leave Ireland for Australia never to return and when I get there I will try different jobs like fireman ,policeman ,politics ,businessman , taxi driver, cook, milk man,bread man,newsepaper boy, ah I hope to get a job ffs, I hope the pubs are great and I meet people too , I hope it works out , I hope I hope.
Marian Finucane ,The Brexit event will be very bad for Ireland because most of the Irish trade was with "Big Daddy" the brits ,...I wish Ireland would grow balls and trade with more countries, Ireland is not england we are a separate country, Ireland needs to sever any and all ties with the brits for example , radio,tv,sport,news papers,and all trade and we need to drive on the right side of the road , the brits have been a curse on Ireland since the beginning of time and its time to break away from the british terrorists …….ps don't be fooled the brits WILL break any and all deals with Ireland.
Top O' the morning to listeners everywhere
HEY , all knackers are gobshites ...feck em ...all they do is complain about the brand new homes they were given to them in Thurles co Tipp and the knackers find this beneath their standards so the homes remain vacant …...meanwhile in larger cities across Ireland there are my fellow countrymen and woman and children who are homeless !!!! ….the county council in Tipp should find the homeless and give them the keys to these houses …….because the knackers don't want them.....its just another knacker SCAM they are trying to pull …...by the way any and ALL animals that the knackers have should be sized because the knackers are ignorant and are cruel to animals which are malnourished and beaten ,kicked and mistreated .
The travelling people are no more or less criminal than anyone else. If you were brought up in their circumstances how would you behave?

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