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VPR Classical

VPR Classical

Country: United States
Genre:Classical Music

VPR Classical is Vermont Public Radio's 24-hour, all classical music network.

Our hosts provide a thoughtful framework for the music, welcoming you whether you’re a casual or passionate classical music fan. Each performance, each artist, each composer, brings a unique perspective, and we share that sense of discovery and delight with you. We keep the talk to a minimum; we know you come to VPR Classical to hear the music.

We program entire works, with a broad repertoire that includes vocal (choral and opera) and contemporary music. We respect and include new artists (musicians and composers) and recordings whose performances reflect the exciting, changing landscape of styles and performance practice.

Our hosts offer context for the music, giving you the opportunity to think about what was happening culturally or politically at the time a piece was written, and to learn a bit about the composer's background or motivation for a particular piece.

VPR Classical regularly showcases live performances of new and established artists from the VPR Studios. We are committed to keeping you connected to the thriving arts and performance opportunties our region provides.

VPR Classical features local hosts Cheryl Willoughby, Walter Parker, and Joe Goetz, along with favorite programs Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, In Concert @8, and From the Top.


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