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Radio Super FM

Radio Super FM

Country: Uganda
Phone:+256 312 222 885
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Music, Humour & Football/ Soccer.

About Radio Super FM

88.5 Super FM is culturally relevant by design; making the product easy to understand, consume and relate to. The items of cultural relevance include,

1.  Language:  80% of our core target audience speaks Luganda as their first language. 55% of the remaining 20% understand the language hence making it the most understood language to use.

2.  Humour: Nothing grips people like good humour. We are the first radio to do Skits (short sit-coms) and the first radio station in Africa to do “Skit songs" (satirical humorous songs that are based on current affairs). These two products have made us the most popular vernacular radio station in Uganda. No radio is better at radio humour than 88.5 Super FM.

3.  Music: We play only the hits that are relevant to our target audience

4.  Interactive games

5.  Explosive/Controversial Talk shows

6.  Famous and popular broadcasters

7.  Extremely Professional


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