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Radio Antenna Petrignano

Radio Antenna Petrignano

Country: Italy
Genre:Pop, Rock, 80s

RADIO ANTENNA PETRIGNANO Reborn on the web, with self-produced programs by those directly involved, Radio Antenna Petrignano, the historic Assisi broadcaster born in 1976 from an idea of the then 14-year-old Carlo Mantovani, Matteo Morelli, Gianluca Salucci and Fausto Ballarani, at school.

At the time it was a radio born for fun, with simple equipment, four packages of chewing gum, some iron wire to build an antenna; the adventure lasted a few weeks, but the dream never ended for Carlo Mantovani.

Which, also “thanks” to the pandemic, was able to calmly rethink Radio Antenna Petrignano, making it reborn on the web.


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