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Vibe FM

Vibe FM

Country: Ireland, Dublin
Phone:(083) 093-6054
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Dublin's Dance Floor Radio VIBE FM.


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vibeFM have a Facebook page with private message chat yous can join probably more active then this page
Can you see this live anywhere
Great tunes keep it lit
Unreal keep them tunes coming
Wow. Listened to 30 seconds and had to turn it off because I realised it’s 2023 and I’m in my 40s….I’m not a 17year old boy racer anymore absolute dirt
Love the tunes
Kep er Lit Oldskool, banging tunes!
Go on DJ oldskool
Go ahead small paul
Go ahead,
Hello anybody know who's playing is this the out-ranked lads Small Paul ,djJock
Just jumped in is this out-ranked lads playing
Happy Saturday
Wicked ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lighting Saturday session
I don't know if it's lag or you, but your transitions are way off. Ruins the vibe.
Come on
Loving the station
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