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Swinging Radio 60s

Swinging Radio 60s

Country: United Kingdom
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1960s music & memories all day every day.

Swinging Radio 60s is brought to you by those nice people at Angel Radio.

Swinging Radio 60s broadcasts 6-miles from the coast of Portsmouth on DAB and online.


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I habe just Fond you Radio chanal. IT Sounds good
Hi! Just want to let you know that I'm a regular listener in Amsterdam.
This is a sister station of the wonderful Angel Radio. Swinging Radio Sixties is the one to listen to if you like the diverse music from this decade. Live and Let Live!
Hi I've Just Recently Found Your Station On the Internet. I Love The Music Mainly Because I Was A Teenager All Through The Sixties. Keep Up The Great Work And Music, Thanks From Kevin In Redcliffe QLD Australia
Vera good station ! I’m a listener from Flanders !
I love this station I admire you for being Brave playing Singles that wasnt hits plus your eclectic selection. Just wish I could here some obscure UK Psych now and again
Sounds great, brings back many memories and some songs never heard before. Do you have a direct url address, I might copy on my LPAM station.
I grew up with the British Invasion. Of all the "60's" radio stations on the globe being offered, this is absolutely the greatest! The back story montages set the scene perfectly. Thanks to All the programmers for their passion and love in presenting this seminal musical pop/rock period. A soundtrack, that was the creative seeds spreading into all of pop culture that blossomed into a fab time that still flowers to this day.
Supremes Baby love or Where did our love go please RIP MaryWilson
Today I cannot listen on either Alexa, or the link showed.
lots of problems the last 4 days, "clicking" noise only at times on Friday, Saturday and today. At 1.00 this afternoon the programme was at the wrong speed, sounded like chipmunks on speed. Now at 4pm there is no reception at all, just silence. Said to be due to a faulty cable but a permanent solution does not seem available at present. Meanwhile Angel Radio is working perfectly. Please sort it out Mark!
Just programmed the Swinging radio 60's into our radio. We are enjoying it very much. Another great station - Many Thanks and best to all.
Go Theo .Happy Anniversary family from all at JTS xxx
✨Thank you Mark Ross and Keith Russell ,..yes Mark I understand about what's going on with this virus, and unable to do any new material, I wish I could send my discs I've made and to put on air.....but never mind, glad and looking forward to the presenters and new material....keep the fantastic work all of guys, and ladies, take care and positive vibes✨Annie from Suffolk
Hello Keith And AnnieG. Thank you so much for your comments. Ray, Bless him, did some great programs for the station before he sadly passed away, He only did a handful of programs before he passed but he was so professional in putting them together, he was a lovely man and a great colleague. I will repeat his programs again soon at a more appropriate time. The non-stop 60s Sundays were scheduled due to the Covid19 epidemic and the lockdown, which you will appreciate made it difficult for presenters to record any new materiel at the time, now that things are seemingly getting back to some normality now, presenters are now able to record or present new programs and those programs will be on the air soon and hopefully a full schedule of programs will be available on a Sunday . Non-stop 60s Sunday was also scheduled by request by other listeners. Thank you for taking the time to comment and thank you for your support of Swinging Radio 60s.
I agree with AnnieG, his shows would be perfect on Sundays. I am also not a fan of the mix programming, as it is very frustrating when a song I like and dont know is played, with no DJ to tell me who it was!
Please do not schedule 5pm Ray Andrews , and not putting on his schedule , for respect of the late great, and sweet Ray , put back to back his shows on a Sunday where it's just right for Sunday's, instead, of no djs and non stop mix of songs, Ray did a wonderful job with assistant, sorry I cannot remember you, but playing the original records, no vinyl no remix, of charts songs from 1960- 1969, it will be of respect, and listeners, tuning in with a lovely man Ray and talking about his life listening to the songs on radio around the world as he and family travelled ....thank yo much appreciation...Annie G from Suffolk listening to your station
Good evening ! Just found this radiostation ! Beautiful music ! Nice jingles ! A very nice way of announcing the songs and artists ! Congratulations !
Just found you_ thanks Mr Davis. Groovy baby! bc5dza
still lots of repeats yesterday and today, just different ones! Dave Gamblin today talking about playing Xmas songs! Only 2 DJs yesterday, repeating the programmes throughout the day.
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