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Country: United States
Genre:Funk, Disco
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WFNKwefunk - Where Ol'Skool Never Gets Old!

Well, After years of trying to build a time machine to take me back to the ’70s (man, I miss those concerts!) I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t gonna happen primarily cause I couldn’t find a darn ‘’1.21 Gigawatts flux Capacitor’’ (Back To The Future) and getting ”Pym Particles” from The Avengers was a definite ”HELL NO”….. so I gave up on the time machine idea and settled for the next best thing…. an ol’skool, funk Internet Radio Station instead…..thus we are here!!  lol

So if you’ve got your ticket to ride climb onboard it’s gonna be a fantastic voyage aboard the Mothership, your conductor will be nonother than The Starchild…citizen of the universe. 1st stop… Boogie wonderland to take a ride on Loves Rollacoaster, then we gonna start a Fire in Disco inferno while you Move Your Boogie Body all over the dance floor.


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