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Radio Television Supreme

Radio Television Supreme

Country: Haiti
Genre:Variety, World, Talk
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Welcome to Radio Television Supreme (RTV Supreme), the radio and television that is dedicated to modernizing the Haitian media.


Created in 2021 by John Steevens Estilien, RTV Supreme is an independent platform that values education. 

Our purpose is to break away from the sensationalism in today’s media, and instead, focus on providing our listeners/viewers with well-researched, unbiased, high quality content.

We believe that the media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, and we take that responsibility seriously.


With a wide range of programming including current events, music, art, interviews, educational and cultural discussions, we strive to be a trusted voice in the Haitian media landscape.


Join us on this journey as we are here to modernize, educate, and inspire.

Tune in to RTV Supreme.


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Kounya se emisyon yo n ap tann
N ap byen jwe, byen sonnen
Bon bagay RTVS
Superbe Station!