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Sea FM Radio

Sea FM Radio

Country: Finland
Genre:Top 40, Euro Hits, Dance
Phone:+358 (0) 440 571 159
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Sea FM FInland is broadcasting in Oulu, Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi areas in Finland.

Sea FM is playing various genres of music genres like Top 40/Pop, Dance, Euro Hits etc.

Sea FM Radio Finland radio station is operating mostly in English language.

About Sea FM Radio Finland

Sea FM Radio has been the only entrepreneur-driven local radio in the area since 2011. We are the longest-standing local radio in northern Finland in the true sense of the word. We are a completely Finnish operator.

Sea FM outperforms all other commercial radio stations in versatility and new music. We add new music to our playlist daily and color our programming with classic hits. We are a boldly fast-paced, positive and energetic radio. *For more detailed information and sources, please refer to our media kit.


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Very good! the city is listening to you Kantalahti.