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Urban Fusion Radio

Urban Fusion Radio

Country: South Africa
Genre:African Music, Art, 90s
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Urban Fusion Media A Digital Publishing Media Group which specializes in Music, Artist, DJ’s etc.

It was established in 2013 by Orange Room Media.

Urban Fusion Media:

1. Magazine

2. Radio

3. TV

Is the second longest running on-line Magazine, Radio and TV i Media n Pretoria.

It's aims is to recognize the artistic & cultural contributions of local filmmakers, musicians, models everything happening around Pretoria and to provide diverse, meaningful portrayals of the queer community.

Urban Fusion ones interviewed the world number 1 wealth couch Mr JT Foxx (Feb 2 2015) Urban Fusion is an online urban Media which prides itself of Afrocentric content that is Informative & entertaining.

We are also working on having a frequency and this will make us different from other Local Radio Stations as we will be accessed through frequency and online.

The mandate of Urban Fusion is to provide a voice to the whole world and marginalized communities.

The Radio’s focus will be to bring community members together to creatively address issues that have an impact on them; Urban Fusion will strive to be an intergenerational social space for all members of the station to engage with each other and members of their constituencies and workshop opportunities for children, high school and university students, women, seniors and all others who have an interest in using our online radio station to dialogue and promote awareness of and within their communities.


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