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WBN Radio

WBN Radio

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Talk, Politics
Phone:+44 (0) 7490-804443

WBN Radio - The World Broadcasting Network "WBN" is an international broadcast service based in the UK.

WBN Radio carries the best in talk radio.

WBN broadcasts every weekend of the year.

Saturday 9.30am GMT to Monday 9.30am GMT.


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Rowan. Ask Rea to have more Irish hosts in the week. Osss
Its great to hear GT has joined the line up!
Great to hear Sunday Long Live radio is now broadcast on IHeart radio. keep it coming Rea
Can’t hear you here in Boston. Censored?
Thanks for going full time. Could we have more Irish hows?
Rea you rock
Love the station. should be running 24/7though !
Thank's for the comment's guy's! Just a reminder that tthe station air's from Sat 9.30am GMT to Monday 9.30am GMT
Great Station. Keep it coming
I've just found WBN and love it. I'm from the north of Ireland but not northern Ireland and would like to ask, Why is there an Australian on the Irish segment? It would be much better with two Irish people. No Offence to the Australian guy but let's keep it Irish!
Why on earth isn't this station running around the clock? This information is so important!!!!
This has got to be THE BEST DAMNED RADIO STATION IN THE UNIVERSE! Love it!! Beats lamestream hands down.
I've just noticed that WBN only runs over the weekend which is a shame, If someone from WBN reads this could you go 24/7 please? This is a great station and I'm sure people would tune in around the clock. Jeff, South Africa.
Where can I find the station info?
I love this station. I learn something new every weekend. I need to get in the wbn 324 telegram channel at some point. Also, Its good too hear Irish host's as well as other nationalities. Great of host's!
WBN social media for those who are interested. Telegram Political broadcast Channel _____________ Telegram WBN 324 Adventure Travel Radio Chat Room
Where can I find you guys on social media or Internet. Hosts rarely self identify in any coherent way. Thank you
WBN will air every weekend from Saturday 9.30am to Monday 9.30am With Patriot Talk. News & Music. With special one off show's running on Monday's. For more information or contact email please visit our website above or type "WBN 324" in your search engine for our telegram address.