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Swinging Radio 60s

Swinging Radio 60s

Country: United Kingdom
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1960s music & memories all day every day.

Swinging Radio 60s is brought to you by those nice people at Angel Radio.

Swinging Radio 60s broadcasts 6-miles from the coast of Portsmouth on DAB and online.


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Will someone at Angel radio tell the DJ who sometimes plays TELSTAR about 5pm on Saturdays, not to keep talking over it, making silly comments and noises, and then cutting it off before the end! It seems as if just because it is 'only instrumental' it's unimportant! The was a great favourite and it was record of the year in 1962! Instrumentals were what we all grew up with in the early 60s, so stop spoiling them!
mooie muziek
I am of that generation who love sixties music which brings such nostalgia. I tune in for popular, nice music which were hits during their time, not for obscure numbers I have never heard of! Some of the presenters like to play such obscure numbers which is not good. there are enough popular numbers from that era to play all year round, so please stick to these. We don't want to hear music which was rubbish and didn't make the chart those days. One more thing; some presenters love the sound of their voice and talk too much. Please stick to playing the music!!
piep piep
Welcome back Swinging Radio Sixties to DAB where you all belong. The Wolfman Jack, The Magnificent JonathanC, Derek Pearce, and more. We missed you all.
We are back on DAB now. Hoorayyy….
I'm in the area irregularly and just now found SR60s had gone from DAB. Why is this so? Please, please come back as I used to listen in every room on radios and can't and don't want to do that on the internet.
Can't get SWR60s on car radio anymore. Why is that? How can I get it back?
Just returned from holiday, only to find the station isn't broadcasting on DAB anymore. Can someone explain why please
Have been unable to get 60s radio for a couple of weeks. Retuned sab but still nothing.
i don`t seem to be able to pick up 60`s radio on DAB for a few days now, i can listen online, but prefer the radio. have you stopped transmitting on DAB. i have tried a re-tune. Thanks
Thank you all for taking the time to post your comments. It really is much appreciated. We do read all of them but don't always reply due to time restraints but please be assured all your comments are taken on board and help to make this wonderful little station even better on your ears..Thank you so much for being part of our SR60s family..Swinging Radio 60s, when Grooves put the Groove in Groovy!!
Just heard the Lion Sleeps by the Tokens. Our beautiful cat Twizzle passed away recently aged 20 and this songs always reminds me of her sleeping under our Rowan tree and used to hear this song while she slept. Makes me cry! Love the show.
There is one thing I would like to ask: why do you play the re-recorded version of "Juliet" by the Four Pennies? is this because of licensing costs or something? Otherwise a fantastic radio station
Just 'discovered' your station from Gibsons, BC Canada!
1. How long do you take for administrators to OK my posts? 2. For presenter of current show I am enjoying: Cathy McGowan's miniskirts were scrumptious! 3. ... and I've got that Loving Spoonful CD, unfortunately not on vinyl.
I heard one of your presenters say that Keith Richards listens to this station. More information please. At karaoke in my local, they call me Jasper Jagger!
Does anyone know why this station no longer connects via my "Worldwide Radio " app? I'm at Elphin Lodge, near Modderfontein, Gauteng, South Africa.
Hallo everybody from Bonnie Scotland
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