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The Record Selector

The Record Selector

Country: United States
Genre:Album-oriented rock, Classic rock, Indie
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The Record Selector is the channel for vinyl junkies and anyone with an interest in music beyond the Top 40. 

Every selection is taken from a record in my personal collection. 


You’ll hear familiar artists & songs in addition to the unusual.  From 60's psych & garage rock to 70's classic rock & soul, 80's & 90's alternative and modern Indie rock & Americana. 


With entire record sides uploaded daily and set to shuffle I'm confident that this will provide you with the most interesting musical mix on your browser today.


A refreshing alternative to FM radio repetition and a fantastic resource for anyone with adventurous tastes in music. 


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Sean, excellent request. I usually have at least one LP by each of these artists in rotation. I have pretty much the whole Rory Gallagher collection on vinyl as well as a whole lot of Thin Lizzy. I have all of the early Van Morrision records as well as much of his later stuff. Them too. Love it all. Will add more to the station as soon as I get home tonight! (I do play a lot of French pop / garage as well.) Always on the look out for music outside of the average. An artist doesn't have to make it big in "The States" to be as good as any of 'em.
Love the range of music - only one request, play worldwide rather than American specific - Here in Ireland we have great rockers and blues - Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison, etc