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Ziniu Radijas

Žinių radijas

Country: Lithuania
Phone:+370 5 2431 430
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"Ziniu radijas" helps achieve the goal!
On March 7, 2000, began broadcasting "Ziniu radijas" has no analogues in Lithuania - weekdays every 20 minutes on Saturday - every 30 minutes it continuously broadcast updated news of Lithuania and the world. This format has attracted a socially active part of society's attention.
During the 16-year of active broadcasting, "Ziniu radijas" became the most operative and objective information channel about the political, economic and social events in the life, culture and sport news.


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NOT ALWAYS IN LITHUANIAN! TRYING TO LISTEN TO LITHUANIAN BUT SEEMS THEY ARE TALKING IN RUSSIAN! WHY? Why not speak in English? Russia is not a member of EU or NATO , just because it is a neighbor does not mean it is a friend of Lithuania!