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Radio Zetwa Fm

Radio Zetwa Fm

Country: Haiti
Genre:Caribbean, Rap/Hip Hop, Classical Music
Phone:011(509) 3 497-1038 / 4 651-6879
External Live StreamFormatBitrate
Our Mission Radio Zetwa Fm

The RZ works day by day, more and more to offer you another image with regard to radio broadcasting in the department. To tell you about the largest radio broadcasting station that goes by the name of Radio Zetwa fm. Radio Zetwa 89.1 FM was established on December 31, 2015 in La Gonave in the Ouest Department. The business and mission of the FM is to inform, entertain, and educate the community of Department of Ouest through creativity, diversity and responsive communications. The station is available online and through their favorite station audiences can listen to the news, Haitian talk, cultural programs, non-stop music and keep abreast of the activities and local scene of La Gonave, the Etroits. Date Founded: December 31, 2015. CEO and Founder: Stevens Desrosier.
With a very young and dynamic staff allowing to promote the Haitian culture, it always invests in the social by giving a living example to better inform you on the political, social, cultural level including sport, music, humor etc… And as being the innovator in the field of radio broadcasting and who normally undertakes to be classified among the best stations in the country. Here, with the consent of the Director General Mr Stevens Desrosier (CEO Zetwa) radio station as well as who took the initiative to caress the idea in order to make possible the existence of this institution which is always at the service of you , 24/7 with a programming that is really in order. So, we find that the idea was not in vain, since we are an international station but which is located in Haiti west of Port-au-Prince la gonâve. AND who is always there to train and inform you.


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